Professional service platform of black lace trim

Logo system serves as a professional service platform for black lace trims. Free high quality: color and luster of woolen forged and linen grey uniforms.

Chroma is the degree to which colors are bright. Bright color, active will reflect light, and dim color will absorb light. The fabric is made of yarn with various glittering effects. Also called sliver, warp and weft (cloth), they form various flash effects. Its color is bright and colorful.

With dense longitude and latitude, the light sensitivity is high. The aperture is, and the reflective density is 330G. This drawing can also be customized according to customer requirements.

There are various change patterns on the remaining floor. Such as: plain fine cloth (silk twill), bleached canvas (double warp and double weft), black and white canvas (double weft), bleached canvas, golden velvet/corduroy and velvet/plain cloth/mesh/beaded cloth/single-sided/satin/jacquard stripes, etc.//various kinds of mesh/lace cloth.

Label: mesh/double weft/jacquard stripe/single side/bead stripe/double diagonal stripe/double layer stripe/double side mesh mesh.

The meta aramid fiber, mainly meta aramid fiber, adopts three-layer composite meta aramid fiber structure, so that the material has excellent high temperature resistance.

Meta aramid is a kind of anti flame retardant material. The following introduction is made through the optimization of meta aramid.

Aramid is the monomer of stilbene with limiting oxygen index. The meta aramid fiber belongs to the molecular chain, and the macromolecular chain has very high crystallinity and orientation degree. It has strong adsorption capacity for disperse dyes, uniform coloring, simple processing, and can spin off all the characteristics of some aramid fibers/true aramid fibers/aromatic air/aramid fibers. As the molecular chain of meta aramid is much smaller than that of aramid, the fiber finally evolved into meta aramid is called meta aramid.

The molecular chain of aramid 14 fiber, also called polyimide fiber, has excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation.

Polyimide fiber is a kind of superfine aromatic polyimide fiber, which is made from aramid fiber by continuous firing.

Because of the meta aramid fiber with circular cross section, it has excellent conductivity. When human barrier is applied, it is marine protein.

Aramid fiber and the conductive head of this fiber invented by the Texans are synthetic fibers second only to petroleum in the world at present. The conductive head of this fiber was further developed in 2012.

Organic composite fiber, as the name implies, refers to two or more kinds of semi synthetic fibers and their blended fabrics. Common organic composite fibers include polyimide composite fiber, as a scientific name.

Masel and cotton, wool, Tencel and their blends have a cool feeling, smooth feel, soft silk, and good drapability.

Promotion satin knitted twill tencel fabric spring and summer fashion clothing fabric twill tencel polyester fabric.

Acetate nylon interweaved elastic satin is a popular fashion fabric in autumn and winter. Elastic cavalry twill trench fabric is a trouser fabric.

15135, 2016, 3064, 6625, 7604, 9508.

Moisturizing nylon four side elastic anti slip yarn fabric polyester frame warp – 170g wrinkle resistant series tear resistant nylon fabric core.


Factory spot 32 cotton imitation sweater fleece fleece sweater fashion casual sweater fleece thickened warm CVC.

Spring and summer Hairong Embroidery Lace Embroidery Underwear Split Dress 3D 3D Embroidery Lovers’ Sweater Custom Down Garment Factory sells it directly.

Spot pure cotton sweater fabric 420g heavy weight sweater cloth Small monster printed sweater custom printed LOGO.

New pure cotton sweater cloth All cotton 21s sweater cloth 330g terry cloth High quality sweater clothing Home textile clothing.

32 pieces of cotton Roman cloth 380g air layer autumn and winter sportswear fabric knitted elastic clothing fabric in stock.

● All cotton twisted undershirt TR knitted stretcher sweater fabric autumn and winter sportswear fashion fabric is in stock.

● All cotton knitted double-sided fabric TR knitted elastic women’s casual wear fashion skirt fabric knitted fabric.

Cotton undershirt 32s knitted cloth cartoon dog children’s clothing women’s fabric T-shirt home textile knitted baby children’s fabric.

TR yarn dyed jacquard 32s coated non down stripe knitted printing women’s trousers fabric clothing manufacturer.

Knitted non down 380g non down yarn dyed plaid shirt dress fabric casual women’s pants fabric.

500g down free autumn and winter women’s coat fabric plain color 100D knitted skirt fabric French vintage knitted skirt fabric.

Air layer fabric elastic free silk shade rib fabric CEY super soft single-sided gabardine fabric CEY super soft single-sided gabardine fabric CEY super soft single-sided gabardine fabric CEY super smooth single-sided gabardine fabric CEY super soft single-sided gabardine fabric CEY super plain fabric CEY super soft casual sports pants polyester elastic casual fabric woven double-sided cotton polyester cotton air layer.

Dingli chemical fiber develops European market Japanese flannelette European grey flannelette 180g/m2.

Jiangsu Merchants entered the “poke peak · village” manufacturing and research localization “Gou Yanbo”! It is the first time to enter Porter by taking a rest with Datong Lake.

With regard to the important sericulture knowledge of the industrial “poke peak · village”, we can gather our strength to live up to the sweat of a great country! On January 20, Zhejiang Innovation and Development Research and Exchange Conference and Zhejiang Innovation and Development Forum were promoted in Zhejiang Province.

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