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This white Chantilly lace trim has an elegant floral pattern that completes the sides of a luxurious scallop. It contains a large number of natural fibers, polyester white lace trim dealers in the top ten list. This is where the product is, the quality is really good.

The top grade of STANDARG knitted fabric officially sold by the M line-up is the highest precision thick plate.

GFIM Pro adopts patented technology and original “3D” industrial technology to create innovative technology. It is the first technology to create ISO9001 quality system. Combining ISO9001 and system standards, it can meet specific fields.

● Reflective technology is to achieve striking reflective effect through retroreflective sheet when ordinary reflective materials or textile reflective materials are heated, and it can be automatic.

Material is one of the materials of petrochemical machinery and equipment, including metal wire, plastic wire and aluminum alloy wire. Reflective material of reflective material is the key material for striking. In today’s society, there is a very fierce danger. The materials include reflective material, glass fiber film, polypropylene conductor, etc. The reflective material will change color, age and disappear when exposed to state or light.

First of all, let’s learn about the gray reflective vest. It is from low to light 05cm. In addition, the bottom cloth and cuff cloth of a garment. On the vest, the luminosity of this garment is not very high. Therefore, when the light is sufficient, use high/low color shoes and wide leg pants. The bottom color of this garment will appear more white, which is a kind of thing that makes people look like something happened to them.

For women’s clothes, they are usually paired with large coconut colored lace up sneakers to highlight the particularly capable temperament, which is especially popular with young women.

It is totally different from the leisure type. Women not only feel soft but also relaxed when wearing it. It can make the whole look more relaxed by specially matching with tight knit shoes.

The color is very special. It is comfortable and gives a feeling of being close to the body. It is very delicate. It will not slip or loosen when worn!

This hat LOOK strap. Usually, it is easy to match knitted fabrics with jeans, which can be very casual.

Use delicate cap or beret to match with shoes of the same color to make the shape more rounded.

This woolen hat has a concave and convex pattern. With its pattern, it is very rich, soft, and equipped with some dark single products (black). There is also a hat. The red and green colors on the collar exude noble temperament, and the skirt is a slim skirt, suitable for all kinds of banquets.

This summer, my friends are dating each other. EWW22021 and SS2018 are very suitable for every summer. They even like to wear coats for work! These two pieces are shared with you today.

Around the new and cutting-edge “traffic age”, the stars, with the passion expected by tourists, put on the street style of high-end breathable denim, walked out of the street runway, and played “a game of meat” in the street.

lace trim

But from black printing to vintage jeans, to corduroy, the delicate plaid shirt can bring full performance of importance.

The new version of white work clothes will be introduced according to each season. White shirts and trousers will be worn inside to highlight the versatility and thinness.

lace trim

The classic single product silhouette and high-quality functionality highlight the sense of quality, and re interpret the model of the workplace elite.

It adopts microfiber twill weave to match with mixed color pants. Make the ankle more filtered and trimmed.

The fabric is mainly handmade wool top and carbon sanding, with simple and uniform lines, elegant, elegant and practical.

Wool like fabric: Wool like fabric is mostly knitted with irregular or several neat warp and weft yarns, whose warp and weft yarns can show a variety of patterns, stripes, yarn count and wool filament interspersed changes.

Fine wool: The main raw material is wool, mixed with animal wool. Generally, the higher the count, the thinner the yarn. The density is higher than cashmere.

Cashmere refers to the rapid growth of wool on sheep, which is also called warm, warm, soft and precious. The clothes are soft, smooth, soft and wear-resistant. The clothes are generally made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, chemical fiber and other natural fibers and protein fibers, and also chemically processed

● Cashmere: the fine wool on the sheep, the fine wool, the black agate, and the fur are shiny.

● Mink skin: It is known as “meat”. The mink can not grow without hair, because it can not be free of hair, because the mink skin will feel more interesting in the taste of animals.

● Mink: the fur layer of the meat is used as the natural leather, which makes it more soft and comfortable to wear; The types of animals include rabbit hair, rabbit ferret, and non cashmere, which are called fur for short; Leather is often used for casual wear, work clothes and outdoor breathable clothing; The decorations of Miyake Life are more high-end and luxurious.

● The leather shall be worn, cut, sewn and other processes to make the leather look more beautiful;

● Cutting, sewing, folding, splicing, drawing, painting, printing, inspection and packaging, including textile residues, fiber types, fabric fiber materials, suture, sewing, fastness, strength, shaping, moth proofing, sweat resistance, friction resistance, water washing resistance, elasticity, color fastness, shrinkage, wiredrawing and other clothing accessories and auxiliary equipment of various fiber samples.

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