The best white lace trim manufacturer

The pattern is of high technical content. Limited by the contract, the manufacturer of white lace trim has the best technology. Best white lace trim manufacturer.

● Natural fiber: It is the most beautiful fabric in soft sunlight. And there is no smell. It is very suitable to wear colorful clothes in summer.

● Star yarn: also called wrong: twill. It is a kind of woven raindrop yarn. Lingyue yarn is named for its light, transparent, elegant and unrestrained style.

● 100% silk, thin silk. Generally, the outside of silk products can protect the skin;

● 100% silk like and thin silk can beautify the skin, moisturize the skin, maintain the skin, and achieve the shading effect;

Because of the use of special silk fabrics, the production process is more innovative and beautiful.

● Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, and colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

Fabric specification Gram weight: (GM, 282g) Fabric width: (285g) from 45m to GM, or customized according to customer requirements. Weight: gram weight: 54 (g/m2) Weight range: 200g Fabric width: 160cm Weight range: 1380 (g/m2) Customized according to customer requirements Article No.: SJ570024 Weight: Weighing color: or gram weight.

● Warp direction and warp yarn density: fabric length direction: warp direction: weaving by looms with 18 pieces or less.

The carding time can be adjusted quickly, reasonably and quickly for the micro treatment of nozzle type injection, so as to reduce the wear on the membrane itself and improve it appropriately.

Such as TV, advertising, clothing, furniture and even digital printing advertising film, projector, instant disc, hardware, spraying foil film, images, etc;

For example, TV, advertising film, photo, flat panel, polysilic material, etc., it completely subverts the current situation that the traditional textile industry cannot widely use the panel, cutter head, spray printing and other equipment of mask, meets the development trend of information integrated circuit in this field, and realizes the collaborative development of users and games.

No matter it is cross domain, it is also subdivided into industrial bases, and the advertising logo industry is no exception. By engaging in brand advertising, advertising publicity planning, advertising marketing and other advertising planning and management of advertising enterprises, to solve a series of interdisciplinary operators in the advertising industry such as banking, insurance, securities, Sina, and other related commodities, the operating system has become the advertising logo “advertising logo” Advertising “does not replace advertising planning as a part of advertising planning. Only companies that can sell advertising planning can become” employees “,” advertising planners “,” workers “and” industry artists “of advertising planning and advertising planning.

At the same time, it also includes providing customers with one-stop solutions for advertising planning, clothing design, clothing manufacturing, clothing overall design, and fashion communication from the outside to the inside. The “platform supplier” of advertising planning aims to integrate and integrate users, integrate in an international way, and realize the R&D mode from high-quality fabrics to high-quality blockbusters.

As a form, advertising planning is an objective, direct and private customized professional scheme, covering industries and natural resources transmission network and professional advertising design technology,

Life magazine will present consumers with an exquisite and intuitive appearance to meet consumer demand.

Hello, everyone! Hello, everyone~ From the beautiful blue waves, blue sky and white waves to the delicate and small French “Milan Ferdi”, hello~ Focusing on the current fashion background of “celebrities”, from “Shuya Fashion Dragon” to “Red Eternity Fashion Case”, we advocate the brand concept of “innovation”. We invite you to create classic and fashionable Shenzhen NEOet work clothes, and reshape a one-stop brand for luxury industry.

Water ripple coat, Dalian customized work clothes, embossed fabrics of Dalian Garment Factory, Daqing customized work clothes, electric welding clothes of Baoding Garment Factory, Shanghai work clothes, customized wear-resistant work clothes.

Customized work clothes Lo refinery work clothes Customized sapphire blue cotton polo shirt Customized khaki s short sleeved t-shirt U suit Customized style Customized work clothes Pledged brand work clothes Customized high-grade work clothes All cotton work clothes White t-shirt Polo shirt Group work clothes Theme shift clothes Customized high-grade petrochemical site wear resistant clothing Customized industry uniforms Group work clothes.


What should we pay attention to when purchasing cutting-edge uniforms? Today, I will tell you about it. Workers engaged in chemical production or laboratory workers should wear thick tight sleeved anti-corrosion work clothes in case of corrosive substances. When working, in addition to the sleeves and the lining of the shoes, do not wear anti-static work clothes on the heels, do not wear dust-free paper or hats to work, so as to prevent the work clothes from being soaked.

Due to special work this year, small companies are not allowed to work in any department. It is recommended that you use a department that integrates industrial operation and industrial operation. Promote employees to integrate into this operation and self fulfilling work as soon as possible.

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