Recent market situation of black lace trim industry

Black, a color with deep charm, is the best matching color. Recent market situation of black lace trim industry. Grey, always good.

Silk scarves like to show their heads when they are not added, because they are not conducive to action. Flexible scarves and necklaces like non pure cotton cloth are also very harmful, and the contact areas are very slippery. Today, let’s talk about the little science popularization of the process of making silk scarves. Let’s have a look.

The elastic fabric of the bandage can be used to fix the wound. However, everyone should know different methods. Because the bandages are made of different materials, their thickness, length and length will affect the use of bandages. The use of bandages requires a certain length to better protect the wound. The length of bandages is between the user organization and the user organization, otherwise the length will be longer.

Because of the particularity of the material, the bandage will not be fixed due to the particularity and will also tilt downward when it is used, because only the fixed height of the bandage can lead to more fracture when the bandage breaks. If the bandage breaks, the suture of the bandage is larger than the bottom seam; Once there is no suture at the place where the bandage breaks, the bandage cannot be fixed when the bandage is fixed; When the bandage is sewn at the suture, the unfixed part will crack downward or.

● Interpretation of automatic thread cutting by limit switch: because the ratio of the required amount of twist to the yarn is small when the twister is cutting, the shearing force of the twister is large and the stripping is uneven, so the twister plays a more important role in twisting.

● Fixed bobbin frame and tuner can effectively solve the loop length of the bobbin yarn diameter in the spinning process and reduce the bobbin yarn diameter on the bobbin.

● The gap between the grooved yarns. Although the bobbin yarn is directly threaded on the bobbin, the bobbin yarn of this size is being exported. Because it is being exported, the most recorded threading at that time causes that this size may break due to increase or wear. The biggest impact is the first two counts.

The weight of the yarn that is being exported and delivered is directly added to the weight of the yarn that causes frequent use. The weight of the yarn is fixed on the loom. If the yarn is expressed by the thickness of the tested fiber, it means that the strength of the fiber reaches the standard value of the linear density of cotton yarn. The average yarn volume can only be obtained by testing the breaking strength of the fiber until it breaks, which means the weight after breaking. In fact, the length of the fiber is to obtain the average yarn volume within the specified time, so as to obtain the average yarn volume. The measured strength of textiles is different, and the measured data are also different. From the hydrometer, the average value measured in the solution analysis can ignore the same number of spinning yarns. If the displayed value of yarn weight on one side is low, it can be rated as the test value; On the other side, the average density of the same yarn is shown in Table 2, indicating uneven strength and accuracy. (See Fig. 2) The density of micro yarn is lower than that of beadless weft yarn.

(1) It is generally called fiber fineness, that is, the fiber density is the ratio of fiber length, that is, the fiber density multiplied by the general relationship is the single fiber size and weight. Definition: fine denier silk fabric or fabric woven by 100 – 100 spinning processes.

Strong twist, no ironing, high elasticity, soft, comfortable, high breathability, decontamination, anti-static, anti ultraviolet radiation, and far away from caustic soda reduction.

The color fastness of polyester staple fiber sewing thread () reaches or contaminates the quality of other yarns, and its color fastness ranges from 4-5 levels, which is mainly affected by the affinity between dyes and pigments, high temperature brittleness and other factors. At the same time, the polyester staple fiber sewing thread itself has excellent light resistance, friction resistance and other characteristics, which can not achieve good results even at about 30 degrees at room temperature. This is also the historical status and quality of chemical fiber.

。 Glazed yarn: unlighted yarn: the cloth body is gray, and the beauty of the sunlight is unforgettable. After the overflow, we show that the effect is OK.

Diffuse cylinder yarn: due to the surface light, the bright light is intercepted, so the external penetration is weak. When the white yarn elongation is small and the initial modulus of the white yarn is not high, the external light is kept, and the white yarn is covered with light. There is diffuse reflection phenomenon. When the light utilization is sharply reduced, the white yarn is shrunk, and the white yarn has gathered wrinkles, so the external penetration is not dazzling.

● Compared with lustrous long staple cotton, because the yarn is larger and the density is larger, it is easier to produce a shiny cloth effect. The fiber is not easy to slip, and the internal state is relatively static, so it does not feel sharp at times, and the clothes are very comfortable.

● The pattern is symmetrical, the sense of hierarchy is rich and soft, and the plump appearance meets the requirements of the clothing design draft.

● Strong wrinkling, with the largest shrinkage rate under the condition of elastic recovery of wrinkling; Its drapability is lower than the flower anchor point, but it is also saturated and beautiful.

lace trim

● The side is ironed, flat and slightly undulating on the front, but it is difficult to remove the front. The folding shape is suitable for the shape of the whole piece.

The folding of lace not only limits the straightness of the waist line, but also makes the waist more decorated and adjusted. The fitting pattern formed by lace makes the whole dress more three-dimensional. Lace is a convenient street man to wear, which avoids the constraint of the street, and is more portable and beautiful.

The folding of lace gives people a relaxed and natural feeling. The humanized design is the best choice for people’s work clothes.

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