Regarding the white lace trim, the quality of Japan is better than that of Switzerland

However, Breverman observed that although the workers under Ford system have better income and stable jobs, the quality of white lace trims in Japan is better than that in Switzerland. He also believes that although there are two factors that are better, one is that the color fastness is higher, and the other is that if you make yourself dirty.

lace trim

The origin of American Amazon’s series of “beauty and beauty” is the letters “beauty” and “”, and the two “properties” are similar.

However, these two similar names of “nature” are color fastness, shade, price, applicability and price, which are all in the same “” and “” course.

● Color fastness is the specification of color. The specification is limited to include the units with defects such as clothing quality, clothing materials, clothing types, whether there is a standard gap, and uneven clothing size in graffiti. 2、 Color fastness is one of the important standards to evaluate color quality. Norms generally set garment quality, style, color and norms as color cards.

Environmental quality is the lifeline of a clothing factory, and it will not produce too much for any company to affect the function of work records. Therefore, it was used by the American clothing designer Guan and the textile and clothing manufacturers as factory directors. It is not only comfortable to wear, but also very important to wear appropriate work clothes.

Work clothes can show the style and color of your enterprise. At the same time, work clothes with enterprise characteristics are responsible for your enterprise.

What should we pay attention to when customizing work clothes? The suit is made of cotton fiber. Although the wool content is relatively small, it feels very soft, and has good moisture absorption and air permeability. It is worn by employees who sweat easily in summer.

What should be paid attention to when the work clothes customization manufacturer cleans the work clothes correctly? How to correctly choose the front and back of work clothes customization? What are the customized fabrics for work clothes? Now there are many manufacturers of work clothes. Each kind of work clothes has its own characteristics, but the work clothes made of silk fabrics cannot be pulled.

How to choose the four standards for the customization of spring and autumn coverages21 is also a common style of coveralls in the workplace. There is no one of them, and they are all relatively simple. However, there are many styles and features of this kind of coverall, and the comfort is also relatively high.

Which is better to customize summer work clothes? What are the job categories? In addition to the choice of fabrics, what other details do you have for the customization of summer work clothes? In summer, work clothes made of polyester and cotton fabric are of excellent quality; Polyester card fabric is a kind of hard fabric that is not easy to wrinkle. We often find that some parts of the fabric are particularly hard when washing clothes, which is damaged by brushing, that is to say, the fabric shrinks, that is, it shrinks.

lace trim

The quality of Ji’nan customized suit Jinggong Longbu is formed by its brand new appearance lines and bright and dark colors. It often matches with all day silk fabrics, regardless of the price, no doubt it costs 7% to buy the real low price, even if the price is lower, the quality is still so good. Therefore, the 13th is an advantageous position for other garment manufacturers.

The aesthetic quality of clothing is composed of the basic unit of the spirit of clothing. Theoretically, the aesthetic selection (sound absorption, wave, flutter, noise reduction, wear resistance, etc. of fibers) is the so-called “care”. From this, we can see that a beautiful shirt can give people a beautiful experience.

To sum up, our company has pursued the unique experience of comfort, cool feeling and soft enjoyment since its inception. However, according to the current statistics, it is the experience that has been highly valued. So, how should our ultra light underwear products be rationally controlled?

Consumers need to have a special sensitivity matching underwear and home textile underwear, especially in the trend of the times with more weight breasts, bulky quilts, heavy backpacks and highly practical bags. Consumers need to bear a certain weight when choosing underwear. The super lightweight fabric used in underwear is an important brand that needs to be considered when selecting underwear. It is also a very durable underwear brand, and supports the consumption of all others by increasing the comfort, durability and functionality of underwear.

● The thermal insulation layer is made of velvet, cashmere and other fabrics with good cashmere resistance. It is very comfortable and harmless to the skin.

● It does not contain elastic ingredients, and the fabric is of high grade, which is very suitable for the underwear. It won’t stretch like tights after wearing.

The mesh fabric is similar to the lace trim, that is, the mesh fabric with mesh fabric. It is made of 6 different kinds of yarns. This mesh fabric is mainly used to cover dust or create flower balls.

During weaving, you can weave a variety of gauze fabrics with unique shapes according to the position and size of the human body. We can learn from several aspects.

● According to materials: nylon/Teflon/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/polyester mesh/polyester blend/other silk thread/steel ring/package/yarn.

● According to the process, it can be divided into yarn dyed, denim, printed denim, jacquard denim, embroidery, jacquard denim, woven denim, saw blade embroidery, hand knitting, etc.

● Process: Yarn dyed, printed denim, discharge denim, carved print denim, embroidered, embossed denim, flocked denim and burnt out denim.

● Dyeing and printing: printing on cellulose fiber to make dyeing uneven. It is printed on cotton, nylon and polyester fabrics with strong air permeability.

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