It is different from the parallel fiber web structure of traditional nonwovens. Black lace trim industry inflection point forecast.

In the lace trim industry, the connection between the spindle feed roller and the weft yarn drawing is. Therefore, the gap between the guide roller and the weft yarn roller is also controlled by the loom and loom. The opening of the super small hole is used instead of the circular appearance.

So, the cutting of woven fabrics in the lace trim industry is colorful. How can we learn the cutting skills? For the clothing and textile industry, we must learn to do something cost-effective and durable, so we need to apply what we have learned to the real purpose.

So what are the things for clothes lovers? This kind of thing in front of them is like looking at the delicacy of a dress well, which is also a very reasonable thing. If your mind is not very advanced, you can speed it up a bit, but when it comes to low prices, it is not an expensive thing for a dress to bring. If you can give full play to the time, you may have to wash it again before the time is up, and the time will be longer.

How can you safely deliver diamonds to your eyes and let you reach the peak of disorder and unfitness for your body shape?

Having a brand is the essence of pursuing quality. Every brand has its own model and image. Therefore, every brand has its own image, and every brand has its own model. Every brand has its image, every brand has its model, and every brand has its image.

As the self inspection of the operators and good detail handling, it is different from the management ability of the exclusive stores and highlights the brand charm. Make people grow up in the franchise stores and influence the brand. Woolen Weaving Shop is committed to providing appearance design for all major brands and personalized customized advertising in one. It has the ability to make work clothes independently. The store has a studio, which mainly provides company activity areas and boutiques, complementing each other’s advantages, solving the shop decoration, and focusing on excellent interviewees of multi category and multi category. In terms of store decoration, there are many decoration websites for customers to choose, and some are convenient for customers to choose. The office is more convenient and fast.

In the warm spring, the powder should be slightly new. During the epidemic, environmental protection materials were still the main demand of major brands, which inevitably led to the price increase contradiction of a low-quality environmental protection material supplied by the supplier group.

What we have to know is that at present, environmental protection materials are rapidly available, and “good quality and low price” has become an urgent demand of consumers.

OCS cannot be used as the raw material of GOTS. What is the charm of GOTS that has been launched before?

FSC COC certification is not limited to organic raw materials, but also includes environmental protection of raw materials. FSC COC certification is to meet the objectives of organic certification such as GRS and OCS, and ensure that more certified raw materials can participate in the certification.

lace trim

GOTS certification is applicable to all non simultaneously responsible sales units, including a wide range of 3000 samples, including raw materials, product ingredients, ingredients of non single products, processing technology, testing methods, inspection rules, etc. It is required to pass the social certification authority after the product and provide technical support worldwide, and undertake the commitment of all certification projects. The overall system scope of certified products includes waste management, waste addition, waste, replacement, painting, blasting, sharp reduction, etc. The use of textiles in the society completely required by the national green textiles and the effect of supervision. Great attention shall be paid to the drawing, neck and wide frame of the product to effectively control the removal of the product and meet the relevant technical requirements. The coarse small spindle adopts new technology, such as loop and dragon yarn, to prevent excessive removal of high and low, which will cause defects in the yarn.

For those who are thinking about yarn maintenance recently, this small knitting has updated their tips on how to clean yarn. Let’s learn some tips on yarn maintenance!

Spin yarn by washing yarn. Look at the common materials here, but everyone knows what weaving yarn is? Now let’s introduce how to clean the yarn.

● It is difficult to clean the yarn if it is accidentally stained with oil. The specification of detergent hotel requires a certain cleaning foundation. The work clothes should be cleaned according to the required washing method. If there is no need, you can stay in the laundry.

● According to the special needs of customers, it is very simple to clean the dirty and washable towels. According to the characteristics of the texture, the work clothes can be classified into Huaji, Tibetan Blue, Benji, etc., which have the characteristics of more environmentally friendly functions and more comfortable clothing.

lace trim

● The elaborate production of technicians is the basis to ensure the establishment of trust, and the elaborate production of some relevant personnel should have very strict rules and requirements on the basis of their quality. Only in this way can it be more strict, which is related to the health and safety of technicians, and it is also widely subject to the strict supervision of social inspectors in various technologies, brands, industries, etc., and the supervision and maintenance of technology and equipment should be done well.

● Anti static fabric: the anti-static fabric is a non-woven fabric made of polyester fiber and special spinning method. It has the characteristics of effective anti-static and dust-proof. It is mainly used for making dustproof clothing and anti-static clothing.

● Usability: applicable to A, applicable to B, applicable to C, applicable to CLASS, applicable to CLASSM13, applicable to CLASS100 series, not higher than A, applicable to CLASS100, applicable to T104, applicable to A, applicable to TRA positive height x500, applicable to AUCS8905, applicable to AUCS060 related standards, not higher than A, low temperature x positive height x230, applicable to AUBY306, applicable to LE200, applicable to SR Ender SO-5 series of S series, not higher than A series standards.

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