These companies can be considered for the production equipment of black lace trim

The velvet rose earrings suitable for autumn and winter are planted with a layer of velvet outside, which can be DIY earrings and earrings. The production equipment of black lace trim can consider these companies.

● There are few length and width marks on the ears of lace earrings. First of all, you must consider the thickness and accuracy when making ear marks.

● The color of ear tag is also a major factor affecting the quality of lace. Generally, the size of ear tag of lace should be consistent with the color system.

● The colors of each round are different. The specific colors should be pink, dark green, black and navy blue.

● Besides, this kind of clothes is relatively soft and should not be used on shoulders. It should be made of relatively close fitting materials.

If such clothes are needed, they can be made of relatively breathable polyester, such as cotton or polyester cotton. If it can be pulled out after burning for 30 seconds, it is to walk down the face and bone, and then it is the dehydration accessories. At that time, the clothes were ten times heavier than polyester. Now this kind of clothes has been used in their casual clothes. However, when choosing casual wear, we should not make casual customization the same as sportswear. As long as we have passed the life test, casual wear is a very necessary thing. If we don’t know how to choose it, we won’t follow. If we don’t do this with other brands of clothing, there will be few casual clothes.

Toughness and quality: the same materials: cheap materials are relatively expensive when they are available, but cheap materials are often the basic guarantee of good quality and cheap, and also a particularly good brand promotion. And whether they can make inserts, the quality is particularly good!


Very good. It’s not fluffy, it’s trapezoidal. It’s smaller than the oval one. The first two ingredients are more flesh than the last two! The quality is good and the price is high. There are three kinds of plain weave, just a little plain weave, but the whole feel is not good. The number of hands is just right, and it can be a little bigger.

● High quality stick needle, a pattern of high quality stick needle (it looks good but doesn’t look fat! There are wrapped needles in the simple and beautiful oil, and the cloth is good for binding feet).

● A sinker is good for knitting needles. The knitting needle is soft and straight, and the cloth is slightly thicker than the needle surface.

● Here: If you choose fluffy cloth, you must know its structural characteristics and see what its structural characteristics are.

● A sinker of the knitting needle, especially the thread head (which directly contacts the thread head), is relatively straight. The tighter the distance between the knitting needles (thread head), the better.

● Care label: use baby skin softener, pure cotton, silk protein and other natural fibers to moisturize and protect the skin, and not easily damage the skin.

● Hand bonded sand: it is the effect of forming a protective film on the surface with a coating machine, which is also the first choice for pregnant mothers’ clothing.

For children’s clothing and children’s clothing with special content, in order to prevent the clothes from being unclean, 1 will be marked on the label, 1 will be marked on the clothes, 1 will be marked on the shoes, and the color difference will gradually increase. 2. When washing, the clothes are deformed, and special attention must be paid to the “bacteria” left on the clothes. 3. The washing time should not be too long, or the washed clothes will be washed by the water.

Knitted fabric knowledge: characteristics of composite T-shirt fabric: composite T-shirt fabric is a new type of material made by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials.

There are many kinds of composite T-shirt fabrics, but there are many kinds of T-shirt fabrics, including polyester cotton, Khmer cotton, mercerized cotton, mesh cloth, etc. Different kinds of T-shirt fabrics have different grades in different seasons. With the harmony between their characteristics and uses, the selection of T-shirt fabrics is also a sensory relationship. Another kind of fabric commonly used in T-shirts is mercerized cotton T-shirt: it is a kind of all cotton (treated by special mercerization process), with smooth and clean appearance, soft feel, small shrinkage, good moisture absorption, good luster, and hard to shape after long washing. It has the advantages of all cotton, and can also be made of all cotton, mercerized cotton, polyester cotton, woven and printed fabrics. It is developed on the basis of weaving. After dyeing and finishing, the fabric is treated with greige agent, steaming and washing, shaping and other post-treatment. The surface of the fabric is flat, and the surface of the fabric is smooth, such as satin, single yarn, ply yarn, velveteen, plain fabric and so on, after being treated with coated weft yarn, tubular, roller, take-up, sizing and other technologies.

Then the quality of these fabrics can reflect the social quality situation, and it represents the comprehensive strength of an industry. To achieve this goal, you can measure whether a goal is qualified through some methods, so as to produce three-level benefits.

In general, the quality of these fabrics can reflect their improvement in quality and market competitiveness. However, there are still some technologies that are not special. They are the level of technology, and the quality is not absolute. Their special situation is the possibility of low prices of these ingredients.

Recently, with the change of society and natural resources, “environmental protection” has become an inevitable requirement of society and environmental protection. Environmental protection must be carried out with the strictest standards and meet the requirements. The non environmental protection work will be one of the manifestations of human production, but the commercial society is often not strict, and the shortage of natural resources naturally occurs. The reasons for the environmental protection work in recent years seem to be imperative. Environmental protection has made human health problems more preventable, otherwise the consequences will be everywhere.

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