Will the white lace fabric industry have a new breakthrough?

How much is the recycling price of Huzhou silk fabrics? The latest recycling price of Zhejiang fabrics. Glossy fabrics: will the white lace fabric industry have a new breakthrough? The prospect of the global textile market is coming!

Common spandex fabrics are as follows: ordinary spandex fabric, polyester/ammonia fabric, T/R polyester/cotton blended fabric, T/C polyester/cotton blended fabric, Modal cotton blended fabric. The structural characteristics and prices of various fabrics are: more than 60% of ordinary spandex fabrics; The fabric with high count and density is relatively high-grade.

At this stage, while pursuing comfort and beauty, we are more inclined to meet and more and more fashionable clothing fabrics. The traditional business clothes remind us that we must pay attention to mold and moth prevention when the fabrics are wet and fancy.

Antibacterial and mildew resistant finishing agent is a kind of finishing textile auxiliary with excellent water resistance and durability, strong hydrostatic pressure resistance and durability. The finished textiles can obtain excellent durable water washing resistance, soft and skin friendly effects. The finished textiles can obtain excellent anti mildew effect. The finished textiles can obtain excellent water resistance and durability. It has good permeability and softness. It is a durable antibacterial and mildew resistant finishing agent, which is applicable to all kinds of fiber types and their respective fiber fabrics, giving them excellent washing resistance. It can effectively inhibit the propagation of bacteria, eliminate bacteria and protect the quality of textiles. The purpose of performance testing is to use liquid anti mildew agent to finish the textiles. The anti mildew effect is mainly divided into three grades – six grades and five grades. The washing and anti mildew effects are determined according to the use situation and actual needs. Under appropriate circumstances, the textiles can be repeatedly washed for 150 times, effectively controlling the surface moisture and the amount of corrosion test.

Immersion rolling method: use (5 s/1) rolling car to roll 5cm of the sample × 10cm (2 1) rolling car transfers 5cm of the sample × 10cm (2 1) rolling car transfers 5cm of the sample × 10 cm (1 1) after rolling.

For the construction of handling wet wipes under high temperature or high humidity and high temperature for a long time, the electric push-pull bearing motor is driven to make the operation more stable and simple.

If there is a radius, there is not enough space to use it, and there is no problem with the system volume, it needs to be rotated again after several times of use. This can not only greatly increase the service life, but also improve the service life.

When using the electric push-pull cloth, especially after a layer of antistatic agent is coated on the cloth, the cloth can be perfectly treated, and the use cost can be greatly reduced.

Incoming inspection of cloth → technical preparation → quality inspection (production → site) → acceptance of finished products → packaging inspection → packaging cutting → quality inspection → inspection.

During the visit, the environmental protection testing laboratory with 500 person times of Sichuan Earthquake conducted on-site operations on dozens of environmental protection acceptance personnel and samples for high-voltage electrostatic fields with a diameter of 650mm, made detailed statistics on the orientation of each electrostatic field, and summarized and eliminated the detection results of electrostatic areas. Here, Chuanzhen is driven by science and technology and information, takes information as the carrier, professional technology as the basis, scientific means and perfect detection means: on the basis of different anti-static fabrics and different anti-static fabrics, it accurately reflects the detection methods of different anti-static fiber components through a variety of processes, texture detection, etc., to achieve the best protection effect.

As the leading professional service provider of textile services in Europe, we have more than 30 years of experience in textile, food, service, pharmacy, cosmetics, video and other fields.

With professional and differentiated production equipment, professional quality inspectors and sample engineers, we strictly supervise the product quality and quality monitoring system through professional technology and equipment, so as to return reliable quality to your customers. Our goal is to improve the order of abusive customers, maximize the cooperation risk of suppliers, and minimize customer complaints.

The plan uses three major raw materials (polytetrapropylene glycol, polyester meal, acrylic fiber, PTT, etc.), polyester, polypropylene/nylon fiber, polyester and other fibers to produce netting and weaving, and make canvas.

Rope net is a widely used non-woven fabric product. The non-woven rope mesh structure can ensure that the rope mesh structure is smooth, clear and clean. The main reason is that the diameter uniformity and mesh density of the rope mesh are not enough, which can ensure that the rope mesh structure is smooth, regular and free of tension.

Nonwovens are nonwovens made of directional or random fibers. It is a new generation of environment-friendly material, which is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non combustion supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non irritating, rich in color, low in price, recyclable, etc.

These are the characteristics of non-woven fabrics. They have the surface characteristics of a variety of materials. They look gorgeous, elegant, noble and generous.

The non-woven fabric cannot be sawed, but because of its strong function and substitutability, it can be used for cutting, embossing, aluminum honeycomb, foam plastic, etc. The shape and feel of non-woven fabric are close to that of cloth.

Many small partners asked me what are the advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics. I think everyone has set up a small research team. What are the functions? What are the functional answers. Xiaobian recommended a long sleeved non-woven fabric for a small partner in different industries to introduce to you.

● Screen printing is a kind of handwork, so you can use screen plate to print your favorite patterns on the paper making network. In addition, the aesthetic styles are also quite diverse. The patterns that everyone likes are not complicated, and the projects they make are also different. You can restrict the opaque vision. The font color is based on screen printing.

● There are many kinds of screen frame hanging effect pictures, but the specific size and printing accuracy of the pattern and frame need to be considered. The pattern effect needs to be printed with the same wooden frame, just like a small book, which is printed in detail as an arc.

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