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In the world of common types of clothing, the fabrics of clothing are various and changing with each passing day. The best black lace trim distributor.

● TORAYS textile fabric: sample is rich and dense germ cloth: both ends of the germ cloth are honeycombed.

● TORAYS fabric fabrics: non cotton components: yarn, polyester (cotton) yarn, blended yarn fabrics, flax cotton blended fabrics, jeans fabrics; Pure color cloth: shadow gauze, seersucker, cationic cloth.

● CVC knitted fabric: CVC knitted fabric is made of 70% polyester fiber and 30% cotton fiber. The utility model has the advantages of good water absorption, poor elasticity and good abrasion resistance, and is mainly used for T-shirts and underwear.

● Spandex blended fabric: Spandex blended fabric is made of 60% cotton, 40% polyester fiber and 50% polyester fiber. The utility model has the advantages of good water absorption and poor elasticity, and is mainly used for T-shirts and underwear.

● Colored elastic spandex fabric: this kind of elastic T-shirt is thin, ordinary and inelastic; Suitable for high waisted models, with hair elasticity on them, which can be freely matched;

● Elastic cotton fabric: this kind of cotton is thicker, because the high count combed cotton has higher strength than ordinary cotton fabric;

● The elastic cotton blended fabric with spandex is added, and the underwear fabric can make how to match the lycra of elastic cotton with the stretcher elastic spandex;

● 80% POLO shirt is made of elastic cotton blended fabric, elastic cotton and Tencel fabric, polyester cotton is made of elastic cotton blended fabric, elastic viscose yarn is used for elastic fiber, elastic yarn is used for elastic satin, and elastic jacquard fabric is used for elastic velvet.

● Every step of the action is exquisite carving. The details perfectly match each carving detail. The thinking is from strict to strict three-dimensional, and always perfectly hollow.

The surplus fabric allows you to experience a different brand experience. In addition, it will pour tens of millions of weight, making every creative design and clothing brand like an open umbrella. The characteristics of high efficiency and high efficiency determine the possibility of the final clothing product. Every detail will cause a high burden, and every detail will cause pressure on your vision.

The jeans of the luxurious hot drilling knitted long skirt look very textured. The slim cut and the design of flared sleeves are the basis of the knitted trousers, and the loose design of the style is its soul.

Knitted fabric is comfortable and breathable, which is closely related to human activities and fits skin very well. Add the material of long staple cotton, which will not harm the thin convection and the thin bare leg.

● Wearing thin sportswear will make you more relaxed and sweaty. Solid color skirt or shorts can also show height.

● Underwear is usually made of pure cotton, lycra, bamboo fiber and other fabrics, which are comfortable to handle. Common types include undershirt, cotton wool cloth, gabardine, etc.

● Microwave mesh cloth: that is, the static electricity generated by microwave burning on the surface of the mesh cloth is electromagnetic wave absorption protection.

● Underwear: ordinary tight fitting style, ventilated and breathable. Often wear black or camel tight style, but the uncommon color is generally dark brown.

● Scarf: The scarf can be made of 100% cotton, and the circumference can be positive and negative. There are usually two paths: Yes, according to the difference between the fabric and the floor material and the finish, it can be divided into: satin strip, color grid, nylon thread, stripe, sheep bone, octagonal strip, jacquard tape, etc.

That is to say, it is difficult to see the appearance of the suit from some angles. The fabric selection of the suit should be lower than the wrinkle resistance, which is its disadvantage.


The suit is a reflection of identity and a basic requirement for men. How to choose a suit customization manufacturer becomes their standard configuration.

Have the choice of a professional technical team. They often need to wear a third of the suits, so their durability is very important. This needs to consider how to match. It is important to choose a good, comfortable and durable set. A suit, which is comfortable, beautiful and fashionable. The stand collar design is more generous. Ruo Li’s suit looks simple, but it directly supports the freedom of himself and others.

Shirts are mostly used to match suits. When wearing this kind of fabric, you will have a sense of elite. This kind of fabric is made of a unique plain weave method. In the end, you can see that it is completely free of defects. This kind of fabric has no strange feeling when worn on the body, so there is no foreign body feeling when worn on the body.

The style is simple and easy to match. For example, the jacket has two knobs, and the three knobs are respectively fixed on the collar of the garment, but the length of the collar, the position of the sleeve cage and the hem should be consistent.

Geometric stitching is a customized brand for professional work clothes. There are many ways, but each company should find a suitable partner.

Zhengzhou tooling customization manufacturers all have their own tooling customization needs. What special requirements do they have?

There are several types of work clothes according to the industry. Work clothes are divided into: customized enterprises specializing in special work clothes, welding equipment uniforms, etc. According to the style, what are the applicability of different work clothes?

How to choose fabric materials for Zhengzhou Autumn and Winter Workwear Customization: 100% cotton, pure cotton or blended fabrics. Due to poor quality, the clothes will be deformed.

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