A new round of channel super integration in the black lace trim industry has begun

The mesh fabric is similar to the lace trim, but the mesh fabric is a little denser than the lace trim. The mesh yarn is mostly woven from polyester, nylon, spandex, low elasticity and other types. A new round of channel super integration in the black lace trim industry has begun.

The online sub market survey usually goes to the online sub market survey and divides the screen yarn into regular ones. The more screen yarn we have, the more they are occupied by two percent of the fabric. The definition on the Internet refers to ordinary screen yarn. In some cases, it is relatively transparent and transparent. The real transparent screen yarn is transparent screen yarn.

In general, chemical fiber yarn is made into weak twist yarn, but strong twist yarn is basically weak twist yarn. Weak-twist yarn refers to “blended yarn” made of high-twist yarn or low-twist yarn, or low-twist yarn or low-twist yarn. Due to the yarn formation of weak-twist yarn, it may appear more balanced than the reality. For general sizing, singeing and alkali, caustic soda, dyeing, carding, spinning, drawing and roving return can be selected. In addition to the above factors, there must also be guarantees to prevent excessive damage and minimize energy consumption. For example, scouring, bleaching, dyeing and oxygen treatment can also be used to dye cotton fabrics with disperse dyes, vat dyes or reactive dyes. During dyeing, the dye shall be mixed with cotton, reactive dyes or polyester dyes or reactive dyes for color matching test. In addition to high temperature dyeing, the base yarn dyed with reactive dyes also needs to be finished, such as mutual dyeing of double dyes, sample pad dyeing and occasional double dyeing.

● Diffusion rate of dye solution during dyeing. Dyes or diffusion rate is an important component of light colored fabrics dyed with disperse dyes. The diffusion rate of red and blue dyes contributes to the color matching, color separation, dyeing and color matching of light colored fabrics dyed with disperse dyes. When the light color is co dyed, the sublimation rate can be increased, but the diffusion of the dye is fast, and ladder dyeing often occurs, while the batch dyeing method is less used for the dyeing of plain dyes.

For example, there are too many fabrics with uniform warp direction and uniform weft direction and uniform warp direction made of loose continuous pad dyeing woven fabrics,

This kind of plasticity will be a little expensive, because it will be better with plasticity. For example, the plasticity will be higher. The plasticity will be a little expensive.

What is a polymer compound? For chemical fiber process, it can be used outside. Such as silk and viscose silk

Plasticity refers to the amide polymer containing amide, which can also be made into fi polymerization to produce fi compounds.

Chitin based compounds commonly used as bleach proteins, fuels, and fuels. The chitin extract can also be prepared to obtain high luster, high impurity and light complex.

Chitin can be used to prepare porous materials to remove the freckles of chitin, increase the stability of chitin, and sterilize bacteria.

What is polyester ammonia knitted fabric? What is the difference between polyester/ammonia knitted fabric and polyester/cotton knitted fabric? What is the difference between polyester ammonia knitted fabric, polyamide ammonia knitted fabric, CVC fabric, elastic knitted fabric, CVC fabric and functional fabric? Cashmere knitted fabric.

Combed sheepskin: combed sheepskin is matched with sheepskin, and the plush system after being made into leather material is very soft and thick, while maintaining the original function, and combining the natural warmth retention index of double-sided wool and the soft feel of regenerated fibers.

Acrylic fiber: As its name implies, acrylic fiber is cotton, a blend fiber of polyacrylonitrile, nitrile and other chemical fibers. The performance of acrylic fiber is very stable, with good wrinkle resistance and air permeability. The fabric feels smooth, elastic and not easy to pilling.


The crease resistance of polyester fabric mainly depends on the capillary effect of the fiber, and there are at least many capillaries on the “U” section of the fiber, thus improving the size, luster and feel of the fabric.


Polyester has superior capillary characteristics. The larger the fiber structure is, the fuller the fiber is, and the smoother the cloth surface is. With the good water absorption performance of the fabric, the stronger the water absorption capacity is; However, polyester has some disadvantages, such as the poor water absorption of wool fiber, which will cause the density imbalance between fibers, mutual wetting, and endanger the moisture balance of the fabric. Especially for the fabric blended with conductive fiber and cotton fiber, it is more likely to cause the density imbalance between fibers, and the high moisture content on the fiber surface, which is easy to cause chemical changes in the textile.

Knitted pile is made of double-sided weft knitted terry nappy and polyester yarn. It is soft, light, warm, neat and smooth. It is mainly used to design men’s and women’s shirts, coats, children’s skirts, sportswear, etc.

Knitted pile is made of bead mesh+S twist plain weave fabric. The organization is closely arranged and the surface is smooth. Soft feel and light texture. It is mainly used as high-grade flannelette and shirt fabric.

Process requirements for knitting cold rolled non-woven fabric: cold pile bulge seedlings and interactive wavy strips are used to penetrate between the base cloth and fabric of the knitting machine and the clothing roller through high-pressure micro silicone oil to separate the yarn produced by friction such as the energy removal, winding, starting rate and fiber drafting of the knitting machine, and the winding of the barrel yarn winding machine refers to the spinning of raw cotton or wool spun cotton or wool yarn immediately at the barrel yarn mouth The method of spinning and twisting is obtained by the number of turns of the yarn and the weight of the yarn.

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