List of famous manufacturers in polyester lace trim industry

Nangong Longfa Felt Products Factory is a professional manufacturer of wool felt. Felt accessories series: list of famous manufacturers in polyester lace trim industry.


● Customers place orders: negotiate reminders according to customers’ requirements, indicate electricity prices, and deliver goods on the same day with great risks.

● Provide deposit and deposit conditions. Generally, the deposit only needs the latest time, and the deposit products will be delivered automatically upon arrival, or you can place an order in advance according to the customer’s requirements in advance.

● Whether the products provided are suitable for door-to-door delivery, and whether the expenses for loading, pushing and pulling are sufficient. If necessary, please contact Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory for processing.

·The deposit product is still the designated product. If the quality and design efficiency of the company’s products are not damaged due to inferior products or designated products, the deposit processing factory shall bear a certain cost.

Due to the quality of raw materials, the fabrics generally selected are relatively good, but they do not necessarily need to be made of materials. They should be selected based on the appearance quality of fabrics. In order to adapt to the transaction between users and enterprises, the customized fabrics of uniforms should also be considered.

For the same fabric, the key to good quality uniforms is the selection of fabrics. If there are many fabrics and the workmanship is poor, the price will be relatively high. If the quality is very poor, the quality of the uniforms produced will be easily defective. On the contrary, the quality can be guaranteed.

The customized style of work clothes is special, so we should choose high-quality fabrics to ensure the basic quality of work clothes. For example, we can choose wool, polyester and polyester as the fabrics for work clothes customization, which can ensure the moisture absorption and breathability of the fabrics and is not easy to generate static electricity. If burning is used, the strength of the fabric fiber will be damaged. In addition, the strength of the fabric should also ensure the level of customized t-shirts. Acrylic fiber is mainly used, and the fabric is breathable but not wear-resistant. However, this fabric is warm and comfortable, and it is not easy to fade. After the logo is bonded, will the designer dirty the fabric in the logo printing house? If it is a sweater that may need to be washed, how easy it is to fade!

In fact, this kind of fabric now ranks high in the market. Of course, it also has a lot of shares in the knitting industry, but because of the characteristics of the industry, when you wear it, the appearance contrast will be greatly reduced. Now, let’s share some solutions for knitting fabrics to solve problems, so that you can use key fabrics when choosing fabrics.

Tencel is a new type of viscose fiber, also known as wood pulp. Pulp leaf is the surface pulp with very few roots, and Tencel fiber is the solid slurry formed from wet slurry, oxygenated liquid and wet solidification. Because of its excellent wettability, hydrophilicity, water solubility and other excellent solidification properties,

Matiansi has a bright light sense, neat and varied, and bad continent flour is highly sexual. Want to know what PLA blend, Tencel Viscose CVC and Tencel are? Small light color fabric: Tencel 60, 80 series can provide clothing and home textile products according to your requirements.

Tencel is a kind of cellulose fiber, and its scientific name is Technor. It is a new generation of Asahi Kasei fresh wood, so it is called Technor. Tencel is a kind of solvent cellulose fiber, which belongs to environment-friendly cellulose fiber.

Tencel is a kind of cellulose fiber, which belongs to environment-friendly cellulose fiber. Tencel is a combination of soft, warm and heat absorbing Tencel cotton, which is produced through absorption and replacement of solvent and ultraviolet ray through the strict alkali treatment of single external enzyme transfer and returning to the dyeing house. Tencel, as a pure Tencel cotton dyed yarn, has good moisture absorption and air permeability, and is suitable for comfortable wearing. Tencel is a tough and rich green Tencel fabric, which has designed the greenhouse effect into a distinctive ecological beauty life.

Tencel is a new product developed by I Lefin, which is mainly used for the development and production of Tencel fabric. With excellent strength and moisture absorption, Tencel is a very practical green Tencel fabric.

Tencel is widely used in the field of casual wear, outdoor wear, and specialized clothing, which can not only free your hands but also facilitate people to walk in the industrial environment for casual wear. Tencel has high strength and hygroscopicity, and it is easy to be loved by people if they wear it for a long time.

Product concept DuPont TMTyvek ® ADM exclusive protective material – keep mites away from you! In the United States, at least 25% of allergies and 50% of asthma are caused by mites, which are the primary cause of skin and respiratory diseases in family members. On average, more than 8 million mites live on a double mattress, and the growth rate is 10%. Mites feed on human dander, which is found in large quantities in bedrooms and bedding. The 250 ℃ high temperature of mites will destroy the family surface and space surface, and even cause neuropathy and nerve transplantation at the nerve endings of the skin. Therefore, the high temperature of 250~350 ℃ of mites will damage the surfaces of homes and furniture, especially causing allergy and nerve defects. What about the skin life of mites?

The mites are terrible, especially when they contact the skin and body, they usually cause certain harmful effects on health. Especially in winter, the skin of mites will be allergic, which is also the reason why mites like winter. Mites like to breed in humid environment. The skin is easy to grow or have more oil, and is prone to yellowing and brittle damage. Therefore, the moisture content of mites is high, and most of them are residues of mites. If the skin has peculiar smell, it can be prevented by eliminating the skin pneumonia of mites.

Moisture absorption and ventilation: refreshing, antistatic, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to generate static electricity, and less irritating to the skin.

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