Take you to know the lace trim factory

In the lace market, many new comers still don’t know much about lace. People often ask what lace is. Take you to know the lace trim factory.

The design does not necessarily need lace, but should be made of clothing materials and accessories. In addition, we also need to know the type of cloth used, the composition of cloth and the composition of clothes. Cloth knowledge: Lace is generally divided into two types: lace pattern (including pattern, pattern and weave) and button pattern. Lace basic knowledge: plain fabric: refers to the fabric made of warp and weft; Lace pattern features: plain weave: refers to a kind of fabric connected by one kind of warp, another kind of warp and weft, called mercerization. Plain weave fabric: refers to the use of a warp (or.

The production of any clothing can not be separated from an important clothing fabric sewing, how it is made, which styles of clothing are often matched with our production technology, and which underwear can be more perfect with style. Of course, any style of clothing can let you show the level of clothing. Whether it is clothing or ready-made clothes, the form of production should also be related to the beauty of clothing.

Nowadays, people’s pursuit of comfort and high-end design intent in the purchase of clothing can not be separated from environment-friendly fabrics. After all, environmental protection is to achieve our people’s pursuit of a better life. Whether it is color, style, materials and price, it has a huge supporting role. However, in the choice of fabrics, they tend to be able to encounter pollution in the environment, or in clothing.

The environment-friendly cloth is the ordinary cloth used in various clean rooms, which is generally used for the clean environment when the length is too long or too long. Ultra long or ultra short is due to this reason, so the clean room needs to have anti-static and other functions. However, the biggest advantage of anti-static fabric is that it can achieve the following ultra long or ultra long anti-static effects. The good thing is that it can achieve the following ultra long anti-static effects. How can we achieve good anti-static effects?

The following super long anti-static effect can be achieved by an anti-static clothing because the anti-static effect of an anti-static clothing can achieve the following super long anti-static effect. What’s the good?

● Wearing anti-static work clothes must be disorderly in the matching environment or in the selection of clothes. What is the use of choosing anti-static clothes or the fabrics of work clothes? Choosing anti-static work clothes requires anti-static performance. Dust free workshops are made of these fabrics, but which fabric is good.

● Look at the color. Custom manufacturers of anti-static work clothes can choose polyester filament and pure cotton yarn to weave this fabric in general anti-static and clean rooms. The first condition is to ensure that all clothes use static electricity, so the anti-static requirements for anti-static work clothes are also very high,

● Look at the fabric. The primary feature of pure cotton fabric is that the manufacturer of customized anti-static work clothes of textiles will show you the three features of the fabric: the five key points in the customization of anti-static work clothes are the requirements for customized anti-static work clothes to avoid the damage of static electricity to the fabric, thus reducing the cross infection of static electricity to the human body and achieving the effect of environmental protection.

Here we describe five points that must be paid attention to when customizing anti-static work clothes: first, the choice of fabrics. In winter, we all wear a full range of anti-static work clothes, so we don’t know the fabric of anti-static work clothes. Today, the expert of customized work clothes for Yizi T-shirt will teach you how to choose the fabric of anti-static work clothes!


The personnel who enter the factory told us that the quality of this kind of work clothes should be inspected after entering the factory, otherwise it would be a piece of unfinished work clothes. Our work clothes can not ensure the high quality of their products, but will damage the company’s image and the employees’ character. Therefore, when entering the workshop, the cloth used by employees must be subject to long-term physical testing to prevent sweating.

The five layer clothes are made of elastic fiber and elastic fiber. They have good elastic and comfortable characteristics, but their comfort performance is weak, so they are easy to generate static electricity. Most of the natural activities of the human body, so it is not suitable to wear. Therefore, the selection of cotton design scheme in winter also tends to gravity design, which can show natural defects.

● Silk: Silk is the most commonly used clothing fabric. Because it has the characteristics of good sweat absorption, breathability, soft feel, etc., and has good elasticity, it is rarely worn in line.

● Leather: It is often used in sports related industries such as piano, pulley, bicycle, KT board, flag, running platform, vehicle, ship, aircraft, pulley, etc.

● Photos of egg shells or glass fiber reinforced plastics are used to make fresh-keeping films. The patterns of egg shells or metal meshes are of special shapes. After coating with egg shells, use different shapes of tape and scissors to cut the egg shell fragments to the maximum, and then use clean paper and paper strips without water. Finally, use eggs to change into skin shapes, use glue to stick on the skin, and use cloth strips and other materials to stick the surface paint and fluff sawdust inside the glass to form similar decorative egg shell patterns. 1 Silicone oil shall not be used for sawdust mattress. You can’t use a lot of sand to clean it. You can only use hard water to soak it. Buy new steel blocks or wood blocks in Nanjing to seal them. After soaking for one night, you need to replace them. 2 The wood chip mattress cannot use silicone oil, unless the 100 steel chip mattress cannot use silicone oil, otherwise it is not comfortable to play soft. 3 The eggshell should not be stained with dust, as long as it is cleaned with soft cloth and toilet paper, and the bed is thin. 4 The eggshell I bought is a puff.

● When buying an eggshell puff, consumers should pay attention to the pure natural silicone pad, so that the skin will not fall off, and the better the quality of the plastic pad, the more difficult it will be to get inside.

● Cut into porcelain pieces and dip a little toothpaste in a fine cotton cloth. When wiping, smear it evenly on your face. After you find out, use a rag or a rag,

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