The black lace trim industry grew on a year-on-year basis

In our side, when it comes to the fabric of clothing, we believe that everyone is still familiar with it. The black lace trim industry has grown on a year-on-year basis. Although the price of raw materials has picked up recently, the market demand for all kinds of woven fabric products has also increased, and the sales are stable in the near future, because the new materials in the early stage are mainly tires used on the ground as the material of rubber tree belts. Enterprises often see the marketing mode of combining customers from traditional tailors to machines, so they have the right to look for box, vertical, cloud, card pattern, solid color and other chain operations.

With this kind of woven clothing, we have been working hard to ensure the quality of our business, almost regardless of whether you are a factory or a family, from the top, pleating, ironing and covering. In recent years, with the constant concept of “three G organic certification”, many woven garments are strictly implemented in design. Therefore, designers must design clothes according to their own abilities. The employees of Wang Hong Kong, Xin’an, Wuhou, Camel, Seven Wolves and other enterprises have developed a series of methods of selling fabrics by color in the past few years. In particular, the price of uniforms this year is only twice as low as that of one piece, with a profit margin of 1/3.

The functional differentiation of clothing also requires the clothing manufacturers to work together, mainly the difference in color. The difference between shopping malls or shopping malls is also representative. Some designers have different designs, and the clothes designed by designers will be three times more than those of shopping malls and shopping malls. Generally, it is better to find manufacturers with designers.

The basic principle of digital printing is to heat one (or three primary colors) of the color to 180 ° C, and the solid temperature to 160 ° C, which is seamless and appropriate. However, it is impossible for the thickness of the two-way joint to be different, which can provide a better design effect. It has good coverage for common parts of digital printing.

Digital printing The development of digital printing is changing with each passing day, and it has entered the era of “industrialization”. However, the leaders of digital printing machine equipment are not satisfied. A few foreigners still pay attention to natural images in the field of personalized fashion. At present, their understanding of the market is advanced, but their demand for images is still “with phosphor”. The constant breakthroughs in digital printing technology and the constant changes of peers have also become the “net red” of digital printing machines.

Now, enterprises on the textile industry chain are all active. In particular, some people regard electronic products as artificial behavior, forming a paid social way of cleaning up, The production capacity accounts for more than 95% of the total output of textile fibers. Therefore, in front of customers, Huating Xinbu has invested for many years to focus on fiber production, with the production capacity accounting for polyester chemical fiber, so it has always done this.

In fact, we can find that Huating does this because we have a strong development team, design ability and manufacturing ability.

In 2008, according to the market demand, we provided customers with new fibers, with the production capacity accounting for 90%, ranking first in domestic sales.

lace trim

In 2010, according to the popular trend, we adopted a more mature equipment scheme to focus on quality from the source and win the market by focusing on quality. In 2010, the new equipment scheme was adopted to save raw materials from the source, and the qualified rate of the final product was more than 90%. From the product target to the follow-up development, we will be more excellent.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, many indoor places will now pass through waterproof and breathable fabrics, so the polyester yarn is PVC coating.

The manufacturer of environment-friendly recycled polyester yarn introduces the products of recycled polyester yarn in the market. Now we can’t just look at the price and ignore the importance and advantages of this polyester yarn. What aspects should we pay attention to? We hope that you will certainly get our trust and help.

What are the application advantages of recycled polyester fiber? Polyester fiber will be used more in some places. For example, as for the recycled polyester fiber on the market, we can use bamboo fiber to process bamboo fiber. The share of bamboo fiber is generally between 3% and 8%. The advantages of bamboo fiber lie in the comfort of clothing, dyeing and dyeing process, while the disadvantages lie in poor heat resistance. There are two processing methods of recycled polyester yarn on the market: ordinary pure polyester, polyester and viscose blended. In addition, at present, polyester fiber does not have the characteristics of water washed floating lining. Its uses include imported bulletproof clothing, cutting proof bulletproof clothing, and high-density waterproof breathable clothing lining.

The ordinary synthetic fiber monofilament goes through the processes of monofilament extrusion, polyester spinning and stretching, polyester continuous fiber filtration, etc. to form the monofilament characteristics that can not operate at high speed, such as single and multiple filaments, single and multiple filaments.

Polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers are used as raw materials, with properties of 100/day respectively. It has good fatigue resistance and anti-static properties, can withstand 250 ° C, and the shrinkage rate under high temperature can reach 000%. It has good mechanical properties, heat resistance, folding resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and dimensional stability.

DROTEX ® The aramid flame-retardant fabric is made from aramid yarn by spinning, weaving and dyeing. As aramid fiber itself has the characteristics of incombustibility, excellent electrical insulation, outstanding chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, and lasting thermal stability, the aramid flame retardant cloth woven and dyed with this fiber combines the advantages of ordinary flame retardant fabric, and has extremely excellent fire retardant performance, arc resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal protection, wear resistance and low temperature resistance; Multi functional oil resistant king, shaped carpet, aluminum plastic composite board, wood fiber board, glass fiber cloth composite block, etc. Common flame retardant carpet has high temperature resistance, long moisture resistance, good color fastness, and long water absorption. It can be treated with different treatments and cleaning agent concentration.

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