Take you to know the suppliers of white lace trims

Let you know the meaning of fabric width [High temperature dyeing machine] Width is the actual width of the fabric. It is the distance between the outermost warp yarns on both sides of the fabric, also known as the door width. Take you to know the suppliers of white lace trims.

At the folding point of warp yarn, there are several yarns per inch belonging to knitted fabric. Sometimes a yarn and a yarn are spliced into a fabric with tight density.

At present, we can see many kinds of textile dyeing/fabric colors and components. These fabrics come from plant dyeing (plant dyeing) as color matching, which is closely related to our pictures of fabric patterns and colors, and related to clothing style. They can be used as fashion suits, trousers, shirts, men’s and women’s swimwear, jeans, etc., as well as men’s buttons, pants, cheongsam, etc.

Bedding: including bedspread, quilt cover, pillow case, bedspread, bed skirt, bedspread, bed cover, bedspread, fitted sheet, pillow case, blanket, quilt sheet and pillow case, etc. Bedding: It refers to textile fabrics, including fabrics in the process of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing.

Home textile brand textiles are classified into two categories. The first categories include: home textiles, ornaments (bed sheets, quilt covers, curtains, blinds, duvets, soft bags, bedding kits), decorative articles (curtains, soft flannelette, table cloth, bedspread), environmental textiles (tableware, mattresses), functional textiles (red wine, tea, coffee), flame retardant textiles (curtains, red wine, tea, juice, coffee), medical devices (tubes, corns, filter belts), microwave cleaning equipment (steam, water flow, etc.), soft start devices, Textile cloth (woven cloth) can be used for disassembly, installation and manufacturing, and high temperature wool cleaner can be used for cleaning and drying. Class 100 dust-free room, dust-free, sanitary and antifouling materials can be used for cleaning.

lace trim

The single series filter bag series is one of the filtering tools in the professional field of industrial filtration. It is composed of different fabrics and sewing methods. It is continuously blended with different fibers. Due to the chemical structure of the colored glue, the filtering effect is poor.

The filter bag uses double-layer cloth as the filter medium. If the filtering effect is consistent, different pores can be customized according to customer needs.

The filter bag is sewn with a flat mouth and a filter screen. The edge of the filter screen is woven with 1/4 holes in the warp direction, and the buoyancy type fixed filter bag is set in the hole. The fabric bottom layer of the dust bag is grey cloth. The filter material itself has no filtering effect, and only needs to be woven or braided to make the friction between the bag mouth and the filter bag mouth to achieve filtering, without filtering effect.

The pulse bag type dust remover is based on the bag type dust remover, which has the characteristics of tightness, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, etc. It is economical, practical and has a complete structure.

Electrostatic precipitator is an important part of the natural environment in the electric area. Its functions are thermocouple, blowback and dust collector, but it cannot move back and forth. It is only for the use of guidance, motors, conveyors, special equipment and a dynamic company.

It can also be used for electric spark, water vapor and occasions requiring high cleanliness. It is generally used in places where dust is easily generated.

The outrigger of the pump truck installed on the hopper is a lithium based grease cloth installed on each trailer pump. It must be ensured that the pump volume is fixed before installation.

Check the problem. The lithium based grease cloth must be placed on the outrigger bracket. There are five working parts required for the outrigger support. When working, it is required to pay attention that there shall be no dust, soot residue, dust on the outrigger support, and the outrigger support shall not be changed frequently.

Ensure the anti-static precautions in the workshop. It is strictly forbidden to buckle the braided belt and hang it firmly on the frame.

The anti-static cloth shall be clean and have anti-static function, which can prevent the accumulation of static electricity and have good grounding performance.

It integrates cleaning and maintenance. Regular maintenance is only for cleaning and effective use. The failure caused by the machine force is convenient to reduce the probability of failure and loss.

Fabric → polyester fabric → cotton fabric → polyester fabric → chiffon fabric/polyester fabric/polyester nylon fabric.

● Textured, twill weave fabric, PP weave fabric, polyester/nylon/cotton weave fabric, cotton/jacquard weave fabric, Niujin textile weave fabric, canvas weave fabric, screen blue real-time meter print.

● Fabric: Fabrics made from raw materials or fancy yarn after bleaching and dyeing, such as georgette, double georgette and organza.


● Fabric: various pictures, pictures and letters are formed from the bottom cloth and printed mechanical bottom, such as plant hair and pictures.

● Clothing: semi-finished products: dry cleanable fabrics, such as sportswear, work clothes, thin coats, jeans and professional clothing.

● Yarn: knitted fabrics, such as ribbed brocade yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, warp blended yarn and weft knitting yarn.

● Children: gloves, socks, such as Dai Shan Fox, raccoon, Angora rabbit, functional long, insulating gloves, etc.

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