The performance of black lace trims has been upgraded

Get more specific product parameter information, product model size, today’s real-time quotation list and other free information. Black lace trim products show a new upgrade.

Black lace trim, also known as lace trim, is a woven lace trim. As the finished lace is a kind of thick wedding dress material, its quality is very stable and is widely recognized in the wide lace trim market. The number of orders increases, and the number of suppliers increases.

Black lace trim is also called dyed lace or only dyed lace, which is made by ungskin flat bottom decoration process. It has a positioning effect in the warp and weft of the lace.

In summer, many people do not know much about the nylon and nylon blended fabric. The nylon looks delicate, but in fact, it reveals a high cost performance ratio. The texture of each color of lace or color design is different. Because the characteristics of this style are highly respected, many women use lace made of nylon fabric, which presents lace on the surface, giving a delicate and moving visual experience.

Compared with the laminated cotton fabric, the hairiness on the lace surface is compact due to the dense laminated structure. If the overall surface does not shrink longitudinally, the hairiness on the lace surface will gradually be removed.

For those consumers who wax, there is less hairiness on the lace surface, which is conducive to improving productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the friction sound of consumers by reducing the friction on the yarn surface.

There are many types of lace yarns. In addition to the common hairiness detection, we also need elastic band detection, nylon zipper detection, transparent tie detection, etc., which will have a certain impact on the yarn appearance. In fact, from the perspective of application environment, lace yarn can be divided into 3 types.

Touch: The handle of pure cotton fabric is better than that of other knitted fibers (synthetic fibers), but what are the disadvantages of pure cotton fabric.

Wholesale price of pure cotton fabric does not include cotton yarn. It uses cotton as raw material, through plasticizing underwear mechanism, organizational structure design and yarn change.

lace trim

Modal is a natural fiber, known as “real fiber”. It is a new type of animal protein fiber, with fiber, because Modal is.

The spinning process of Modal fabric is very simple, mainly including raw material dyeing and yarn processing.

What are the advantages of Modal yarn spinning quality? What are the differences between the evenness and evenness of Modal cotton and Modal yarn?

High Modal Yarn: Modal cotton is different from many brands of Modal cotton on the market. Modal fiber has higher strength, better abrasion resistance and resilience, better moisture absorption and resilience, and better air permeability than Modal fiber.

● Modal cotton is a kind of regenerated fiber. Its fiber diameter and length are both 1000mm, and the water absorption rate is very slow. It is often blended with cotton fiber but can effectively control the length of synthetic fiber. Its fabric size stability is very poor.

● It can be compounded with other fibers, such as polyester cotton blended sweater, viscose sweater, color stripe, composite fiber sweater, various recycled fiber shirts, etc.

The linear density is more stable, and the fiber is closer to the natural fiber, which improves the microstructure change of the composite fiber. Wrinkle resistance, low temperature wrinkle resistance, better crease recovery ability. Strength and tenacity can improve the drapability and strength of yarn, and improve the wearing comfort of fabric clothing.

The interaction between fibers can be used as a means of heating spinning yarn or yarn processing, and can be used to produce artificial yarn and cotton like fabrics.

As a part of fashion design, consumers need to add more. With the change of lifestyle, the extension and development of the ecological concept of clothing.

Due to the large daily contact with the fabric, there are many reasons why it is difficult to restore the original state. The ready-made clothes and the details of ready-made clothes will affect the changes of human dress style. In order to control the color difference of clothing, working environment and fabrics, especially in the stage of 4-year-old boys, they are worn by customers every day. In order to wear ready-made clothes frequently, especially when the boy is 4 years old, it is especially necessary to wear ready-made clothes, especially in the season of the boy. Therefore, ready to wear and ready to wear is a kind of popular clothing.

At the age of 4, you need to wear ready-to-wear clothes, especially the style of the toothbrush and sleeve, especially the style of the toothbrush and pants skirt, especially pants. Because children like to play at home, local children in various countries around the world are very popular with children, especially because they have a clear division of labor at home. Because there are all kinds of mirrors at home, and toothbrushes are also our necessary clothing supplies, with various styles and colors. Clothes, pants and shoes can meet our basic needs, and we can feel the warmth of the host in that scene without delay, But the surface has not changed, is not harmonious, and the quality is not high or low.

With advanced washing and finishing equipment in China, Guangzhou Woolen Embryo Factory specializes in customizing toothbrushes, and through a large number of professional testing services, it can cope with various pressures and comparisons in the current market, and has a good reputation as a supplier of services.

To wash our shrunk and faded jeans, no matter how you wash them for the first time or by hand, the first step is to look at your personal habits. Before washing the jeans, put in clean water and gently scrub them with your hands. Note that the water temperature should be lower than 30 ° C. After washing, the jeans should be dried naturally. A special person should clean the jeans once a day. Based on years of experience in wearing jeans, Xiao Bian, the manufacturer of new plain pants, analyzed that the manufacturer of new plain pants changes the process every month, and can wear 7 pairs of jeans with a shelf life of 6 days. Of course, there are many such jeans today. Here are some.

When we customized the work clothes, we knew that the clothes were made of cotton and the materials were blended. If we customized the work clothes, we would see a bright light. Then we knew what the fabrics were.

● Fabric of work clothes: the formal work clothes conform to the characteristics of ergonomics, and have the characteristics of comfortable fit and easy care.

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