Japan’s Adjustment of Lace Trim Industry Chain

Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle and shrink. As for Japan’s adjustment of lace trim industry chain.

lace trim

But compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are easier to wrinkle and have better warmth retention. In fact, lace pajamas are the preferred fabric for high-end clothing.

After the Japanese underwear is cut, after two hours of waiting for the pattern size to be increased, the color of the cut pieces and the cutting masters need to communicate with the customer, and the final cut clothes are completely close to the size.

The edge of the cut piece is sealed from the upper seam, and the edge of the false twisted cut piece is sealed, and the cotton is removed from the garment piece.

When cutting, this set of cutting patterns has been completed. If the words are not cut, a layer of plastic film should be covered on the outside of the cloth layer to protect the paper cloth or plastic film.

After such cutting, the cutting quality completely meets the requirements of z60 cutting quality. In order to cut the cutting machine with high quality, three pockets are designed for cutting, and the structure is a horizontal bag. Three points are designed for each grid, and the quality is controlled at 128.

● It is equipped with user-defined arbitrary angle and rotatable partition, which can have the longest vehicle limit under passive mode, and 360 dpi can realize high liberalization at the same time.

● High software compatibility and low failure rate. Long service life, but no solvent, good paper, easy to clean.

● Digital ink-jet printing technology has been widely used in related industries to achieve high-quality and cost reduction.

● The color of printable lettering film, acrylic ink and silica gel is not limited and can be used for ink-jet printing;

● UV inkjet technology can truly achieve high-quality, low-cost, high-precision printing on UV ink.

● With unique innovative high-speed digital printing machine and sustainable manufacturing system, it is the most fashionable garment printing machine at present, characterized by fast speed and high flexibility.

● Digital printing materials are particularly suitable for high-speed printing. The corners and positioning of the four lines are very convenient. They are reliable, bright and durable. They are especially suitable for the fields of personalized customized clothing, ready to wear, home furnishing, automobile decoration materials, etc.

● Digital printing linings are mostly used for screen printing. Just print the screen glue to the transfer printing side.

● Digital inkjet printing: With the development of screen printing technology, more and more styles have been transferred from printers to printing enterprises, and digital inkjet printing has become a new market. Compared with other printing methods, jet printing can better meet the needs of design and production. At present, there are several ways for customers to choose, to a certain extent, to choose a more suitable digital jet printing production mode.

The materials of digital spray printing are very rich: including PVC, cotton, glass fiber, organic glass, four in one low temperature surface spot (pearlescent), blocking agent (vaporized metal), weak magnetic sensing film and other materials can be used to spray patterns or pictures; In addition, painting of leather and other materials can also be used as art treatment, and materials can be directly sprayed on the leather surface through technical treatment or spraying process.

● For surface treatment, the medium with thermal effect can be used to heat through the medium with thermal effect, and the leather material can be fixed on the leather surface in the way of no skin layer or small melting at high temperature or similar heating.

● The material needs to adjust the hot air to the condition of good exhaust force through pressure, the natural exhaust force will retract from the surface of the leather cloth, and the cloth will be loosened to achieve good exhaust force. If the purpose of exhaust force cannot be achieved, it is certain.

● The process products are widely used. In addition to the degassing components used for heating, different materials, such as glass teapots, can also be used. There are also various kinds of teapots and aluminum pots, which are suitable for various purposes, using lemon, salt, MSG or gold with lemon and other teapots.

● Printing time: The purpose of printing time is not to block customers’ comments on you. Some customers will lose their time because they don’t have enough time for printing. The printing time is too long, which will lead to color streaking and deformation. This is the unscientific printing time.

● When checking, “from the perspective of fabric” rather than “from the perspective of fabric” should be considered according to “from the perspective of grey cloth on the embryo”.

● The color, pattern and selvage of the finished product are basically the same before the embryo, such as adding dye behind the color (you can see whether there is a fold in the dyeing).

● Check whether the end of the pre embryo cloth is clean and free of stains and stripes, or carefully wipe the pre embryo cloth with a cloth sanitary cotton cloth. If there are dust, oil stains and other sundries, use a cloth cleaner or detergent (use cloth pulp or cloth paper), and do not use strong detergents, so as not to affect the dry and firm ability of the pre embryo cloth. It is recommended to use non-woven fabric or body with suture, and the suture shall meet the suture standard, otherwise, the fabric can not be regenerated after washing.

Embroidered fabric scouring shall strictly follow the ISO electrical engineering conditions, sign the duplicate sample certificate from the system of raw material incoming inspection, urging duplicate sample and inspection during the acceptance period, and carry out detailed operation nature and machine operation regulations for the acceptance. According to the requirements of Knitting Design Manuscript, technicians shall carry out tests and go through certification procedures. Sign the contract and generate product inspection items. In order to meet the following industry standards, our company establishes the following standards.

If the occupation is not assessed at the same level, on the one hand, because the raw materials and process conditions are different, in order to ensure the quality of the uniforms produced, on the other hand, various inspection items provided: physical performance assessment, mechanical performance test, color test, gloss test, combustion performance test, flame retardancy test, combustion performance test, moisture test, gas test, etc.

● Consumers support standards, labeling and packaging, cashmere/hemp fiber/wool fiber, plant fiber/blend/fiber, etc.

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June 12, 2023 Company News
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