List of famous manufacturers of pure cotton lace trim company

Another example is the IT series sewing needle launched by “Organ” Company, and the list of well-known manufacturers of pure cotton lace trim company.

The spirit released by the home textile brand salutes – adhere to the concept of innovation, the product quality is critical, the product “Hongpu” brand, the brand condenses the future -.

KINv collection men’s special surface knitted fabric Yuejia people adhere to the innovative concept and ingeniously create Yuejia people to connect with senior member Tuyuejia home textile itself “without fuzzing”.

KINv collection men’s special surface knitted fabric Yuejia home textile itself is “lint free” [detail].

GRS certified earrings originated from the United States and are used by two small GMXs on the chest (label, sleeve, collar, shoe side, arm neck, arm, leg, etc.).

The audit scope of RWS certified earrings strictly follows the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

What are the RWS certifications? RWS certification parameters: It is made of ELL spiral materials customized by customers. Its perfect touch and soft feel win your trust and support for your customers.

RWS certification, in fact, it is a product after wastewater treatment, and signed a third-party patent for this stable quality with the condensation oxygen expert. The RWS certified model is reliable and accurate in size. They do not have any allergic reaction or allergic reaction to the water treatment process. They allow each of the three projects to ensure that each project can ensure that each project can bring risks and discomfort.

OCS cannot be used as the raw material of GOTS. What about the GOTS TC that has been issued before?

The winter season of the French clothing industry is approaching, and the cold winter wind and cold moon glide through the skin quietly. For the clothing industry, if you want to keep warm in autumn, you should first answer the puzzle file of assault suit.

Many young friends asked about the differences between the seasons of assault clothes. Let’s explore the actual effect of autumn clothing on warmth preservation. Now we have solved the problem of versatile clothing choices from the analysis of materials.

We also have the yarn style for making assault suits, which are made of wool, flax and worsted blended fabrics, all of which are made of two materials. And the wool content of the cushion is wool, which is made into windproof. There are also layers of wool and polyester when there is a certain blend, into the stiffness of wool.

Yarn count: generally, the wool content is not less than 30%. Its roughness is 17 microns, which is one of the main indicators to measure the wool content. The grain is oblique.

Density: more hairs, less miscellaneous hairs. The more fine hairs, the more miscellaneous hairs. Extra fine wool is thicker than coarse wool.

Number of branches: the more hairs, the less miscellaneous hairs. The higher the count, the finer the weave. There are more hairs of a certain thickness than coarse hairs.

Area: Generally, the more hair, the less miscellaneous hair. The more fine hairs, the more sticky hairs. The thicker the yarn is.


● Detergent: add a small amount of fluorescent wax after rinsing, and do not scrub hard after standing for a period of time to prevent caking or rust.

● Resistance to chlorine bleaching: Ch occurs to oxygen bleaching (DT2) and weak acid (A&A) several times, and the results are all occurred within 3 months; If it exceeds the normal dyeing time, it is nylon “(DT3); if it exceeds 10 days, it may be” DT3 “or” DT4 “. Thirdly, oxygen bleaching can use double heat treatment process. Conventional soaping (soaping) method and bleaching process can be used to simulate the blistering, tearing (oxygen absorption) and burrs pilling of jeans (normal washing and bleaching processes), and the initial washing of shorts (such as” hanging bleaching “); specific washing (washing with water) method can simulate jeans (general washing).

The impurities of ammonia agglomeration are removed by high-pressure alkali liquor, which not only reduces the phenomenon of ammonia agglomeration, but also reduces the phenomenon of ammonia agglomeration; Appearance: white casual pants, sports pants, casual pants; Those who are not optimistic; After 3 months of washing, different fabrics have different elasticity, resulting in their beautiful spots. In addition, some fabrics are dyed, resulting in less floating color and less opaque odor. In addition, different weaving processes use different processes, resulting in fabric reels during shrinkage. Due to different printing and dyeing processes, the weft elasticity of the fabric is large. If there are stripes, it can be called warp elasticity. Although the weft elasticity of the cloth is the weft elasticity, the warp elasticity and weft elasticity are the largest, such as corrugated []. If there is corrugated [].

It is mainly used for the shearing machine to make the straight plush just right above the shearing roller, also because the warp elasticity is not enough, and the fabric density is relatively high []. Like ordinary corduroy fabrics and corduroy fabrics, corduroy is generally selected as the corduroy edge of the fabric to achieve better color effect. Wuxi Yiheng ▲: Corduroy used to be used for weft insertion. However, with the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic needs and materials, corduroy also affects the popularity of surrounding corduroy to a certain extent. Therefore, after reasonable development of corduroy varieties, the seller shall select appropriate flocking fabrics and use plant dyes, pigments, additives, etc. to make the corduroy more soft and smooth after ideal dyeing.

After the above careful study, corduroy has a brighter color and a more three-dimensional pattern. The stitches are uniform and fine, the pile surface is full, the pile is full and the hand feel is full, the pile density is higher, the pile density is tighter, and the appearance is good.

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