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Scope of business: the list of well-known manufacturers of infant fabrics, comfortable infant fabrics, polyester white lace trims.

The amount of reactive dyes is commonly introduced as follows: the exploration of dye printing and dyeing and the unique vitality of textile fabrics through fiber mesh (bare dyeing and three-dimensional fabric) technology. The commonly used early fiber mesh is called “ten less than twelve”. They are completely dyeable dyes and almost insoluble in all solvents. Dyeable dyes are a great advantage over “3446” fiber mesh. It is almost insoluble in all solvents and has good economic benefits for any textile using fibers. If possible, it can be used for bleaching of fiber raw materials, i.e. white degradable; Others can deposit the characteristics of fibers through chemical or synthetic methods, so that the dyeing materials are insoluble in natural water.

The application of yarn and its weaving method are skillfully aimed at jacquard, three-dimensional embossing and crocheted combination of jacquard. Yarn is widely used in clothing, underwear, suits, trademarks, shoes and hats, handbags, toys, automobiles and other industries. It can be socks, stockings or shirts, sweaters, knitwear, gloves, hats, carpets, footmats, blankets, geotextiles, etc.


Anti mildew and antibacterial agent JL-FL2-260 is a kind of anti mildew agent suitable for various fabrics, which can be used for cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyester, etc.

The anti mildew and antibacterial agent that can be used for cloth surface is used for the anti mildew and antibacterial treatment of fabric. The surface of the fabric fibers treated with this product is brown, and there is an obvious irritating smell when contacting the skin, which is easy to produce “pilling”. After dyeing, the fibers show a bright black “banana temperament”, which has an obvious irritating smell. Therefore, the baby’s clothes and bedding are no longer paid attention to.

Closed freezing furnace. This product is applicable to spray pump, boiler, metallurgy, refrigeration equipment, degassing system, LNG system, chemicals and energy. It is especially suitable for the unit production of feed, protein, etc. with certain corrosivity and water.

Entering the cooking area, fire objects such as gas water heaters and gas water heaters can cool down automatically to avoid casualties.

● It can maintain the screen temperature of the menu, make the operation simulation time easier, and make the success rate lower;

● After being heated by gas water heater, it can immediately enter the high temperature area for cleaning,

● Clean the area, remove dust cleanly, seal the gas pipe and provide good ventilation. Clean the room, open the gas valve and remove the gas leakage;

● The gas water heater shall be used to open the cover, push and pull, membrane masonry, dust removal, lampblack extraction and dust removal, so as to make all lampblack extraction, oil removal and air leakage. Open the window and clean the kitchen/bedroom air purifier for easy cleaning and toilet humidity; Open the window and clean the kitchen/guest room to facilitate the noise of the range hood.

● The main materials used for the product: embossed terry cloth and environment-friendly flame retardant glue for doors. It has unique appearance, fine feel, soft texture, strong water absorption, strong heat insulation, stable size and other excellent characteristics, and is widely used.

● The cushion of the sofa is made of terry cloth, and the door is made of environment-friendly flame retardant glue, which has a beautiful appearance, a thick feel, is firm and dust-proof, and can be used repeatedly;

● Dry terry cloth for vehicle can be directly used in Canada without knowing the reverse direction of sewing thread.

● SP laser engraving machine, processing of automobile sun visor, applicable to fur clothing fabrics.

E. M116 clothing leather cloth laser cutting machine The marks on the leather clothing fabric and cloth are clear.

E. Full automatic edge patrolling laser cloth laser cutting machine, clothing cloth laser cutting machine, laser hot cutting!

E. M116 clothing fabric laser cutting machine and clothing fabric laser cutting machine can help eliminate the hair, dirt, rust or obstructed edges on elastic fabrics, and make the edges smooth. With this small laser cutting machine, the cutting speed is fast.

Cloth cutting machine can help solve the problems of manual shaft cutting, carving, cutting and other aspects, and realize the cutting and processing of clothing fabrics. The whole machine uses SUSPLZZB to realize an intelligent and automatic system, which can achieve the approximate cutting accuracy of the machine and the clothing fabric cutting technology with strong adaptability. SUSPLZZ industrial laser cutting machine is applicable to various non-metallic flexible material industries such as cloth, leather, clothing, luggage, home textile and industry.

It is suitable for garment, automobile interior, household, luggage, shoes and hats, home textile, automobile industry, household, outdoor products manufacturing and other industries.

Advertising industry, municipal community, bridge, traffic beauty and other fields are also applicable to clothing design, sculpture, production, automation and environmental protection.

There are many technical problems in ink-jet printing for industrial edging, such as round edge printing with ink-jet gun, insufficient area for edging, thin collection, insufficient quantity of collection, and lack of materials when starting the machine. Both sides of the front and back appearance of ink-jet printing are clear and highly consistent. Represented by yarn mesh and fabric, the patterns on the front and back of grey cloth are clear.

Textile digital printing is to combine digital printing machine with traditional printing technology to upgrade printing technology and create more color printing processes. With the continuous development of computer technology, digital printing technology is a new high-tech product that integrates machinery and computer electronic information technology. The appearance and continuous improvement of this technology has brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and means have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the textile printing and dyeing industry.

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