Comments on high-end British fashion of black gold velvet suit: very satisfied, the size is just right, and the black lace trim industry solves the problem of low exposure.


Zegna men’s goose down mink velvet waffle velvet autumn and winter men’s business/L women’s goose down plaid suit men’s business/L men’s business.

Customized men’s suits can show the mature charm of men and the personal style of the society. Moreover, customized suits have the advantages of good suits and fashionable fabrics, so that anyone can wear more than one.

It is possible to customize the thickened pure cotton fabric. The gloss and drape are very good, and the fabric is not easy to deform. The length and width of the garment are set according to the texture of the fabric. The recommended width is generally 80-110 meters,

It is recommended to choose the inner grade of 100% cotton, which is no more than 2-3 cm, because there are more pieces of cloth inside, and the width is higher than the weight, and the quality is higher. If the budget is poor, the cost will be higher.

Some colored T-shirts, vests, T-shirts, T-shirts, etc. Of course, if you buy pure cotton or T-shirts containing other ingredients, the quality will be good.

Now our T-shirt customization manufacturers are full of fashion elements, and many choose to customize clothes with printing elements, especially the online pattern printing is fashionable and bright. Printing process such as screen printing.

Now let’s take a look at the customized T-shirt manufacturers to see which parts and how to choose the color of the T-shirt can not be changed at will.

lace trim

POLO shirt was originally called tennis shirt, which is different from ordinary T-shirts in that it has a collar, but this style of clothing is comfortable to wear, and is a popular casual clothing. The collar of POLO shirt can stand up, and you can wear a tie with a long sleeved shirt. POLO shirt is very classic.

Customized quick drying t-shirt is an outdoor T-shirt specially developed for outdoor athletes. It has the advantages of loose and comfortable, good scalability, good breathability and easy perspiration. As the name suggests, quick drying is to accelerate the evaporation speed by expanding the area as much as possible to remove sweat from the skin.

● Pure cotton: This kind of clothes are usually washed by hand, but please do not wash them directly by hand, because it will make the clothes hard and deformed. Clothes are usually washed in the washing machine, but please dry them in the shade.

● Method: Soak the clothes in cold water first and then soak them. Do not brush them, because it will damage the color of the clothes.

● Do not wash with hot water. The clothes will change color after hot water washing, affecting the color. Cold water is recommended for cleaning. Do not rinse the detergent, and use it after drying. For the cloth that is not acid resistant, please scrub it by hand and pay attention to the uniform force.

● Those shall not exceed 30 words and shall be rinsed in water. Can not rub, rub. It should be aired on the opposite side.

● You can carry clothes by hand, squeeze two cups of water after soaking them in water, and dry them in a basket. When they are cool, they can be dried in the air; Or use clothes and jackets to clip bags and dry them. Never soak them in hot water.

Use the clothes clip and air dry to identify your favorite photos, exclusive memories, or color categories. According to the design of the photo, you can take out the material and change the color into different colors.

Many people choose quilt style quilts which are more practical. And quilts like this one naturally appear in our home to meet our needs, but quilts that have been used for a long time cannot be used. If there are beautiful quilt style quilts, it is necessary to regularly check whether there are inferior ones and whether they have bought the wrong materials. Generally, the reason for the low number of stitches in texture d is that they are used in advance, otherwise, once they are used improperly, It may be that the broken hole has been used for a long time. It’s better to have a careful look. Secondly, when washing the bed sheets and drying clothes, don’t give out any improper stop. Once you find bad materials, you must cut them immediately, such as printing, hot drilling, hot drawing, screen, scraper, scissors, boy’s paper, corrugated, decorations, fruit juice, snow water, etc.

● Keep away from moisture. No matter you are sitting or lying, no matter you are sitting or lying, you cannot block the damage of ultraviolet rays to you.

● Mixing with humidity will only damage your skin, and will affect the feeling of sweating and dirt for a long time, so it is better not to wash clothes, but dry clean yourself.

The sunscreen isolating agent UPF50+is ultraviolet or ultraviolet protective coating, and UPF50+is ultraviolet or ultraviolet protective coating.

UPF50+is mainly used in protective clothing, knitwear, underwear, etc. UPF50+is mainly used for surface protection during decorative processing of reflective film.

Recent development of testing standards for uv protection of textiles today we will introduce in detail the research and composition of uv protection testing of textiles.

What is the fabric of sunscreen umbrellas generally? The UV protection performance of the fabric is of great significance to our daily life and processing. How to choose a suitable UV protection performance tester.

The fabrics of sunscreen umbrellas are generally made of three kinds of fabrics: “cotton plain color”, “satin” or “coating”. Jacquard fabrics dyed by jacquard, non-woven fabrics and other weaving methods are selected. In production, they are coated, pasted, overflowed, and then washed, shaped, alkali decrement and other processes are used to produce bright and bright fabrics.

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