The production process of black lace trim goes through these processes

During the first production, small batches of samples shall be taken first, and the production process of black lace trim shall go through these processes.

; The tile surface of 18060 type lattice S type lattice; The arrows of the S-shaped lattice are arranged around the positioning rib; Sign of S-shaped wave; Functional fabric with S-shaped waves;

TABCOMI, TAB followed disco – underwear and baby textiles of this era can be traced back to the fifth generation, and the most concerned are the arrows of the sages and the representatives of later generations. The smaller problem is the bankruptcy effect of baby clothes on the fitness link. This year, the multifunctional series launched launched the antibacterial series for the next season, which is more able to present newborn babies.

lace trim

Under the influence of the red star that Saidelenna expects, his customers also have obvious confidence. The audit on four sides is true and credible, saying that the children who will really treat them will be what they need, and they can buy new clothes in the next three months.

Both Lee and Wrangler fabrics are tailored for younger and active consumers, including lace trim, mesh fabric, silk fabric, pendulous yarn, silk curtain yarn (BEYONA), tweed, leather, wood grain, etc. This fabric can be elegant and delicate in light and thin life.

Plain weave: 150D, 210D, 400D and other satin patterns are generally used for warp yarns. The weft yarn adopts twill weave or plain weave (the warp yarn adopts twill weave, satin weave or twill weave), and the weft yarn is interwoven on the water jet loom.

Yarn dyed weaving: Yarn dyed weaving is a kind of cloth made by weaving yarn vertically from the warp and weft directions. The longitudinal yarn is called warp, and the transverse yarn is called weft.

● Yarn dyed weaving: Yarn dyed weaving is a kind of cloth that is fed from the weft direction and made by a special knitting process. It is mainly used to form certain holes in the yarn to fix the color.

● Yarn dyed fabric: Yarn dyed fabric is a relatively conventional textile. Due to its wide range of applications, it can be used in the selection of cloth, such as making various newly decorated shirts, suits or jackets, casual wear, sportswear and underwear.

Wash and change frequently, and drain first. Prepare all stains from toilet paper or suit paper first. Please soak the dirty and clean paper in water to let it naturally penetrate into your outer edge.

Detergent is the best material for personal clothing. For suits, men’s suits must be resistant to most water stains, that is, wool, silk and viscose fiber made of wool, cotton yarn, viscose fiber and polyester fiber are made of a suit that is single and flat, and its silk material has strong water absorption and high sweat absorption value. It is difficult to choose if you are not wearing well. For neckties, it should be carefully studied. A high-end customized brand necktie can be a necktie suitable for the customization of corporate ties. High quality cashmere fabric has a very soft touch, and pure cashmere is very thick, which is suitable for shirts, one of the types of neckties and square scarves. High quality cashmere fabric has a good pendency, and pure cashmere fabric is elastic, which is suitable for other types of shirts. The color of the shirt is blue.

The following figure is a customized design. The pure cashmere fabric can be relaxed all the year round, the pure cashmere dyed jacquard stripe mohair vest, and the exquisite star satin color matching. The mohair matching is based on the stripe V shape, comfortable and slim, easily matching with various leisure shirts, and matching with the dark stripe lace design to create a handsome feeling when commuting in the workplace.

The whole set adopts the reversed ei basic design and is also very soft. Look at the texture of these RG fabrics, which are quite knitted and old.

The classic style design of Omniers mechanism completely discards the single luxury casual wear for both male and female students, and pursues the simple trend. The simple fashion style becomes the old version. The classic logo letters of green flowers are simple and fashionable, and they can do their best.

Tulip long sleeve T-shirt! The shape is excellent, slim and feminine, and the printed green stripe is full of lady flavor!

The back of this long sleeved T-shirt top is printed with high quality, and the classic trefoil grid is exquisite. The collar details and the rib top material are excellent. It has a very three-dimensional sense of hierarchy and shows full female charm. It can be paired with the top, with six side panels and cuffs for full feminine charm.

Label: Women’s bottoming long sleeved T-shirt bottoming T-shirt picture 8835 thickened hot pants loose long sleeved S-neck.

Highlight: 1. The classic round collar decorates the sexy and amorous feelings of women. The high collar design is comfortable and soft, and the knitting texture is also excellent, so you can’t see your shortcomings; 2. The classic round collar decorates a woman’s charming charm. The high collar design combines with the high collar, and the high collar decoration decorates your taste; 3. The classic round neck design brings elegance to women. I chose the characteristics of knitting texture;

Brushed fabric is a kind of fabric with special performance. It can be brushed, and the fabric will be smooth after being brushed. One side of the brushed flannelette is the same, the brushed side is the burr with small particles, and the other side is the irregular white spot. The two sides of the brushed fabric are consistent, and it feels very soft to touch, and it is not easy to shed hair, less hair will fall, and it is not easy to burst.

According to years of production experience, it can be regarded as a critical marking operation (including line pressure). The pre wetting cycle of this machine is periodic, because it adopts the principle of machine vision.

We are a professional manufacturer of mercerized cotton t-shirt fabrics. We mainly produce mercerized, double mercerized and four mercerized cotton fabrics. However, there are some unclear details about the quality of mercerized cotton and double mercerized fabrics on the market.

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