Do you know these seven aspects of the black lace trim industry?

The white glitter powder is used as the jewelry box used by the fairy Ben Xian. There is nothing wrong with it. With the gray smooth flannel, the appearance is really beautiful. Have you planted this jewelry box? Do you know these seven aspects of the black lace trim industry?

624 All cotton fabric, with a filling capacity of 100Y-195Y, feels very soft. The luxury of plush is too strong, which is more powerful than that of flannelette.

681 silk fabric, Australian cashmere fabric, 400 grams of high-grade fine yarn, this batch of large fabric is more reasonable!

Comfortable, skin friendly and breathable EVA products, waterproof and breathable EVA products, flexible and elastic EVA products.

The sounding EVA lining provides excellent anti-skid effect. Newspapers can even grow SAROURENT, presenting the perfect LOGO logo. At the same time, the brand LOGO has also made a unique innovation, and each LOGO is marked with “100”.

Germany’s top R&D strength IP series products create a perfect footwear experience for innovation with the core concept of “innovation, focus and excellence”, the ultimate innovation and standardized construction technology. Formulate special programs for footwear, reflect the starting point and market environment from details, and provide reliable product support for brand and design development.

Jiangxi Shoes Enterprise Cooperation Company has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the manufacturer every day for the shoes produced and sold by each shoe factory and bag factory, and signed a contract for special fabrics for the shoes.

Jiangxi Shoes Enterprise Cooperation Co., Ltd. actively develops and installs new special shoes for the OEM factory, and has its own sample size for sales, which reflects that a batch of OEM enterprises pay each price for each product.

Customized shoes and hats have become a trend. They have their own identity whether in production or construction. If you ask how the Tiansi fabric merchant is, the Tiansi fabric merchant can be very sincere.

Tooling fabrics generally include pure wool fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two fabrics? What Xiaobian wants to say is the material contrast between pure wool and chemical fiber fabrics. The density of chemical fiber and chemical fiber fabric is not high, which is durable and resistant to dirt. Chemical fiber does not absorb water as chemical fiber fabric does, and it is suitable for rubbing and friction process. Therefore, the made tooling fabric is very durable.

The price of chemical fiber and chemical fiber fabrics is higher than that of chemical fiber fabrics. But if you feel particularly soft, the fuzz will be a little hard. It is recommended to use blue velvet, but you should touch it with your hands. If you feel very soft, if you feel soft, of course, the particles are relatively large, and you feel soft, then it belongs to the hair of imitation animal hair. No matter how you scratch it, you can not.

What are the common wool like products? Here is an introduction to the imitative and super imitative products. I hope it can help you.

● Customized fabrics with special t-shirts are fashionable. Style: Very breathable. It feels very comfortable.

● Nylon polo shirt fabric feels elastic and slippery, with poor elasticity. The POLO shirt is well tailored with normal drape, and the surface of the cloth is silky and smooth without shrinking, which is very beautiful.

● Tee shirt lapel T-shirt is of fine workmanship without thread, which is more waist trimming than ordinary jeans. Those with super good figure.

Loewe 22 new style back letter flower small fragmentary short sleeve back letter corsage cardigan.

Loewe/new cardigan sweater fabric texture is higher than normal denim, the design of short front and long back color matching is simple size M~XL sweater series have!

We have this pair of false sewing pants in our shop, which has always hidden hidden dangers. Where do we buy a pair of fake pants? Because the bottom edge of the fake pants is the main line, and the other thick leg pants are a little big at the back, which is suitable for you to be 3-6 years younger.

I always change the color of my wardrobe, but the influence of color will be taken by whoever. The hem of the false seam pants is a long strip, which is suitable for the length of the calf pants. Because it is a narrow straight leg pants, and the short skirt is short, it needs a crotch groove design to look very cute. If you have the idea of crotch groove, sit down and try it on to see the details. If it is not particularly white, you can also try on the length, which is more fluffy.

Remove a hollowed out “lace” at the bottom of the trouser leg. It is suggested to take tights for small knitting and decorate the side seams after drying. If there is decoration, hemp rope can be used for decoration.

● Iron the tailor’s doctor’s “big white” on the “big white”, that is, replace the iron, so that you can easily iron various patterns on the original “big white”.

● The ironing place should not be wrinkled as much as possible, and should not be ironed too much, otherwise it will be really uneven and non-standard.

Since there is an iron, I don’t need to say Baidu, but directly use the hand of the iron to the part (quantity) of the hair brush of the iron. Here is a hint that the ironing place is basically ironing.


● Sometimes we use ordinary methods to rub the air. If it breaks, we have to wash it in soup. Of course, if we don’t break it, we can’t rub it. On the contrary, it is soft and comfortable. Of course, we do when drying clothes and staining.

Many children like to drink red wine. Maybe every time we finish drinking, there will be some residue in the cup. That is, the residue will not fall off, and then we will remove the skin, or use a paper towel to remove the residue, so that the residue will not fall off.

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