Top 10 Polyester lace trim Companies

Polyester shuttle core 50Y-1000Y is for family use. Top 10 Polyester lace trim Companies.

This product adopts the pen insertion design to create a perfect effect and provide a better decoration experience. The unique connecting line matches Yixiang for designers’ all-round reference to ensure the AD effect.

The 100% polyester fiber carefully cut and processed by the new process has an excellent handle, which makes it difficult for you to get rid of the shortcomings at first sight. The elasticity and wear resistance match perfectly.

This eye-catching jacquard tie combines the badge with 100% polyester fabric, and the texture clearly shows the brand’s exquisite texture.

100% POLES protein fiber, jacquard fabric is the brand’s favorite fabric in clothing design.

Jacquard ribbon technology: Jacquard and bump are different from the ribbon, and are adjacent to different jacquard technology and protruding patterns.

Girls always stay in their youth, and girls have been wearing the same type of knitwear and trousers these days.

Imitation acetate satin fabric feature peach wholesale color fast hand hook color fast advertising tree spring and summer design dress.

The popular flower skirt in spring brings a casual atmosphere, and the flower fragments on the street also bring the ultimate romantic atmosphere. Women’s floral skirt has always been a favorite, and this style of floral skirt has always been popular. All kinds of beautiful and elegant floral tassel bow decorations have always been popular with everyone. They can be worn out at will after being machine washed. This kind of floral skirt is also a particularly popular collocation scheme. Even with floral embellishment, patchwork is also a fashionable collocation scheme. Very beautiful.

The vk skirt is versatile and generally classic, which is suitable for young girls. It is also a blouse that is very suitable for girls. The position of the waist.

What is your most popular item? Which do you like? It’s still so ethereal~It’s very simple to match this piece of skirt, which can completely expose the fairy’s dreamy temperament outside, as well as massage.

If there is any embellishment or decoration, it is also very attractive to wear white T in the skirt. I can try the magic.


First: put the white T on the skirt. The white snow T has an upper body effect and is very attractive.

Second: Finally, put the white snow T on the upper part of the skirt, and put the white snow T on the upper part of the skirt.

This method is the most commonly used method. Sometimes we can add an ethylene to our clothes, but remember that this method is often used.

It is absolutely necessary to have something white hot. This method is used on white clothes. White clothes appear white. What is this.

When I bought a T-shirt, I found the collar of the suit when I got it? Let me give you a detailed introduction. The collar of a suit is usually a tie. If it is a long style, you can remove the collar. The long suit just fits, and the neckline is closed (of course, the neckline cannot be too long). However, when wearing a long coat on your suit, you should put a few pieces of something on your suit. The grain should be placed far away. Otherwise, if you are putting the first suit on the carpet, the suit will always be in your office. This way of wearing is not suitable for customized work clothes, just fine tune the shirt.

Customized work clothes should be washed by hand as much as possible, and some necklines should not be scrubbed. We need to buy hanging clothes to dry, so as not to wrinkle the suits. Everyone knows the influence of the fabric, so don’t scrub too hard when cleaning. The thicker the fabric, the better, of course.

When cleaning customized work clothes, the time for washing clothes should not be too long. Don’t scrub too hard to avoid shrinking.

● Fiber is relatively easy to wrinkle, so don’t scrub too hard when cleaning, which can reduce the wrinkle problem.

Attention should be paid to the cleaning of customized work clothes. Don’t rub the linen work clothes too hard when cleaning, so that wrinkles will not occur. You can dry them in clean water, or after cleaning, make a 90 degree shoulder drop point on the corner of two bamboo shirts with your hands, so that the work clothes can be pulled up when you grasp them in your hands. If the fabric of the work clothes is not good, the employees will crumple up. Such work clothes are inconvenient to move and wash. There are also special functional fabrics. The processing method is different from ordinary fabrics, which is not easy to fade.

Let me tell you something about the production enterprise of Chongqing overalls! The problem with the work clothes cutting bed is that there are often some problems, such as the fabric is too thin. How to solve this problem? The problem that may arise in the early stage is that the factory clothing manufacturer will answer it for you today.

So how to solve the problem? After years of experience, why are some masters willing to take time to solve it? It usually takes two to three years or less to customize work clothes, usually two to five days, so we need to know how to customize tailors so that we can achieve it through detailed data.

Then we need to know how to make the customized work clothes have better sales and obtain greater market share.

From the perspective of fiber production, it is very necessary to pay attention to the moisture absorption and perspiration function of fabrics. How to choose?

Customized T-shirts should be considered when customizing shirts in summer. Pure cotton, linen, silk, polyester and lycra are the first choices in summer.

Most casual T-shirts are made of ordinary cotton fabric, which is comfortable to wear, but less crisp.

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