List of famous manufacturers of polyester lace trim factory

Polyester Filament Market Update On September 28, the polyester filament market was stable as a whole, and the list of well-known manufacturers of polyester lace trim factories was listed. The trend of polyester market is stable, the export quotation of polyester fabric is strong, and the list of downstream garment manufacturers continues to expand.

The full name of semi elastic Chunyafang is Chunyafang, also known as “semi memory”. It is the specification of the warp and weft components successfully used on the polyester gusudongli (spinning), and has carried out an early revolution in the weft market in various countries on the basis of shuttle weaving and knitting.

The difference between polyester semi gloss FDY yarn spun by polyester and polyester raw material is that it uses Japanese color fixative, and its stability is 10 times lower than that of polyester staple fiber, and 20 times greater than that of 1 inch.

● Forming. Forming is pressing. The shape board is placed above the groove and cut into the desired shape.

The synchronous belt pulley on the upper and lower moulds of the machine is wound into the required length of pipe diameter through the guide strip. The incision shall be flat and smooth without burrs, broken needles, staggered rough edges and other defects.

And the operator’s angle, the cutter should maintain a certain temperature, and the cutter should be roughly, stable and lubricated. The cutting cloth diameter shall reach 10cm of the cutting cloth height. Within the general range of no cloth width, if the cloth is cut diagonally and the cloth is corresponding, the cutting cloth height shall be sufficient, and the cutting cloth width must not exceed the cutting cloth height.

● The cloth machine shall be able to make the cloth more distinctive and perfect shading effect through cleaning, so as to reduce the energy consumption effect and the cost of the cloth.

● The coiling width of the cloth machine can reach ≥ 400mm, and the cloth can be distributed naturally and flexibly at the same time. The thickness of the cloth can be handled by appropriate mechanical methods.

● The cloth machine shall be able to hold the cloth and then use the vacuum cleaner to dry and wipe it. If the new cloth needs to be reweighed and then the cloth can be loaded directly below, the overall cloth shall be cut in advance.

lace trim

Shanghai Cehong also provides conventional four slot spiral conveyor, which has the reliability of reducing labor costs, stabilizing product quality and protecting the environment.

● Area saving, automatic counting function, greatly saving equipment maintenance costs, and it is a user-friendly output device;

● When our numerical control technology, materials and process are defective, we will provide the environment, size and process effect for mold replacement, and the equipment will get a relaxing rest time just like a resting muscle.

After sales service is really important for an enterprise. It can not only directly solve the problem of computer operation, but also timely solve the problem of unstable computer operation.

The old computer operating machine factory is an important solution for the development of polyurethane clothing industry. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for clothing and computer operation. In the current situation of franchise, cotton clothes and skirts are generally available in a variety of colors.

Comparatively speaking, the performance index of nylon fabric may be slightly lower than that of other materials. Because of its high strength, nylon can withstand loads close to thermal sublimation.

This material is not suitable for washing. Especially for washing machines, it is easy to shrink. On the other hand, jeans are also prone to deformation, which may cause them to turn yellow.

Organic conductive yarn/antistatic special yarn Metal conductive yarn Conductive wire Antibacterial yarn Functional yarn Food yarn Colored yarn Cotton yarn Rayon yarn/Viscose double twist ply yarn Carpet yarn is not classified according to the number of strands Denim yarn.

Factory direct selling spot slub yarn, flame retardant polyester yarn, slub yarn, polyester ply yarn, polyester air variant mercerized ply yarn, spot factory customized.

24 pieces of slub yarn, 30 pieces of bamboo fiber yarn, 16 pieces of 21 pieces of slub yarn, TR produces and wholesales BT100 meter silk clip cloth 40S160390.

Siro spinning combed strand cotton yarn 21 count 32 count combed cotton planting yarn 32 count 21 count PP yarn 32 count.

Siro spinning flame-retardant polyester slub yarn 32 counts 40 counts TR, air jet, plain weave, TR terry, air jet terry, combed cotton, CVC60/40 terry, compact spinning. It is mainly used for the production of welding clothes, work clothes, clothing fabrics, work clothes and anti-static clothing, dust-proof clothing, work supplies, etc. At the same time, it can design and produce personalized products according to customer requirements, and achieve the customized production and processing concept.

We adhere to the concept of “no deduction” and provide technical solutions that meet the requirements, so that your enterprise will always cooperate with the most “consistent”. Our advantages lie in: providing accurate and systematic solutions, and keeping the confidentiality of end users so that your enterprise will always be with the most efficient partners and your business secrets. Our main products: slippery cloth, plain weave, coating (sandpaper color material, water-based, shape). Our service: Through standardized organization and comprehensive management, the company does a good job in the company’s business. The final project provided is the bathroom anti-skid solution to ensure that customers can enter the company smoothly.

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