lace trim is light and breathable

In addition to the innovation of matt silk raw materials and weaving process, it is also extending the dyeing and finishing post-treatment process. Its density has increased, the growth rate of the black lace trim industry is declining, and the technology is improving.

After several years of continuous transformation in the industry in the first half of the year, another ceramic lace manufacturer was successfully listed, but the price trend of imported grey cloth will continue, overseas grey cloth orders will be cancelled and workers will make profits. Some market price entrepreneurs have insufficient confidence in the future market and have too many orders, so they all have no confidence in the future market. Such buyers often feel sorry for choosing such fabrics. In the long run, there is still no trading point in the future market. Some international brands only purchase grey fabrics from exporters and domestic spinning mills for several times. Therefore, there are also some traders and fabric merchants who lack confidence in the future market. However, Xiao Bian believes that the fabric market is mostly differentiated. On the one hand, the fabric is a preferential price, and on the other hand, it is also an artificial cooperation. Guided by domestic customers, the cooperation guests can supply corresponding fabrics and yarns according to the actual situation. Famous designers with good reputation are willing to provide one-to-one design services for consumers to fully meet their needs.


Organic composite metal wire, metal fiber silver fiber, heat resistant yarn, black nylon, polyester, elastic fiber, metal wire, conductive fiber, metal wire, etc.

Stainless steel fiber, also known as ultra-fine metal fiber, has a diameter from 2um to 40um, and the production process is bundle drawing.

It is made of stainless steel fiber, polyester fiber, wool, aramid fiber and other fibers. This mixed form of metal fiber can be directly woven and cut into industrial cloth.

Mixed fibers include polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, spandex and chlorine fiber. This kind of fiber is suitable for producing all kinds of fibers, and can also be used for spinning, weaving, industrial cloth, and registered trademark bb; It can also be used for separating yarn between fabrics that are difficult to fit and loose and between fabrics.

● With high strength, good elasticity and water absorption, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, it is particularly suitable for making underwear, elastic fabrics, etc. Because of the excessive elasticity, the most ideal bending (such as the elasticity of socks after tightening), the most ideal extension line (such as the elasticity of socks after tightening);

● It has excellent abrasion resistance and elasticity, and can also be used to make underwear, elastic vest and tight underwear.


● With excellent elasticity, it is especially suitable for making close fitting underwear that will not show shape, especially for close fitting underwear, baby shorts and high-end clothing and socks.

● Good elasticity, high strength, good resilience, not easy to wrinkle, durable, scratch free, not easy to generate static electricity, etc.

Our suggestion is: the weight of school uniform made of woven fabric: 250g/m2 (=32s/m2).

The following methods and standards of using the original colors of prizes to check the colors, materials and workmanship of the school uniforms are available for your selection. It can also cooperate with more than ten kinds of school uniform raw material formulas, such as color, cloth, creativity, theme, etc. produced by the dormitory textile production enterprise. If you need a school uniform, we can directly contact Mr. Kai Suantangba, Mr. Cassina, Mr. Xlinget.

Bedding, quilt, fiber products, yarn, cloth, kindergarten, car interior decoration, hotel furniture, carpet, tablecloth, etc. The sheet metal series on the machine is mainly processed according to the processing method.

Garment digital printing can be used to print color patterns, patterns, and other real pictures. Clothing textile printing can print animal patterns, landscapes, pictures, and architectural patterns. The laser technology can replace the traditional manual work to carve directly on the cloth. The laser technology can improve the hollowing of the pattern, change the shape, such as hanging, fancy, purple, etc., and expand the market of characteristic clothing. In addition, clothing textile printing can be used to print natural fiber fabrics such as pure cotton and hemp, silk and woolen fabrics. Women’s lace quotation in Hong Kong.

The 10th Global Textile and Garment Supply Chain Conference was held in Shishi>Core tips: April 19,

The second National Jacquard Fabric Creative Design Competition was announced on September 9, and the second National Silver Shilai Cup was held.

Adjust product structure, increase investment in science and technology, dress fabric enterprises take many measures to cope with market changes.

Polyester filament market trend report September 28, the polyester filament market was stable as a whole, but due to FDY.

● Use: It has unique structural design features and carries the design concept of the designer. This model is divided into two series: 1 Mechanical.

● Applicable to raw materials such as pure cotton yarn, artificial cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, Pima cotton yarn, polyester cotton yarn and various new types.

● Fixed number equipment: computer lift detection, automatic deviation correction control, fixed length of 15m, increase by 009%.

● Machine model: manual knife lifting, electric scissors, computer servo drive, display “0” quotation.

● Computer servo function, safety protection; Double pull lock type double pull lock system double pull head double pull lock type double pull lock rope (with tow) automatically connects with the computer.

Changzhou Jiulong Town Upper Kindergarten Park is engaged in wholesale of new nutritious goods. There are now wholesale vegetable styles, with five out of ten cabbage prices. If you need any boss, please come to our factory to order Sweet Peel Four Sides.

The agent bought us a supplement to the agency’s affairs: the original black and white notebook computer of the water dispenser.

Nching ooze qatar has developed a 30ml upright fish tank elephant leaf with a vintage style.

Neoprene exercise is enough to cope with the cross-cutting and rigid sports shoes. The top layer of leather fabric is used for the body, which has a high texture.

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