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Polyester Filament Market UpdatePolyester Filament Market Update On September 28, the polyester filament market was generally stable and ranked among the top ten in the polyester lace trimming manufacturing industry. Yang Xuekui said frankly that the development of polyester fiber market in China has reached a trough, which has driven the development of the textile city. In the past, both domestic and international markets were in Urumqi, Xinjiang. However, there are three trends of “raw cotton and regenerated cellulose fiber”.

It includes common polymers produced by oligomers, including hydroxymethyl derivatives, creep compounds, aliphatic silicon stabilizers, hydroxymethyl silicon and qualitative silicon. Their structures have all started from petroleum cracking and are derived from sustainable “raw cotton”.

The form of spandex coating gives the fiber further evolution and sustainable production. The new biodegradable technology can be integrated into the whole process. The combination of raw cotton, spandex spinning, spandex filament and other degradable technologies and production technologies can ensure the safety of spandex and promote its degradability.

This means that new polyurethane fiber processing technology and new application technology are emerging, starting from the past straight fiber spinning, shaping spinning, wearability, flame retardancy, light transmittance and other aspects. This makes the new manufacturing technology have a competitive advantage in the field of spandex processing, and can win the favor of customers in the market.

It is this innovation that makes spandex more and more popular. In recent years, spandex has been strongly listed by ring spinning, siro spinning spandex, and fine denier low-end spinning. Product quality, product research and development, order delivery, etc. have become the driving force for the further development of manufacturing enterprises.

Due to the large development investment in the year, the export spandex business has successively introduced the treated spandex textured yarn and the untreated spandex bobbin yarn, and the differential yarn of DTY, FDY and FDY containing two different types of yarn after treatment has been sprayed again, causing abnormalities. The processing method of high processing profit not only further increases the stability of the optimized operation industry, but also strengthens the innovative technology and management concept.

Polyester staple fiber (DTY) with alkali as raw material is used in weaving, knitting and nonwoven spray manufacturing, paper making, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing and other industrial fabrics, polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber silk raw materials, etc. It is made of silkworm filament, mainly used in weaving, knitting and nonwoven spray manufacturing.

It is widely used in water and oil repellent work clothes, bed sheets, cotton socks, T-shirts, jeans, sports shoes, labor protection supplies and other fields. Cotton socks have the advantages of breathability, water absorption, strong sweat absorption, comfortable wearing, etc. Jilin Province technology of lace trimming.

lace trim

Work clothes are specially made clothes for work needs, and also uniform clothes for employees. Generally, factories or companies distribute uniform clothing to employees, which I call work clothes. With the continuous development of the work clothes industry, more and more industries and enterprises need to use work clothes. Customized work clothes are specially made for work needs.

Customized work clothes require very high style and style, which requires not only good functions, but also good styles, so the requirements for customized work clothes are more strict.

Work clothes are not only related to enterprises and teams, but also to the development of society and groups. Therefore, professional clothes should be both beautiful and practical.

Because it is related to the fitness of group work clothes, the key to quality is to choose Kunming professional clothing customization.

Mattel professionally tailors the work clothes and carefully makes the customized T-shirts you want, which are comfortable and fit for you.

Quality is the starting point of work clothes customization, and professional customization consultants will also provide you with better customization services according to customer requirements.

Customized grey blue cotton overalls for the first layer Focus on the customization of industrial overalls from knowing your LOGO number to making overalls.

The work clothes of formal enterprises will be customized by qualified customization manufacturers. From the buttons, we can see that a good set of customized work clothes is a very strict work. Many enterprises need different work clothes every year. Customized work clothes are different fabrics. From the buttons, we can see that hundreds of pockets are customized for work clothes now. An enterprise is not only interested in the service industry, but also appreciates itself, The front-line workers affirm their identity. For professional women, it is not just simple dress, but more service for the enterprise. As work clothes, it is also the soul of an enterprise. The customized fabric of the work clothes directly determines the grade of the clothes, so the quality of the work clothes is very particular.

Fabrics for overalls are also very important. First of all, select special fabrics suitable for the work industry. Different industries need different fabrics to make overalls, and different positions need different fabric production procedures. Only in this way can we make overalls that meet the characteristics of the enterprise.

lace trim

● After the overalls are cleaned, the fabric should be waterproof, and the jumpsuit should be waterproof. After wearing overalls for a period of time, they need to be washed and ironed. In order to facilitate the replacement of new fabrics, they need to be machine washed. In order to make overalls last longer, excess dirt can be removed by ironing. Next, the interior of overalls should be disinfected. Because the following editor asked colleagues how to clean the inside of the new overalls. Always pour all the dirty things into the washing machine. Soaking is a universal washing procedure, which can not only remove the dirt, but also extend the service life of the pants. Don’t lose money in order to get rid of the yellowing of the big men. Buy a detergent that is suitable for you. If you buy one yourself, you can tailor it for you without affecting your clothes. Don’t buy a detergent that is suitable for you, In order to obtain good income.

Now most of the fabrics will be dyed. If they are cleaned for the first time, they can be pretreated. Please do a good job of anti yellowing agent treatment.

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