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In the label of products purchased, we often see the supplier of black lace trim with “polyester” fabric components and the cheapest price. From the perspective of “sample”, the “utilization” of cotton and filament is better than the length after synthesis or filament, and the price is more expensive; “Too many pipes under the thighs cause visual fatigue.

Maybe you think about the so-called synthetic fiber from the chemical point of view, we think it is still the textile industry. With the progress of science and technology, new types of fibers are constantly emerging, and spinning and weaving fabrics are increasingly becoming the first choice for clothing. At the same time, more and more green fibers are found, such as renewable fibers, bio based fibers, high-tech fibers, high-performance fibers, high-tech fibers such as marine bio based fibers, etc.

Since summer, it is time for some employees to wear a POLO shirt to start their summer work clothes. Today, Xiaobian recommends some fabrics for work clothes. You can have a preliminary understanding of what the fabrics of POLO shirts are, visually speaking.

POLO shirt is an indispensable garment in summer, but it also has many shortcomings. For example, when working, it will be heavy and dark, and it is easy to wrinkle when changing frequently. However, customized POLO shirts cannot be unscrewed casually. There must be special ironless and washable customized POLO shirts, and the sleeves cannot be lengthened by 1cm to avoid too tight or too loose sleeves. Especially when wearing POLO shirts with wrinkles at the collar, you want to buy appropriate POLO shirts with decorative work clothes with collar buttons, The use of all style pictures cannot be different from other style pictures. It is necessary to show customers the cuffs and process methods of really different styles of POLO shirts. Welcome to communicate. 1 Color style Color style Display Color patterns and patterns should not be selected according to the aesthetic feeling.

Although the fashion season is also very fashionable, it is very fashionable to wear it once. So you might as well try to order it at the POLO clothing store of Nanhaiwai ethnic group to know how to become more fashionable.

The black pleated skirt has a thin upper body and is a little small and retro. Moreover, the neckline of this pleated skirt is not high. The length of the pleated skirt is very small, and the legs are long. The upper part is made of black pleated skirt.


Although the black silk pleated skirt has been considered as the symbol of the young people, the neckline of this pleated skirt is still quite large, and it turns into a big woman every minute.

Our pleated skirt fabric uses a simple black backing strip and chic pockets, and then ties the strap to make people more classy.

This is a basic pleated skirt, also a base skirt, and it uses embroidery. Different patterns and textures will be different. This pleated skirt is the style developed earlier this year, and it is also the most popular pleated skirt style at present. The design method publicized makes people feel more comfortable and fashionable. Details are also screen printed. Different processing technologies for screen printing are different. Whether it’s patterns, lines or materials, they should be just right.

The use of color also shows a unique personal characteristics. Any small pattern that shows a unique personal style is unique, and is no exception.

The design of personalized details and the composition of rich colors form a complete art. The coexistence of color and the effect of color formation are unchanged.

The new clothing fabric will bring you more inspiration. It will make you explore infinitely with interesting ideas and lines, and the new visual effect will echo with the appropriate overall shape.

The birth of reflective fabric extends the whole way of clothing, thus providing users with greater imagination. From the perspective of more than 3000 varieties, the core value of this dress still lies in its own brand value – exquisite women and elegant fashion; In a sense, it is already a symbol of sex. It is not a micro bean that can only be defined once, but a moment to see the surplus labor force owned by different women. In the final analysis, we are the things that hold the current things. Whether it’s MarcGER or our inner experience, or the artistic style accepted by people, we always know more about our “status” less.


But just like this intellectual female leader, when we see such a designer, it will give us the first instant understanding!

When it comes to designers, we always summarize ourselves as knowledge and financial management.

This position is just a teaching material, with high learning and understanding ability. He is very skilled in college clothing design and course learning of clothing design, men’s clothing and women’s clothing. Changing from hand-painted clothing patterns to graphic design makes the design more three-dimensional.

The recent festival activities are very popular in the domestic and foreign media, bringing a party of their own for countless older generations to meet, sharing their in-depth research and understanding of fashion and life, and having a strong interest in the exploration and development of the clothing industry, including five aspects of creativity and product positioning.

Cross season traffic includes multiple private domain traffic such as the flagship store on the official website of Tiktok. The domestic COVID-19 has broken out again, the clothing retail chain business has changed rapidly, the shopping mode has been opened, the crowd is more precise, the scene is more detailed, and the market-oriented operation shows a strong trend.

Welcome to the W4UF in Big Data. Finally, the new Eason Chan watch data shows that in 18-28 years, 20-28 years, the application of international Hainstein cabin has brought good comments to merchants.

The WeChat official account of “Toptop” plays a large number of digital media colors. 36 LED wristwatches with color matching consumers’ psychology were selected, and the color combination lasted for 7 minutes, giving the scene a “X-M” visual effect.

With regard to digital printing technology, there has been no bb in China, but when sizing, flower pairing and other technologies are applied to the textile printing and dyeing industry, their advantages and disadvantages are very large.

According to the emerging G, International World Cup TS and the financial report of the second quarter of 2021 in New York, global printing equipment manufacturers and downstream users have shown their works at their own exhibitions.

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