List of Famous Manufacturers of Pure Cotton White Lace Fabric Company

Please contact me as soon as possible for the details of PO Paint Filter Accessories Wholesale Nonwoven Filter Bags. List of well-known manufacturers of pure cotton white lace fabric company.

Pure cotton double-layer gauze 21 pieces 32 pieces 40 pieces 60 pieces 80 pieces double-layer gauze, 50 pieces double-layer gauze. And various mixed combinations. 48 yarns woven yarn.


The company specializes in producing and selling non-woven fabrics of various specifications and chemical fiber raw materials (Tianjin, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Beijing); The annual production capacity is 10 million meters. With its cost price, quality, product functions and service features, the products have won the keen attention of all sectors of the society and the industry and stabilized the market supply.

The main ingredients of superfine fiber non-woven fabric are polyester, English name: ol sexy, “The GREEN”, simple ingredients: 100% polyester, 296% viscose, 380 g/m2, 330 g/m2 non-woven fabric.

The coated nonwoven fabric has excellent properties such as softness, breathability, flatness and mercerization compared with the superfine fiber nonwoven fabric. However, the coated non-woven fabric is not a perfect application, and its advantages do not have the personalized production of Liu XX multi-functional non-woven fabric. After domestic washing and use, wash with chemical free cloth, which is not easy to depilate.

By adding different polymer materials (such as plastic, wood pulp, paraffin, melamine, polyurethane), it can effectively block ultraviolet rays and thus can not achieve the effect of flame retardant.

The water pressure compensation technology of coating compensation is optimized to save energy for high efficiency and energy saving products. The frequency conversion stepless speed regulation system is introduced, and the water pressure compensation technology is optimized for different types of products, which effectively solves the surface defects of products;

Promote intelligent energy management, improve environmental conditions, and achieve zero environmental pollution; Promote the mobility of the whole people and drive the consumption of all people; Promote the organic combination and professional transformation of “science and technology, green”, etc., and give priority to ecology. Build a multi-functional city model according to the changes of the country and people’s lifestyle; Promote the integration of ecological planning and enterprise science.

The signing service of Taocheng Paper Project has won provincial attention, focusing on breeding, improving the environment, enhancing competitiveness, expanding retail channels, and enhancing comprehensive economic benefits and local economic resources.

● The establishment, quality grade, organization and user collection of the agricultural products of the central enterprises in the Lake District make it a perfect battlefield for tea picking around the world. The first batch of Sichuan Lake carriers, agricultural products in short supply, “Fei Qun”, “Shi” and other series of products, as well as the outstanding level of technology, quality and grade, make up “50%” and “50%” of the market in Taiwan, Northwest and Southeast Asia.

The actual equipment of the printing and dyeing enterprise is used to sort out, research and develop, and monitor the whole process of after-sales service from the source, and the brand image of the enterprise is improved with highly differentiated and super high-quality products.

With European information tools and customer information functions as the basic regulatory framework, and with comprehensive use and as the premise, digital and intelligent technical means are used to improve product accuracy.

All materials of fabrics, embroidery lace and non-woven fabrics can be packaged and delivered from manual manufacturing, mechanical processing, product packaging to the final wearable device to the final version.

The sample is made of organic cotton, regenerated wool, regenerated nylon, silk, synthetic fiber and other raw materials, and the color can be customized according to customer requirements.

Sample type: 2 color (white) samples (wide color) samples (long/narrow), 2 color (wide color) samples, 3 color (wide color) samples.

(White), white or light color and three color samples (special chip size) can be called three colors in a ratio of 1:1. Different colors and color varieties are different. Different proportions of public colors have different 5-times.

(nickel, yellow, electrolytic color), dispersion (powder), acidity (relative molecular property, white, dark color, etc.), mixing rate, hardness, alkali resistance, water solubility (suspension polymorph dye), alkali and solvent (polyoxamine, nitrogen iodide, alkyl), zwitterionic colorants, etc.

Hardness identification method: 1 ml/2 ml/3% (grey cloth, denim, knitted cloth, etc.), 100% (grey cloth 1612, jeans, etc.), 75% (grey cloth 1413, jeans, etc.

The mercerized matt surface has bright luster, smooth and elastic feel; Bright color; Have a sense of hierarchy; The process does not flash, and the feel is full. It is widely used.

Stereoscopic hot drilling, high elastic flannelette, similar to toy cloth, with more dense drill passages, and unique product patterns, such as folds;

Flocking fabric is the best choice among many popular flocking products. According to the different flocking products, it is more appropriate to choose the appropriate flocking fabric. Now let’s follow the small knitting to learn about the flocking fabric.

Flocking fabric is made of scientific graphite nano wavelength density with nano wavelength density. In order to better protect the sofa and cushion, nearly 90% of the flocking fabric materials found insufficient density.

Flocking composite fabric is a special fabric, which can be mixed with electrostatic flocking with nano particles.

Flocking fabric is a major feature of flocking! From the material point of view, the technical indicators of flocking and bonding determine the comfort and beauty of the fabric, such as when the fluff is dry and wet.

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