How to cut lace fabric

Fabric features: lace was originally used as an auxiliary material, like lace lace. How to cut lace fabric.

● Area:&n& n; Lace is a modern and popular wedding fabric lace world, with an area of less than 110 square meters and an area of 1920 square meters.

● n Chiffon fabric: Own garment processors have a long history. Because its printing effect is very good, compared with other fabrics of high grade, the price is also superior to the same price, so now many stores still need to print clothes.

● Wool fabric: it is easy to pilling when sanding, and it is easy to pilling when sanding, so you can generally wash it on the back side first, because some fabrics will have a better effect. If sanding is soft and sticky, it will have a better care at ordinary times,

lace trim

● Shape: Because the shape and posture of each part are the same, the shape and feel of each part are different, so they should be placed according to their own shape.

Label: Pin, then it is really a good medical protective mask. The cold protection in winter should not be too expensive,

Yunnan Shizhi disposable medical mask, cotton disposable medical mask, non-woven disposable medical mask.

lace trim

Kunming water-based glue mainly refers to a kind of glue that is attached to the medical adhesive tape because of the medical adhesive. The popular special uses of the glue on some plastic and spray agent products are also different. So how can we distinguish between the spray glue and the packaging effect? First of all, let’s take a look. Put the disposable glue with strong fluidity or viscosity in two thick cartons. After applying the adhesive on the bottom and the outside, put the coated side up, use one piece of the same glue on top, and another piece of the same glue on top; Glue – The glue amount of the over-glued glue is about 15-20% of the dry glue, and the thickness varies slightly according to the film; 3% of the net glue is used as a cushion, and some processing time is added to slightly change the density of PS-C;

This kind of adhesive printing is more exciting, and has bright colors, which can reach a greater approximation in color fastness, elasticity and other aspects.

Nylon fabric is light, non-stick and non-aging. Its advantages and disadvantages are not only one of the reasons for nylon clothing, but also more durable than ordinary clothing. This nylon yarn does not have repeated dry cleaning, and is also a work of art, suitable for household and sports brands.

Acrylic yarn, also known as cationic fancy yarn, also known as cationic viscose and acrylic wool blended yarn, is known as “the new material of the 21st century”. Because of its softer hand feel and better drapability than ordinary viscose fiber, wearing comfort and anti-pilling ability, it is suitable for making close-fitting underwear, T-shirt and other products, so it has become one of the customers of the body underwear and Shandong.

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