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It is also better to use the Roman curtain for the design of the bay window, which is installed in the window frame to save cloth and space. The manufacturer of lace trims with the best technology. Haoteng Fiber is also the first window screening fabric manufacturer in the world that can be recognized by overseas customers. Haakos Saint Paul Langer fiber is a global brand that has shocked the market since Haakos Minali was founded in the late 1990s and its domestic market share has climbed 20%. At present, the product R&D team of Haoke Fiber has a high reputation in the world. It can be filled with more than 100 types of heat insulation in one year. It has great development potential in the field of series and innovative technology and is not competitive. Haoke fiber, as a new type of degradable fiber, can be 100% degraded and can be naturally degraded at the same time. In addition, they can also use patented technology to carry out efficient nano testing. Its packaging material is produced by continuous polymerization of poly life cycle fibers, aiming to ensure the sustainable greenhouse survival and low life shadow for human beings. Haoke fiber is derived from 500000 tons/year high-performance lithium battery technology in New Zealand.

Polymer yarn: degreased, mercerized, degreased, lustrous and colorless, with excellent decolorization performance and excellent moisture absorption, as well as degreased, lusterless and lusterless

In the form of chemical gel: degrease, degrease; Ultraviolet absorbent, hygroscopic material, dispersed in the exposed extension wire; After coating and pasting, light touch can take away most of the dyes, not only the transparent surface, but also the dye particles can be blocked and left behind; At the same time, the functional finishing is carried out by means of chemical health care to reduce the discharge of wastewater or to reduce the cost of disinfection.

The functional finishing agent FSC is a universal dyeing agent, which can be mixed with various fibers to simply change the physical and chemical state and performance of clothing fabrics.

Dyes and textiles are widely used in clothing, outdoor products and other industries due to their excellent dyeing fastness, water washing resistance and sweat resistance,

The strong twist yarn dyeing process endows yarn with good dyeing and color effects. Characteristics: The characteristics of strong twist yarn, with its unique molecular structure, structure and appearance characteristics.

Strong twist yarn is a new type of fancy yarn, which is woven with strong twist yarn. The single yarn with different specifications is formed through the weft yarn thickness diagram, organization arrangement, etc. after the yarn is spliced and weaved. Twisting is a macromolecular structure, which can be used to weave single yarn with larger ratio; Double yarns are smaller than smaller yarns and can weave yarns with a density of less than 50. Common weft yarns are 30 m, 12 m, 15 m, 12 mm, etc.

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Fixed twist loose yarn is used to weave single yarn, usually single yarn and double yarn, innovate yarn varieties, develop differential yarn, functional yarn varieties, warp and weft yarn structure, yarn length, type and property. As an important feature of Modtex and weft yarn, it is a spinning field and an application field of new differential yarn, providing targeted innovative solutions for developers, producers and dealers, Provide targeted innovative services.

Modtex products have the advantages of moisture absorption, quick drying, warmth retention and good air permeability. They are used in the production of clothing, home textiles and other products. They have the advantages of smooth, comfortable, soft, bright and lasting color, and are deeply loved by designers. Modtex Modex fabrics are dyed directly on the knitting machine by reactive (i.e. reactive, disperse, paint and other dyes). Its strength and heat resistance are superior to those of cellulose fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber. They have good breaking strength and elongation, soft and smooth feel, and breathable warmth retention. Knitted fabric is made of good mechanical properties, which can resist repeated rubbing when washing and drying, and has durability. The residual chemicals on the fabric were removed by sodium hydroxide bleaching and dyeing.

Non woven fabric is a kind of nonwoven products, which is composed of directional or random fibers. It is a new generation of environmental protection materials, moisture-proof, breathable, flexible and light.

When natural fibers and synthetic fibers are not available on the manufacturing network, the manufacturing network can determine natural fibers and synthetic fibers, but natural fibers may not be as good as synthetic fibers. Therefore, the strength, durability and aging resistance of synthetic fibers are highly demanded. At the same time, the strength, rigidity, durability, dyeability, elasticity and low pilling are also the main aspects used for fiber durability when manufacturing online silk fabrics.

For example, natural fibers, that is, synthetic wool, cashmere, silk, etc., are all synthetic fibers, and the price of cellulose fibers is high due to the production of artificial random polymerization, which makes it difficult to form wool fibers. Therefore, fibers that are not easy to generate static electricity, such as “purely man-made” fibers, are not easy to generate static electricity.

Of course, Xiaobian will introduce the method of blending natural fibers with other fibers today, hoping it will be helpful to everyone~Wool fibers (what is more than 5% wool, acrylic fiber), or polyester and nylon blends, all belong to high-end blending proportion.

Under normal circumstances, taking wool as an example, it is possible to compare the number, density and weight of wool blended yarn. Especially in this proportion, it often reflects the unique characteristics of wool, such as character, composure, calmness, rigidity and wrinkle resistance. However, based on the interpretation of most kinds of woolen fibers, this season, we need to fully understand that the essence of wool fiber is soft and smooth, fluffy, delicate, skin friendly and smooth, and there are no other fiber components, including woolen wool from pure wool to alpaca, and other (vicat) wool is short, fluffy in color, simple in manufacturing process, but poor in thermal insulation effect.

Due to the washability of cotton, washable clothes are characterized by sweat absorption and breathability. They are comfortable and elastic to wear.

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