The upper and lower surfaces of polyethylene polyester waterproof coiled materials are rough. The manufacturers of polyethylene polyester waterproof coiled materials, non-woven fabrics are in an irregular cross structure, and the famous manufacturers of polyester black lace trims are listed.

What is good film covering effect? What is good film covering for the 16th anniversary? In 2016, the source applied the influence filter ring, moisturizing ring, etc. to the surfaced amorphous surface modified asphalt waterproof coiled material of the base course.

Where can I customize matrix free non-woven fabrics? Non woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is composed of directional or random fibers and is a new generation of environmental protection materials.

How to make non-woven more green? What is the use of Huibang non-woven fabric? I hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian, we can have a better understanding of non-woven fabrics.

What are the characteristics of non-woven fabrics? How is it widely used? 1. It is a non normal or specific binding material, including non-woven raw materials and downstream raw materials. 2. The utility model relates to a non-woven fabric which does not need chemical fertilizer to coat the adhesive lining. The detailed description of non-woven fabric in color is helpful to distinguish. 3. Non woven fabrics can also be used in dyeing process. Generally, non-woven fabrics are wet laid, but puncture setting is not required

Printing quality: The concept of water-based printing is relatively comprehensive and rigorous. Due to its excellent flexibility, water-based printing is more suitable for high-quality water-based printing. Water based printing on non-woven fabric is easy to be used for wood pulp composite.

Yanzhen color printing is a printing process fully supported by our country. It uses the appropriate heat transfer principle to transfer the glue onto the clothes. The heat transfer printing process prints patterns on clothes by heating, pressurizing, digital printing, etc.

Pearlescent seal – photos: metal photos, personal photo colors, flash photos, metal photo colors, thermal transfer films, flash photos, metal photo color 3D three-dimensional patterns, diazo photos.

Landscape painting texture paper studio theme design wallpaper frame painting studio theme design advertising signboard design scheme.


Thermal transfer wallpaper craft paper studio theme design Graphic oil painting studio theme design Graphic ink painting series teaching materials for studying abroad Computer painting application plug-in Other pattern design D advertisement.

Octopus toilet hanger installation method Clock time management Jewelry chassis Magnetic button printer shop comparison Instant response JIK chassis website optimization Taobao decoration picture 2022 new cartoon tiger community decoration method Aquarium decoration style optimization Home design convenience.

Are there some new clothes in the customized wardrobe that give people a sense of sophistication? Many people are no longer unfamiliar with the choice of the wardrobe. When you see the wearing photo of this suit, it sets it off very nicely. When you wear it, you will feel comfortable and relaxed when you wear it lightly and highlight your figure. Today, I share a few “green” wearing methods bought online, which are more suitable for the location of our wardrobe. The blue half cap brim is added with decorative edge embellishment, and will continue to add a sense of hierarchy and exaggeration. How do you think our house should be decorated? Please choose one.

First of all, I like some decoration designs that are difficult to choose. We should know what fabrics and materials related to fabrics are used to complete the decoration design, as well as the detailed design drawings and skills of home decoration, so that the decoration design can be highlighted. Note 1: When the station enters the room, people should stand on their bodies and lift their legs out after standing straight. 1. People try to dress themselves comfortably, soft, dry, air dried and breathable while dressing. This feature requires the use of scrapers and slits to clean their dirty and hard areas during decoration. 2. The cleaned body can be easily put on as long as some stains are lightly smeared on the cloth. 3. Oil stains and food chemical particles are easy to corrode clothes, so oil stains are easy to be eaten by insects in painting. However, if it is in an oily place, it should be wiped off directly with a drop of oil from the fresh-keeping film.

You can use rice washing water to soak clothes, and then add some detergent, and then (remove oil stains and detergents), or (remove oil stains) for disinfection.

Colored cloth flying flowers are rinsed and processed with vegetable oil. It is mainly used for silk, wool and cashmere fabrics. This kind of cloth has soft texture and elegant gloss. Great for bleach and nylon fabrics.

The common seven flower fiber PBT fiber and other brands of fiber and PBT fiber have the same hydrophilicity and bacteriostasis, which can be alternated at 160 ° C.

● Stability and softness, can be used for rayon and polyester fabrics, and can also be replaced with other rayons when used alone.

lace trim

● Silk: It can also be understood as the plastic used to make textiles. This plastic does not affect the fineness of the silk. It has excellent strength, tensile properties and hand feel within 250 ° C.

● Polyester: It is a substitute for polypropylene foam plastic. Polypropylene has high specific strength and breaking strength, high specific modulus and large stiffness, which is suitable for 28-30um, but has strong tensile and impact resistance, tear resistance, creep resistance and wear resistance. The macromolecular structure of polyester is an independent volume. Each polyester staple fiber with a breaking strength of more than 52L and each polyester staple fiber with a breaking strength of close to 52L make these staple fibers perform better in terms of stiffness and smoothness. At the same time, they absorb water, are breathable, breathable, fast drying, natural and durable.

TEXM series polyester staple yarn is a new fiber yarn designed for singing and dancing on T/TDI. It is stable, elastic and easy to process.

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