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The winter of weaving market has passed. Did you make money in 2017—— Interpreting the Filament Weaving Market in 2017 “to take you to know the lace trim distributors

Lace covers the mouth with filament. Because the yarn itself is derived from low elongation yarn, it will shrink into yarn, with a density of 10-30%. At that time, the yarn became smaller and smaller, and it has developed for nearly two years.

Fusion: The manufacture of highly flexible yarn makes it a perfect extension of clothing and decorative materials. As the yarn is used as the main raw material, its density, hand feel and service life are increased, so R&D, design and production should be increased.

The 10th Global Textile and Garment Supply Chain Conference was held in Shishi>Core tips: April 19,

The second National Jacquard Fabric Creative Design Competition was announced on September 9, and the second National Silver Shilai Cup was held.

Adjust product structure, increase investment in science and technology, dress fabric enterprises take many measures to cope with market changes.

Polyester filament market trend report September 28, the polyester filament market was stable as a whole, but due to FDY.

A clothing brand in Guangdong could not clearly grasp the fashion trend of T-shirts produced in Europe by 02% – 03%.

Qinghai Original Textile Exhibition Online Off Season Textile City SPINVID Seamless Effect Space Exhibition Textile City SPINEXPO.

Russia will revitalize the industrial chain of the textile and clothing industry in Shanghai, making contributions to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry and accelerating the progress of the international textile and fashion industries.

Spanish clothing brand/Leplastans will promote the research and development of new technologies and materials for black or color yarns, textile fibers, yarns and textiles. This trend plays a decisive role in driving the demand for complex technologies and materials. On the other hand, Nike, Adidas and other world-renowned sports brands and retailers have increased their equipment and manufacturing projects, and provided a common sports tool for the whole fashion sector. On the basis of Nike, Adidas and other world-renowned sports brands and retailers, we can truly realize the weight and stability of clothing samples and sports shoes.

lace trim

● In order to enhance the diversity and functionality of clothing products, many considered external consumers may require to produce the same fabrics in clothing and sports fields. However, we cannot consider this point because our research is very complicated. For example, consumers tend to use some fabrics in design, but some designs are mainly made of woolen fabrics, such as poplin, sanitary clothes, plush, plush, silk, etc. Some designs look more luxurious and exquisite.

They hope that their cotton spinning exports are more guaranteed than those in other markets. They also want it to be blended with the best cashmere, because they are warmer in character than cashmere.

A collection of various cotton yarn, woolen yarn, wool yarn, etc. has built a series of exhibitions on fashion, home textile, medical care, education, woolen textile, clothing, gifts, shoes, etc. During the exhibition, with the help of the same media, the forum attracted nearly 100 buyers and dealer representatives from many foreign chains around the world, with more than 5000 customers, more than 100 purchasers, and 2500 people at the peak. The main exhibition categories include knitting For woven, printing, jacquard, craft and other categories, differentiated and personalized materials are consumed by more than 100 people. In addition, new clothing product development and the first stage of product design and development studio of the whole network have been added to conduct product design, development and R&D transformation with dealers, clothing enterprises, designers, etc., so as to deeply understand customers’ needs from a fashion perspective.

In the opinion of industry insiders, Liding clearly provides customers with online quality and Liding equipped with customer products through offline physical sales platform, which not only wins a place for enterprises in terminal market marketing, but also wins consumers’ lives.

Consumers’ attention to Liding’s purchase must come from its purchasing power. Liding Chihang’s Liding Eye Store selects high-quality filament warp yarns. After investigation and screening, GQ’s automation equipment is used to determine the high-quality image of Liding mainly in the way of employee type. At present, Liding Company, a listed company in 201-201, specializes in the production of computer embroidery composite fabrics with years of production accumulation. Successfully attracted the investigation of explosive merchants and customers. The Company has obtained the recognition of “star effect” and “consumer appreciation ability” in the clothing industry.

The fabric of Liding Company is made of materials imported from Japan and woven by machines imported from Europe. The fabric is thin and transparent.

The strong R&D team ensures the production of high-quality Liding Bonia fiber in the shortest time.

We are committed to providing more high-tech and high-quality fabrics. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life around the world to visit us and jointly explore and find fibers, ok?

The professional R&D personnel and the sales team with more than 5000 people are more united in terms of time and support from all walks of life. The excellent R&D team of Liding Baonya Fiber is only for better quality and timeliness.

Lidingbao grid technology platform was introduced by a manufacturer holding shares in Jiangsu. It is a professional enterprise engaged in manufacturing environmental measurement equipment. Product specifications are widely provided by customers, and product quality and economic benefits have been developed with high quality.


The information you submitted will be used for our copyright to interfere with the copyright of consumers, and we will deal with it as soon as possible. If we communicate with our technicians incorrectly, or send money or complain, we will not be able to solve the problem. With the help of professional technicians, we can customize your work clothes and create an accurate data, which is the judgment of the whole value.

We design and manufacture work clothes according to customers’ requirements. Customized format, size, fabric color, etc. of work clothes, including hats, masks, gloves, foot covers, tights, etc.

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