Are you still following the old path in the white lace fabric industry?

If you have a taxi, you can make money at home. Are you still following the old path in the white lace fabric industry?

After such a simple introduction, 25 yuan can be easily ordered for production. All the production capacity comes from the inventory merchants of cloth, fiber, textile machinery, etc. According to the warehouse data algorithm, the production capacity is more than 600 times. The biggest advantage of this model is price. From the aspect of cost performance, it can be seen that this model has many advantages, so it will greatly reduce the operating cost of the machine and greatly improve the operating efficiency of the machine. Finally, realize small order quick return order.

Hot search words: commonly used hot search words in the textile industry: clothing superfine electronic ultra wide width warp and weft weaving technology hot spot recommendation Urumqi machine cotton picking spiral vortex spinning ice fabric wadding spinning technology monthly paid off thematic industry recommendation hot textile industry jacket fabric terry cloth air layer roving mesh fleece.

Youju: SS4904 Composition: shuttle raw material (natural) 18 polyester cotton blended yarn (cotton yarn) 20 Tencel like blended yarn (cotton yarn) 380/380.

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system certification, and has achieved comprehensive development in international countries. To produce and supply new materials for green and environment-friendly production and sustainable resource integration, we will continue to develop and innovate new materials, new technologies, new processes and new materials. The company has become a supplier of production or supply mode of global pollution-free resources.

● The raw material for green development is green fiber, which transforms waste into textile biological products to promote human health.

● The raw materials for green development are sustainable fibers, which can be transformed into renewable fibers and improve human health.

● Biotechnology is sustainable fiber, renewable fiber, recycling of raw materials and production process, replacing the process of using original renewable fiber, and realizing resource recycling and reuse. The concept of sustainable development will be the way to realize sustainable fiber and regenerated fiber.

Nuo fine denier high FDY full-automatic fiber/polyester fiber, making it meet the application range of textile kimono. As a new growth element, this fiber not only has excellent functionality, but also has excellent performance in moisture absorption and warmth retention.

We will continue to maintain a good cooperative relationship with them. When we further focus on the advantages of modern fibers and clothing, fiber/polyester, nylon and other raw materials blended yarn is essential and desirable.

Due to the communication and cooperation with the growth system, we have a close understanding and more products, and can also communicate and cooperate with customers.

At the same time, the development of differentiated chemical fiber products needs to be familiar with raw materials, production processes, and know more customers. The accurate analysis of the same technology and materials makes our business and procurement more smooth and efficient. From the raw material warehouse to the whole production process, from the low energy consumption workshop to the competitive quality and quality between different customers who can meet the needs of different customers, we focus on them.

The multi raw materials and functional varieties of the green channel can give consideration to the improvement of the market and efficiency. The application of bio burning sheep, new energy and new technology has promoted the transportation volume and the production of new projects. With the increase of production capacity, more costs will be added to the price. In particular, industry standards are taking over the market.

At the same time, green development is divided into leisurely character, slow pace home textile production and manufacturing, shoemaking and edge manufacturing through composite processing, thread making, printing and finishing, finished product manufacturing, special material finishing equipment and machine manufacturing. A new CCB textile industry chain integrating line manufacturing, printing, shoe making, garment making, bag making, shoe industry use and new technology application will be formed, and a diversified industrial cluster will be built with the advantages of industrial agglomeration and the capability of “win-win platform” achievement development and service. It will be the first batch of trans regional products for travel to Guangling Station (requiring a car), public transportation, and water transportation. In recent years, with the intensification of automobile interior decoration construction projects and driven by the prosperity of the new energy automobile industry, the future demand of small cars will pay more attention to related industries. In addition, please supervise the new energy automobile industry, such as Audi’s engine, to increase the operating specifications by 30%.


Popular summer clothes polyester cotton power grid work clothes suit, household appliance worker labor protection clothing, wear-resistant welding clothing, car beauty maintenance.

Spring and autumn pure cotton power grid work clothes suit, household appliance worker labor protection clothing, wear-resistant welding clothing, welder’s clothing.

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● It shall be placed in a ventilated, cool and dry place, and shall not grow or grow in sunlight to prevent light accumulation and aging.

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June 20, 2023 Company News
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