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Better effect on cotton! It has good waterproof and oil proof effect; The best technical lace trim distributor.

Our TPF TWK fabric has outstanding characteristics. 1. It has good antibacterial and mildew resistant effects. 3. It has good long-lasting acarid and antibacterial effects. 4. It has excellent color fastness to washing and perspiration; Good reversibility, a valuable treasure with dye types and dye types. No droop apricot (apricot color) ingredients: T/C (polyester) 35%+acetate fiber 4%, forming a unique ice color with high droop and frost feeling, showing the whiteness of natural, elegant and comfortable plant dyes. Wash in cold water, car cold water, and bamboo pole with bamboo mat is cleaned with fat soap.

We often say that homes are made of black, white and cotton cloth. The above parts can be removed from other surfaces with a brush. Generally, when drying, the yarn tightness is better.

How does WeChat accompany us in our study time? While many people are watching videos hard, they ignore the quality of E-Communication and mobile devices.

What is digital heat transfer technology? Can digital heat transfer technology be printed on jewelry? What are the precautions for T-shirt heat transfer printing?

Heat transfer printing is a very popular printing method nowadays, which can be used for corporate image promotion, tourism souvenir packaging promotion, work promotion advertising, real estate promotion advertising, etc. The tools used in heat transfer printing are simple, which can express the benefits of enterprises and high production efficiency. So what are the selection methods of customized T-shirts?

The types of T-shirts commonly used for customization include round neck, V-neck, flat neck, lapel, sleeve, foot opening and hip seam. The commonly used customized patterns of T-shirts can be selected from round neck, V-neck, full straight neck and lapel. The round collar is usually made of fine workmanship or common wool, or it is also made of beaded lines, or it is only made of animal skin.

Generally, the flat knitting machine is used as the neckline for advertising shirt customization, which is to pull away the weft of the advertising shirt to make the advertising shirt operate and facilitate the enterprises to customize the advertising shirt. Generally, the manufacturers of advertising shirt customization use the round knitting machine as the neckline.

According to the principle of function and fabric processing, the customization of advertising shirts can be divided into two types: work jacket type and diagonal span type. The material of work jacket fabric is usually cotton.

Customized fabrics for advertising shirts can be roughly divided into three categories: work jacket, diagonal span and flag jacket. The material of the work jacket fabric is usually.

Because of the price category, a variety of work jackets will bring you different quotations. Sometimes enterprises need to go to different places.

We often say that 25 square meters of employees in a company are set aside, and 34 square meters are set aside for customization per square meter. The price of customized products will decrease with the increase of business. If the quantity is large, the enterprise units that have lost will be returned. Personally, when choosing customized products, we should consider many aspects, which is conducive to choosing some fabrics to solve the problem.

In general, textile and garment materials are the most common, and the more fabrics available, the higher the production cost. However, due to the popularity of fashion, the essence of customization and pure cotton is different. For example, jeans, camels, alpaca hair, etc. are fast fashion fabrics, which can be blended into a variety of styles and patterns. However, the most popular fashion clothes are made of fabrics. The key is that the pattern selection is also very simple.


Pure cotton, in fact, refers to yarn weaving and knitting. With the material as the main raw material, the woven fabric has a good three-dimensional sense, flat and smooth, flexible and straight texture, stable scale and easy care.

If the two fabrics are in the same direction, there is no direction matching. Knitted fabric is mainly composed of color warp, ground warp and light-emitting coil yarn. The fabric of ground warp and light-emitting coil yarn is formed by the arrangement of light and flat yarn. Generally, black or white yarn, circular machine or complex fabrics and patterns are used. The ground warp and Y-shaped yarn have 900, 2000, 2200 and hundreds of colors. In short, the colors of longitude and latitude are 1600, 2000, 2200, 30, 2200, 100 and 30 series.

Tencel is a kind of cellulose fiber, which adopts solvent spinning method, with good image design and drape feeling. The product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with excellent liquid absorption and antibacterial effect. It can be used in yarn finishing and fabric dyeing and finishing, especially to improve the quality of yarn.

What is twill? Tencel fabric is characterized by smoothness, elegance, good air permeability, quick drying after wet water, non stick edge, etc. But the disadvantage is that the breaking strength and elongation at break in the weft direction are large, and the shrinkage in the weft direction is small.

Polyester fiber: polyester fiber is the modification, dyeing and soft characterization of polyester, with the appearance and some performance characteristics of ordinary yarn. It is very effective to use the spinning method or knitting process to weave. Specifically, it is mainly formed by short fiber fuzzing and pulp, and the warp and weft filaments of nonwovens are formed according to a certain organization and mutual sets.

Used on cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber and other woven fabrics. In grey woven fabric, in order to ensure the flatness and quality requirements of the fabric, the fabric is tightly woven together in the warp and weft directions, so as to close the density deviation of the fabric. It is generally believed that the fabric with large warp density and small weft density is favorable for the fabric with large weft density.

The warp, weft and weft edges are very short and even, which affects the density deviation of weaving. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, hemp and viscose fibers are often used to interweave with silk. The warp knitted fabric is made of cotton plain cloth, poplin and satin fabric, and the warp, weft and thin porous fabric.

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