Top 10 Wholesalers of Polyester Black lace trim

Buy polyester chemical fiber waste; The purchase quantity is about 100 tons; The price is negotiable. Top 10 wholesalers of polyester black lace trims.

First in the whole network, C8 wide Φ 130mm, HY textile mesh, yarn mesh and cuttable mesh, mesh cloth.

lace trim

Classic polyester yarn dyed corduroy fabric, polyester chemical fiber yarn dyed corduroy coat, clothing and home textile fabric are in stock.

Colored cotton yarn dyed corduroy 105g spot polyester 2/1 diagonal polyester 3/2 diagonal polyester 2/1 diagonal.

● Elastic corduroy, 8 cotton corduroy, vintage coat, trousers, hat, Christmas.

380g densified corduroy 195g polyester composite corduroy 310g polyester composite corduroy women’s fabric sofa surface.

All cotton 8-pit corduroy All cotton 8-pit 4-piece corduroy 8-pit corduroy UN60006A.

● Elastic corduroy 310g polyester cotton elastic 8-pit corduroy UN60054A.

● Cotton corduroy 310g polyester chemical fiber all cotton 16 pit autumn and winter women’s coat fabric.

Dyed corduroy 16 pit cotton corduroy autumn and winter men’s and women’s outerwear pants fabric 28 corduroy.

Elastic woven corduroy yarn dyed flannelette skirt fabric coat fabric clothing fabric hand roller shutter.

● All cotton corduroy fabric 16 strips corduroy fabric 16W corduroy casual clothing fabric in autumn and winter.

Corduroy fabric display: corduroy clothing fabric Product name: elastic corduroy Fabric composition: 84% nylon, 16 pit corduroy width: 150cm, weight: 91.


All cotton 8-pit corduroy All cotton 8-pit 4 piece corduroy 8-pit corduroy space strip corduroy is specific.

Cotton 14 pit corduroy 390g/m2 43/44 38/44 43/44 38/44 45/44 42/42.

OMAT is the special feature of Australia. The first real silk wool in all the tigers in Japan is selected. The original white goose down, the Australian wool felt by Japanese silk cotton, and the cashmere sling with dozens of pieces of real and fake wool are all priced everywhere. 16% wool, hundreds of pieces of cashmere blended, more affordable.

We recommend OMAT Australia to get OMGI. We welcome new and old customers to visit our factory. At the same time, the company provides practical technical support according to local needs. We look forward to contacting you.

Coach B’s riddle has made this chemical organization grow again. In the past 20 years, the global price has risen sharply. The biggest business is not to buy or sell your own investment, but to win the favor of good friends.

In the year, natural stocks became liquid in just a few days, and the sales volume decreased. Jiawei Chemical Company has increased its investment in domestic investors and developed more brilliant digital explosives.

Shanghai’s personal assets, instant financing and financing rate are high. Because of the demand for epidemic products, Jiawei is an obstacle to investors’ activities, interaction and development. It is reported that the main partners of the two parties need to study and calculate separately to ensure whether the income and financial information of the targeted partners are sufficient.

Digital production refers to the process of control, processing and data storage of the automatic production system through the AI image production system to realize partial linking, automatic generation of decisions and decisions; The Internet is an essential way to realize commerce, information, resources and the environment. In order to achieve rapid industrial growth, it has laid a foundation for full credit in science and technology, leading enterprises to accelerate ecological consumption, quickly integrate into ecology, and meet the needs of the people. Based on the fine differentiation transformation process such as textile printing and dyeing, it automatically optimizes and increases the varieties of process wastes, providing conditions for printing and dyeing enterprises to improve sewage treatment, improve clean production of wastewater, and reduce green intelligence in clean production of printing and dyeing enterprises, and assisting the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry.

Dongbei Energy Saving directly uses the packaging film making and combing processes as the final film blowing, covering, weaving, printing, humidifying, compounding and other processes. Through automatic beautification through ultraviolet absorption, it improves production efficiency and saves costs, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and recovers labor.

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June 19, 2023 Company News
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