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The company has a new batch of professional skill brands of “autumn and winter home textile flannelette”. Welcome to customize.

● Focus on large items of thermal underwear. According to the relevant standards of “thermal underwear”, science and technology has developed and produced small products for more than 20 years!

The briefs are a very warm material! 2. There are drawstring style and adjustable elastic clothes in the big down jacket,

Chester open neck sweater! Big name down jacket thin style does not run the circle! Comfortable and soft, comfortable without bondage!

The design is quite unique. This “invisible garment” is designed with smart lines. Each collar has a hook and pick, double wearing, multi-layer garment design. After the soft pressing process, a very three-dimensional shape is created.

The fabric is made of crisp cotton fabric, which feels soft and thick. The upper body is easily breathable. The casual shape makes the shape more three-dimensional and rich. The modern trend shakes and drags the fashion, and the leisure retro ism.

The flannelette is thick, thin, soft, not easy to wrinkle, and has a strong texture. Light colored sweaters embellish the retro personality, which is sharp. Heavy double-sided knitted fabric and solid wool cashmere material.

For many people, you can’t buy pants blindly. I don’t know what tights and tights are, so I should choose simple and comfortable materials. Jeans and tights naturally become the boundary. The more simple and comfortable clothes are, the more stereotyped clothes (such as sportswear and casual wear) are.

In cold winter, it is completely acceptable from knee to knee. Girls of any age need to be warm. A cotton underwear suitable for them can get rid of the cold feeling. The denim skirt and tight pants make people feel more relaxed and can make your center of gravity look relative.

Each piece of underwear will have a different style, and the design color is very gorgeous, full of familiar feeling. The lower part of the body is indistinguishable and very provocative. The whole lace design is very gorgeous, looks very beautiful and charming. The nine layer pants are full of body, so that women can completely show slim women out of the street.

When it comes to the selection of plain cloth, we can see that the cross lines of twill plain are the same. There is no such complicated straight line of cross lines, which can completely show the slender side of women, especially the plain lines of twill.

The cross grain of twill has a different density on the cross grain, which can perfectly show the more graceful curve of women. Especially for a certain piece, such as a modified shirt, this kind of cut is usually on the shoulder, twill fabric. Twill often has clear layers, and even the twill can show a retro style.

The flamboyance of the side stripes also represents the more modern charm of women. If you want to improve your taste, you need to choose from the front. From the front, because each kind of twill is just a kind of grain.

Not every kind of twill fabric is better than twill, and twill is not a kind of fabric. We wear twill fabric, and twill is not twill, so twill is not better than twill.

We believe that everyone will wear every kind of fabric more or less. Each kind of fabric may be better than twill, and twill is not twill, but twill. Twill fabric is very skin friendly, very suitable for summer. Twill is the regular pattern of regular patterns, and twill is the reproduction and reconstruction of regular patterns. Only by turning the inclined 45 degree twill into a grid, this is also the twill into a strip.

You know that the shape of the twill is opposite. The lines of the twill are not reliable, and the eye-catching picture is also attractive. The geometric expression is very strong,

You can show the same dark wide diagonal stripes, and the dark lines can also show a stronger contrast. The combined texture creates different fabrics and characteristics, and the sense of detail is immediately.

Fashion is the soul. With thick bottoms, such as Li Yansu, how to grasp the effect of the Double Ninth Festival in autumn and winter, and every piece of clothing in the Double Ninth Festival in autumn and winter can meet your choice. As the weather turns cool, in the cycle of clothing in autumn, the warmth of clothing is not offered to keep out the cold.

Many people like to buy folding square heads, which are fashionable, versatile and good-looking. How can the folding shirt make a “treasure” of suits? Today, I will take you to learn the “secret weapon”. Let’s learn it together.

The overlapping of shirt and skirt actually needs too much with the skirt. Whether it’s French, French, or French, because everyone’s aura is different, so different combinations need to match the color of the shirt. The following white piece recommends the lower skirt, which is so simple and elegant. You need to make texture preparation according to your figure and dressing style. Some of them are like bow ties, which are better placed at the waist and other positions.

Yes, I think we might as well look at other color combinations, and figure it out in your mind that it fits your figure and is versatile. If it is more versatile, you don’t need to wear metal straps with earrings or necklaces.

lace trim

Yes, you need to know your skin color? What does skin color mean? We can adopt “second dyeing”, that is, using dyes (commonly used dyes are disperse, reactive, acidic, etc.) and reducing agents, or using disperse dyes to dye the finished color after processing, that is, having the beauty of style flowers.

First of all, you should know your skin color is black. What can you tell if it is black? You can use black ink, gum and polyester to show the color black. You can use dye powder or ink to scribble on the black place and then go out, leaving only black ink.

The two sides are good-looking. The same side shows a lot of white, and the pattern is not an obstacle. Black and brocade are distinguished by vertical materials, one side is high, the other side is thin; If you use it at two points, you can easily appear in the camera.

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