Take you to know the white lace fabric distributor

Customizable. The existing colors are white, green, black, dark red, and fabrics: customizable. It will show you the white lace fabric distributors.

: Knitted fabric has greater elasticity, so it is a relatively high material. The fabric of this material feels smooth and smooth, and the three-dimensional feeling of small flowers makes it very suitable for printing. In addition, this kind of fabric should not have foam, flocking and other thorny feeling.

As a natural fiber, it must be soft and washed frequently. If the surface of the fabric is scratched carelessly, it can be cleaned with a new cloth. If the towel has stains, it can be gently wiped with a toothbrush.

When washing the towel frequently, it is necessary to avoid hot water infiltration, so that stains can be brought to the towel and wiped back and forth.

Learn the following not only simple methods, but also should be avoided, at the same time, you can also match the baby with more exciting surprises.

● It is easy to get damp. Cotton cloth is a high-quality material for making close fitting clothes. It is easy to get damp, resistant to mold, and easy to wrinkle. It feels hard to touch.

● Linen materials are easy to wrinkle, but should not contain other chemical components. Cotton fabrics containing cotton are easy to generate static electricity at first, and gloves containing thermal insulation materials or other insulating materials should be used to prevent static electricity due to friction.

● Shirts: nylon silk lining can also be used to make them more straight. This kind of shirt will generally prevent the body from sagging, and the use of polyester taffeta will also have an anti-static effect.

The high dang clothes are hot and easy to cause the logo print to fade. If you choose a slightly lighter chiffon fabric, you can also sew protective sleeves. The hand sewing distance is relatively close, which can also effectively prevent the pattern from falling off.

In case of color fading of some special styles, careful precautions should be taken to avoid color fading of embroidery patterns. First of all, we should look at the clothing material. There are two kinds of protective films: film covering and film covering.

Nylon thread is thinner than silk thread, so it will be pulled very tightly during embroidery. In addition, the silk thread is very delicate and soft, but it will not turn yellow, but it is not easy to break, and it is slightly black.

Polyester yarn generally does not require a separate color code. There are special kinds of polyamide nylon wires, which are resistant to high temperature and wear and not easy to fall off.

The heat resistance of polyester fiber is also better than that of polyester thread, but the heat resistance is also worse. Long term exposure to the sun will reduce the intensity of several to many adverse factors, and even cause fatal damage.

Polyester thread is more resistant to high temperature and strong alkali than cotton thread, so it can withstand the corrosion of high concentration, but cannot resist the harm of high temperature.

Polyester thread is generally limited by specifications, so it must be used separately, with special texture inside. Its strength is very high, and its conductivity is also very strong. It has good conductivity for polymer materials.

Specification: polyester thread: caliber 10-109 mm; Polyester filament: 10-55; High-strength wire: 10-55; Polyester fiber separation: 10-16; Low strength line: 30-40; Line: 3/5; Low strength line: 10-16; Low strength line: 15-30; Low strength wire: 3/7; Low strength line: 12-16; Low strength wire: 15-16; Low intensity line: 1-15; Low strength wire: 35-100/2; Low strength line: 3-5, 2-4; Shoe track for sewing; Special thread for upper.

220 Two parts of shoelaces are used for embroidery. The vamp is made of non-woven fabric, including PU leather and artificial leather.

● Single machine embroidery machine is used for sewing shoes, non-woven fabric is used for embroidery vamp, and all knitted fabric punching machine.

● If there are two parts of shoelaces used for embroidery, special thread for table cloth, the embroidery thread can be embroidered inside the shoelaces.

● In terms of headband or rib, it is characterized by being stretchable and suitable for thin yarn. The shoelace is not easy to be exposed, and it can also be directly embroidered into a patch embroidery pattern.

Embroidery needle is an ancient embroidery needle. Its needle cylinder is thick and uses a unique needle number. If the embroidery needle is thin, it will go through the cloth.

The hollowed out embroidery needle is a common needle. Most handicrafts can be described above as its symbol, which belongs to CO2, commonly known as “” or “cup”.

lace trim

In addition, the number of ordinary taxpayers is not large, and because of uneven embroidery needles, hanging type and other reasons, the economic benefits will not be too large.

According to the continuous improvement of the enterprise’s production profit, of course, the range of reasonable price and high rate is more. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right “conscientious person” to avoid good human intensive positions.

● The influence of the yarn of the process equipment manufacturer on the selected color The selection of semi worsted yarn shall be consistent with the spinning equipment in the production process. The production of semi – fine spinning needs to choose the appropriate equipment, which is conditional.

You will also choose disk type and roller disk type equipment, and many raw materials will be used for the use of disk tools, especially for the production of circular, roller disk type and handrail type products. In fact, such a product is a normal way of production, which requires highly skilled technical workers to learn.


The technical level of the round filter press is very high. The cost is generally 250~720 yuan/ton, but the technical requirements are not high. The cost is only in the Pearl River Delta and Shandong.

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