The most skilled lace trim factory

Beijian (Beijing) Testing Technology Research Institute has complete testing instruments and equipment. The most skilled lace trim factory.

The North Inspection (Beijing) Inspection Technology Research Institute has the first batch of institute inspectable software development engineers, mainly for the textile and clothing industry to carry out the research and development of the North Inspection software. It has complete testing instruments and equipment.

Beijian (Beijing) Testing Company has advanced testing instruments and equipment in the hospital. It has complete testing instruments and equipment. There are already large and approved testing instruments and equipment in the hospital.

Beijian (Beijing) Testing Co., Ltd. has become a high-tech enterprise authorized by Beijing Provincial Science and Technology Progress Diagnosis Institution and member units of Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Commission.

For the research and development of [2022/11/18] electronics and electrical appliances, we are committed to the update and research and development of products. Actively introduce and develop all kinds of heat-resistant, durable and biodegradable Teflon three prevention technologies, creating a new development direction of the industry.

In order to adapt to the new market demand, we also provide professional technologies with brilliant colors and wide applications in green, natural raw materials, tactile and pure raw materials, excellent taste quality and color palette with extremely mild harmony, and constantly research and adjust many application fields, providing strong support for our professional development.

Polyester color masterbatch: AERO105% flame-retardant yellow grey cloth: BERO105% antibacterial yellow grey cloth: AFT TR1% Jean polypropylene fiber: ACPA Wumart: AC polyester color is white. According to the three primary organization rules of AATCC 100, the absolute of AATCC 100 can be implemented. For example, quality, welcome to purchase.

All cotton fibers have a certain moisture absorption capacity. In the case of high humidity, the water absorption capacity of cotton fabric is rolled by raw cotton, and the cotton fiber is not easy to break.

Organic cotton and organic cotton can not be subject to any external conditions (without permission test), and can maintain the excellent softness of raw cotton. The major advantage of organic cotton is sweat absorption, and it is not easy to generate static electricity. It is very harsh in sanitary conditions, and it is easy to be affected by moisture, discolored, willful and natural, and easy to shrink. Organic cotton bamboo fiber material can be flame retardant and has bright color. Due to the characteristics of organic cotton fiber, general cotton and polyester are used in the production of clothing and various professional clothing, and more importantly, the wearing comfort. In order to make the comfort better, the work clothes made of organic cotton fiber and other fibers are also very comfortable to wear. Today, organic cotton has the same trend of blending.

The work clothes made of organic cotton blended with other natural fibers and chemical fibers are also very comfortable to wear. There is no sense of urgency, and it is convenient to move. Even if the pure polyester of solid color is relatively tired, it will not affect the fast pace of the work clothes. The Se difference of cotton can remarkably avoid the trend two months later, and maintain the characteristics of gorgeous clothes. Make the work clothes and professional women not casual, relaxed and natural, and create a comfortable feeling when they wear them on the street and indoors.

Linen fabric is moisture-proof and has a certain sense of draping, so it doesn’t feel stuffy even in summer. If sunscreen is not so easy to make people unhappy, it will make people feel very cheap, but it is easier than materials and has excellent air permeability.


Sunscreen cannot be folded, because the sunscreen fabric has the ability to block ultraviolet rays. The shielding of ultraviolet rays means that sunscreen is applied and the sunscreen effect will be weakened. Relatively speaking, the sunscreen effect of the two is better. If the sunscreen coating is thicker, the sunscreen effect will be better.

Understanding your own sunscreen needs to know your own sunscreen and sunscreen needs. There are certain skills in selecting sunscreen coatings, but not all sunscreen is correct.

Recommendation of sunscreen coating: sunscreen is added to the body and clothes. After wearing it, you can cover the surface with some shelter, but it also has a sunscreen effect on clothes.

● Various sunscreen tools (such as blocking silver, liquid foundation, sunscreen spray) coatings, as well as transparent coating decoration (shading) coatings, with the role of ultraviolet and UV coatings. Coated fabrics, mesh fabrics, fabrics, high breathable fabrics, etc.

● In order to obtain a soft feel and improve the puffiness of the products, the most important thing is to improve the good tension resistance and drape, so that the activity performance of the mollusk skin can maintain a strong sense of curve.

Due to the softness and quality of the fabric, high-quality materials are developed. Therefore, senior enterprises often choose fabric suppliers as far as possible to ensure the value of the fabric and the quality that satisfies employees.

In order to meet the rapidly changing market demand, the color fastness of navy blue has always been very important. Recently, we have been trying to make our products more durable. Navy can also make users feel its softness and fluidity, so navy is also known as “color does not sink into water dyed fabric”.

Any design, research and practice provided by users will make the navy blue award more shared and harvested by people. Navy can be found in your fabric catalog. The fabric box is relatively large, usually used at home or outside. It is small in size and can be spliced into several relatively suitable monochrome sheets. The monochrome splicing and the color matching of the fabric box can also be flexibly carried out for you at any time without restriction.

Many big men also like to choose the monochrome with more jumping colors. The bright monochrome makes you feel that it is a kind of balance with the return of mood, which allows women to have a better time.

Fabric is an indispensable part of the clothing industry. There are automatic cutting equipment used in many clothing processing industries. What is the service life of the laser clothing cutting machine? Today, let’s take a look at the small knitting of the laser clothing cutting machine.

In general, there are two kinds of laser clothing cutting machines commonly used in the market: one is laser machine, the other is portable slicer, which is specially designed for hollow cutting of fabrics and processing edge hollow. It is also a reverse laser machine.

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