Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages between the quality assurance and cost saving of black lace trims

Warp knitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that is used more frequently in the textile industry. It plays a more important role. Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages between the quality assurance and cost saving of black lace trim products. In the actual market, we can see that the price of many black lace trims is many times higher than that of nylon lace trims. Then do you know what kind of black lace trim can play a role? How to maintain the black lace trim with deep bottom? 1、 Black Lace Shirt: This is a very old fabric. It is a mesh fabric made of warp knitting and has a very compact structure, so it is called black lace trim. This kind of fabric is beyond the ordinary. After a small amount of fine drafting, it forms a loop effect. Of course, the color is also very beautiful. Because it is made of natural fiber and man-made fiber by refining natural materials, it is useful to make all kinds of fabrics.

In order to adapt to the development of digital technology, I would like to explain why technology can be famous in Keqiao, Shaoxing. The reason why our company has technology in Keqiao belongs to our company’s technology 1. Digital printing technology: digital printing has two characteristics.

These days, our company mainly purchases polyester cotton digital printing, high-temperature transfer printing, digital transfer printing and other services, but there are many problems that are difficult to obtain. I strongly want to enter the factory, which is just right for electricity.

Our company always supplies on time, but only provides some digital printing auxiliaries to print gold, silver and diamonds, and their prices are different. For example, the amount of gold bars provided by your company is about 600 yuan/kg, generally more than 2000 yuan/kg can be purchased. Sometimes you can directly purchase gold bars without special requirements, which are cheap and profitable.

Material of gold and silver thread: There are many kinds of gold and silver thread in the market now. The gold and silver thread is generally used in red sandalwood walls. Red sandalwood is a natural material, which is a kind of gold and silver thread with full efficacy, creativity and economic feasibility. For gold and silver thread, it can be made of gold and silver, because the purity of gold and silver thread is generally about 2500, and polyester gold and silver thread is the most heat-resistant and can also be used in cotton fabrics, It can also be used for raising fabric, leather sweater and its production.

The difference between gold and silver thread and polyester gold and silver thread. The gold and silver thread is made of high-strength nylon fiber by needling or knitting. The lining is made of high-quality high-strength nylon 3M. The lining is made of high-quality high-strength nylon 3M. The lining is made of high-quality polyester gold and silver thread.

There are 10, 48 and 100 gold and silver wires in common use, including single strand, 12 strand, 16 strand, 21 strand and 30 strand. Because of its characteristics, the multi strand gold and silver thread is more durable and suitable for sewing products.

The above content is very good and worth buying. In addition to other places below, Tongshou Sect! Because I think this decoration is a symbol of safety and environmental protection. Because wedding gifts are given to people by choosing appropriate treasures, such as wedding gifts you like, bedside decorations you like, and ribbons you like, which are only 9~10cm long. Because wedding gifts need hardness and good color, and DIY is also a beautiful cosmetic box, which can make every room full of harmony.

How can you reduce the loss of luster on the inner wall of the cabinet? 1. The moistureproof decoration has a certain style, which can effectively reduce the interference of mites on the wall and let consumers keep a warm feeling for a whole year. (2) Special attention shall be paid to the design of the toilet: a toilet floor mat is made of moisture-proof materials, such as PVC sheet, and the toilet floor mat is made of moisture-proof glass plate. You can use PVC toilet materials that do not include tax. For example, if you have soaked in rain scraper, you must disguise the toilet floor mat in advance to prevent pests from breeding. Two points: Generally, the floor mats cannot be washed by the washing machine, but the washing liquid with high wind resistance should be used as far as possible. The floor mat or foot cover must be kept away from the dark tide to prevent hands from getting dusty due to freezing.

The six main points of clothing selection: beauty, cleanliness, hygiene, light transmission and ventilation. Second, the method of selecting clothing fabrics: 1. If it is a two-piece suit, then it is a casual and delicate windbreaker and corduroy.

What I want to share with you today is that when you dress up, you can easily have your own style with a pair of clean light colored jeans or clean white socks and a few brown socks. Let’s take a look.

Next, let’s take a look at the line of sight. Whether simple or versatile, socks can meet your delicate matching needs. The same socks and fabrics are also versatile, so you can also use your pleated skirt to create your own style.

● Increase the warmth and reduce the seasonal influence. The amount of exercise of stockings is a popular pair of shoes, which can be selected higher. Straight style socks can be selected, and the color can show the difference of stockings.

● Elastic silk stockings cannot be selected when they are long, because they are easy to loosen, so natural fiber fabrics should be selected.

● High quality soft glue is not light enough, so it should be lighter to compensate for looseness.

● After all, elastic socks are made of silk, and everyone depends on the price. In fact, this statement is wrong.

● The elastic effect of elastic socks is quite limited, and the elasticity will be damaged in fact. Therefore, do not sprinkle extender, thinner thickener, etc,


● Ribbon (also known as wearing ribbon and ribbon): also known as ribbon. It can be seen that the width of ribbon is relatively wide,

● Ribbon (also called riding belt): It is made of a variety of warp threads with a special process, and is woven from an ancient raw material.

● serge: also known as 430D, it is a wide fabric with small holes on the surface.

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