Application materials for certificate of origin of black lace trim

Material: PS or PVC plastic base material flocking, various flash materials, black lace trim certificate of origin materials. Density: 05~10cm Weight: 20g/m Color: black, white, gray Formula: colors and materials can be customized according to customer requirements. PVC is like a facial mask.

lace trim: Lace is made of thin silk warp and weft yarn. It can be used to make dresses, bridal dresses, stage dresses, casual dresses, wedding dresses, runway dresses, etc.

At present, nylon lace is commonly used in China, including natural color cloth (also called special lace), primary color cloth (also called bead piece, scientific name honeycomb cloth), and fadeless warp knitted cloth (or bark).

Beads series: The products are based on the extremely fine beads and fine denier fibers. The texture is light and soft, fine and smooth without fuzzing. The grain is fine and exquisite, and the luster is elegant. Suitable for women’s wear, fashion, trousers, casual wear, suits, children’s wear and other products.

All products are made of knitted fabrics that are breathable and cool, and are perfect for women who love beauty in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Polyester has texture, good drapability, moisture absorption and perspiration. Polyester fabric is smooth and can be used with pure cotton fabric.

● Physical characteristics: wear resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, plastic deformation, strong brittleness, bright luster, soft wrinkle resistance, etc.

● Strong cohesion: low price, good plasticity and ventilation, strong concealability, easy moisture absorption, poor moisture absorption, light burning or melting of combustible materials.

The resilience and shape retention of pure cotton are not good enough, such as polyester free, cotton clothes, leather clothes, etc; Meltable cotton clothes are specially designed. In general, the texture of clothing itself is often very thick. At this time, it is necessary to use fierce air to make work clothes.

With the development of society and the prosperity of science and technology, many enterprises have begun to transform into work clothes, which not only inject the function of work clothes, but also improve the cohesion of enterprises. The demand for tooling customization is also growing.

In addition to the customization of the work clothes industry, there are also unified industry norms and standards for enterprises to choose customized work clothes. To customize work clothes, you should first understand the common clothing fabrics and common industries.

Commonly used types of work clothes include work clothes customization, making work clothes, work clothes and other professional clothes and wear-resistant parts. For example, the wear resistance agent of customized garments for nylon, polyester, vinylon, polyester cotton blended fabrics, etc., needs to be slightly stronger to facilitate cleaning and washing.

From the perspective of the brand of customized work clothes, the customization of some high-end wearable clothes is very attractive, and their manufacturing is also quite good. Therefore, when choosing a custom manufacturer of work clothes, you must choose your own brand.

Mai Tooling was founded in 2007. Under the premise of excellent corporate image, the Group always provides customers with cost-effective work clothes series products, work clothes technology, direct sales and customized tooling services. The company has achieved 100 levels of super standard in provincial work clothes, dust-free clothes, photoelectric and clean clothes for consecutive years. We always adhere to customer requirements and create the maximum value for customers with our own quality.

Workwear was established in 2014, and the person in charge of the enterprise is the special staff of Party B. In particular, front-line operators and staff in key positions such as doctors.

lace trim

● British clothing companies of Canadian origin held clothing fashion theme conferences on wool content, wool weight, mohair section, tweed fabric, etc. At the meeting, each had novel clothing styles, pattern combination, and the pattern elements were refined, and the two ends of each clothing were facing outward; On the other side are different styles. The colors outside the knitted fabrics and the leather coats of the overcoats in this exhibition show completely different feelings. People can’t help sighing about street fashion.

COLIS is an American designer brand with the theme of combination of sex appeal and appropriateness. It was released on June 25. Based on beige based bottoming, black and white based bottoming and denim leather clothing, COLIS interacts with the elements of “life blue dot” and “flower clothes meet” through the inspiration of basic ontCOS, creating a romantic style in Britain.

Please select Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Beijing, Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Macao, Guang’an, Rongze East Gate.

● From the 21st to the 27th, Tianjin Company organized the company to visit the Pupi Village in North Africa and the reception where international merchants interacted. The merchants took the two parts of geo traders and business people as their resident service personnel. This is due to the large number of guests in the hotel’s wine hall, so guests can refer to it.

After the meeting, the wine hall of the hotel sat in front of the report table, recommended the new curtain design scheme to the customers, and then sat next to the elders of the tuyere service department, looking at the happiness in the deep of the Guanghui like wall on the lintel. This simple style curtain design seems simple, but the invisible place is home, especially suitable for modern people. Next, we will look at the new luxury curtain. As a decoration, the first thing to choose is the fabric. The fabric is very smooth and accurate, the color is not bad at all, and due to the complexity of the process, the problem of three-dimensional design cannot be ignored.


● The fabric is more fashionable and comfortable, and it is also very tasteful in design, especially suitable for young women, with high cost performance.

● The choice of fabric, because the fabric of the suit is very special, it is very easy to mention. For men whose body proportion is basically less than 10 years, they are always worried about the pilling of the suit fabric.

● Customized suits are the choice for some mature and stable men. It usually takes 7 days or many times to change, but even if it is simple, there is no problem to lengthen the leg lines.

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