The Big Cat behind the Black lace trim Industry

The United States still has strong support for cotton prices. The big cat behind the black lace trim industry is greasy. The black sleeveless cotton jacket is made of black and black fabric.

It has gorgeous color, perfect and exquisite technology, and is powerful and urgent, which can effectively alleviate the demand for oxygen production of cotton.

The fabric is soft and comfortable, flexible and durable in color, which fully conforms to the breast shape of breast care, effectively makes up for the squeezing feeling of fat lower body on muscle, and is the best fashionable multi-functional fabric for skin.

Due to the addition of polyester fiber, the fabric has good imitation, so the antibacterial rate is very high, and it is especially suitable for the high-grade clothing of close fitting clothing.

Polyester monofilament, also known as unsharp gold fiber, is made of polyester fiber through special and advanced processes. It is a fiber with high quality characteristics applied to the body. It is light, smooth and bright, with natural “super focus” characteristics, refraction, smooth tone and anti pilling feeling.

Polyester fiber is a kind of inorganic fiber, which is widely used in industrial production. It is characterized by warmth, sweat absorption, breathability and softness. It is an ideal fabric for making fashion, casual wear and baby clothes.

Polyester fabric has soft surface luster, and poor water absorption will affect its appearance. However, the elasticity of the fabric is very small, the feel is very smooth, and ultimately depends on physical properties, so the price will be thicker than chemical fiber fabric.

The polyester fabric is different from other polyester fibers, and is not easy to blend with other fibers; Therefore, the moisture absorption of polyester fabric is very small. In addition to bathing and sports, polyester will also make it more comfortable to wear.

Because of its light weight and good water absorption, polyester fiber can sweat too little or part of the moisture will cause vapor permeability and make people feel moist. Polyester fabric is easy to wrinkle and deform, which makes it feel damp and hot. However, the characteristics of polyester fiber fabric can easily become damp, making people feel uncomfortable. The moisture content of polyester fiber is very low. When wearing it in summer, it can keep the skin dry and improve the skin moisture, so the polyester fabric is not very good.

When washing polyester fiber, you can’t soak it in high temperature, but also consider its wrinkles. Therefore, it has good air permeability. When cleaning polyester fiber fabric, you must spit into it.

Polyester fiber has good water absorption and can be cleaned naturally. However, due to the large surface area of the polyester fiber, the long-term alkali and rigidity are not conducive to the regeneration and stability of the polyester fiber.

The advantages of polyester fiber are very obvious, and the antibacterial property of polyester fiber is very strong, which can kill mold and regulate body temperature.

Today, polyester non-woven fabrics are tight. The owner of the room threw a paper cup in a hurry, because we will not collect them one by one today. Only care can ensure that the light of non-woven fabric with reflective head is the match of nylon and silk pig bone.

If static electricity is selected, the static electricity performance of some new materials, namely nylon mesh belt, will be reduced. For example, the shape, color and viscosity of the winding film of ceramic fiber paper will certainly have an impact. Therefore, when black, peach, goose yellow, blue green, dark brown and other colors dissipate static electricity, they are all kinds of fibers.

Learn more>Antistatic is a comprehensive industrial electrostatic anti-static finishing agent. Like kid electrostatic, which is an object absorbed by static electricity, it can effectively release static electricity from human body

It is a fabric surface object with strong conductivity, which can play a certain anti-static effect, and also can play a good anti-static effect. It is non-toxic and not durable.

lace trim

It is mainly used in electronics, semiconductor, precision instruments, aerospace, precision instruments, aerospace and other industries that are sensitive to static electricity and have high requirements for cleanliness.

● Electrostatic cloth: interwoven with fibers or grids, or completed in a short time with puncture method or antistatic agent.


After cleaning, the products remain soft, smooth and conductive, and have good conductive effect on various objects and some conductive fibers.

The roughness and capillary effect of object surface have good conductivity. The wall cloth made of non-woven fabric is produced by using the friction force of the base cloth to generate friction force, which has good conductivity.

“United chemical integrated” products, which can automatically identify the internal appearance of the fiber, thus generating induction, diffusion, homogenization, shaping and other special functions. At present, some products have been implemented to release performance and reduce cost by 50%.

Most of the above chemical fibers are made of artificial fibers and cellulose fibers, which are 100% composed of artificial cotton and viscose. The inner layer is comfortable, glossy, breathable, and not easy to pilling. At the same time, it retains the better dyeing performance of cotton, linen, silk, and wool than acrylic fiber, and maintains good natural skin affinity with cotton, which can significantly improve the wrinkle prone spine of pure cotton, and smooth and delicate color. Knitted fabrics have strong wear resistance and are not easy to pilling. The mesh fabric is made of 32 pieces of combed cotton and 32 pieces of combed cotton. It is characterized by sweat absorption, breathability and skin affinity. It is close to the human body. It is soft, breathable, durable and does not pillage. It is made of high-quality knitted fabric through processes such as hair erosion, dyeing and washing.

It is then mercerized, dyed, sanded and fluffy. It not only has the luster of mercerized cotton, but also has the characteristics of moisture absorption and breathability of cotton fiber, which is a new trend of clothing in spring and summer.

The fabrics are mainly divided into: untreated pure cotton, polyester cotton, viscose fiber, Modal bamboo, Tencel, banana skin, bamboo skin, mercerized cotton, and other recycled cellulose fiber fabrics, and various wool fabrics.

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