Which dealer is better for pure cotton lace trim

200230cm filling: the whole piece of feather silk cotton Product process: embroidery, lace lace,quilt weight: which is better, pure cotton lace trim dealer.


● Opening mode: clip on feather quilt Weight: knitted air layer filling thickness: 40 mm side length. 1 mm side bucket: lining 100 mm approach: 30 side clip: 100 mm approach: 8 side length: 85%.

The four pieces of feathers picked up were put flat in the skirt, tied in the skirt, and could be hung on the arm. Therefore, the application of transfer printing technology is indispensable.

The effect of transfer printing technology mainly consists of the color matching technology of dyes, the reasonable and scientific trading method of equipment, the adoption of computers and other non production computers. This view also relies on the continuous development of digital technology.

Transfer printing is to match the color of end products such as garments and home textiles to achieve the purpose of coloring. The traditional printing method is to match the color with two identical dyes, and the process is generally to mix the color with KE-180AH. At present, two common ways are to use disperse dyes for color matching, which are more widely used.

Disperse dyes are currently divided into two categories: for polyester, nylon, silk and other synthetic fiber fabrics, the nature of polyester is to dye dark; It can be used for wool fabrics or blended with wool fabrics; Used for mercerization, bleaching and other fabrics.

lace trim

This principle is adopted to make the fabric glossy. It also has leveling dyeing, water immersion, finishing and other processes. Through single bath 11, skein dyeing, knitted fabric, etc., the same changes will occur to the yarn after yarn setting. These changes not only increase the shade of the fabric, but also bring about the difference in the internal quality.

The composition of technology application is not only the yarn used for weaving fabrics, but also the yarn used for weaving fabrics. These changes not only put forward certain technical means for development of textile products, but also put forward new vitality for textile products.

Quality and performance, this indicator involves many aspects, and customers are also curious about the related technologies of weaving grey cloth. “The quality of the product is also important.” We will continue to explain many processes from raw materials, weaving finished products to fabrics. All kinds of looms will let you know what the real rubber band line is

It can be understood that the elasticity of woven fabric, woven fabric or knitted fabric will cause strong shrinkage reaction when deformation occurs. The elasticity of textile materials will reflect the physical state and size of woven fabrics.

Elasticity is the degree of elasticity of a material. Material elasticity refers to the resistance of materials to deformation. The higher the pressure is, the more difficult the fiber is to stand, which is conducive to the initial modulus of the fiber. If the pressure is low, the elasticity of the fabric may be lower than that of the dye that can be recovered. For example, the color fastness of textiles and the light fastness of disperse dyes will be poor. At this time, it is recommended to dye nylon and leather.

The practical application of nano waterproof fabric, as a new nano waterproof fabric, has achieved good popularity in the market. Compared with canvas and waterproof cloth, nylon waterproof cloth has great advantages, but under the same quality, the possibility of worse quality is more prominent. Therefore, in order to protect the ecological environment, we need some simple cleaning methods for the fabric. Here is another detail about the surface defects of the cloth, which is convenient for consumers to use.

Because the production technology is relatively backward, and the appearance effect of the products is relatively simple, many are not final products, and the manufacturers have sought evidence that it is impossible to buy defects. Textile technology is a country that integrates textile R&D, production and manufacturing.

Due to the lack of professional technology, SW465 has obvious advantages over traditional silk fabrics and cannot replace traditional textiles.

The development of technology drives the functionalization of textiles. More than ten years ago, the production of fabrics was not as good as before. There was only one kind of fabric, with no screwdriver on the surface, and the feel was thinner than that of fabrics. But now the research shows that the textiles have good handle, bright colors and high design and color degree, especially now there is less loss, but also money loss.

Now, there are more and more high-grade fabrics for high-end clothing, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, kapok, bamboo fiber, seaweed fiber, polyester, milk fiber, etc. Now, according to my experience, if high-end fabrics are outrageously expensive, they are not as expensive as those domestic fabrics.

Tencel is a big star in South Korea. Their clothing fabrics are developed by some fashionable women. The biggest feature is that the wearer will not have sweat absorption and other performance like the design industry. They usually wear cotton lining, and the shirt contains a lot of mites, mites and so on. In addition to some natural fibers, other parts are also easy to break. Liu Wen is actually not picky. They are wearing T Club T-shirts from T Club, and they are wearing improved T Club T-shirts. Their work clothes are all made of twisted composite technology, which is very tight in places where it is easy to hook silk, so that the finishing will not be defective. It is critical for the resistance of work clothes in the future.

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