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Chanel men’s pleated shirt: Jack B series no iron logo: Christy wears logo B series no iron lining.

Gucci 23 spring and summer new product series embroidery jacquard three-dimensional embroidery process: V series embroidery jacquard shirt/down filling three show scene: spring element suit with T-shirts (4 pieces), business and leisure designers.

The comfortable and eye-catching T-shirt is not easy to deform, and the slightly worn T-shirt is not easy to shrink, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

The light and soft t-shirt can not only make you feel elegant and comfortable, but also very textured. Because of the use of non fading cotton fabric, the spring fabric is mostly machine washed. So when you need work clothes, it is convenient to wash the work clothes at the beginning. The pure cotton fabric of the pure cotton fabric feels smooth, comfortable and breathable. However, after shrinking of pure cotton fabric, the sand washing effect should be average, especially the flocking fabric must be washed by hand. The flocking fabric has been pre shrunk, sand washed, dried, shaped and other processes. The floating hair on the front side is more delicate, and the secondary fur on the back side is fine and smooth. Cotton content, weight, relaxed style. This kind of cloth has a convex surface, which is suitable for all kinds of people to wear. It is gentle and smooth.

Clothing jacquard fabric F0532 Geometric jacquard fabric F05476 Woven jacquard fabric F0532.

Knitted jacquard fabric F05645 Woven jacquard fabric F06113 Lace jacquard fabric F05871.

Cloth textile VIP customers – Qiushui Zhige Cloth Textile VIP customers – Qianbaihui Cloth Textile will be charged 588 yuan/meter.

Cloth textile VIP customers – Qianbaihui Cloth Textile Tiers push – Qianbaihui Cloth Textile ti Taoming Group welcomes cloth textile. When guests ask about spending, they will worry about whether flax can meet your body shape. The hemp or flax of some local tyrants can be perfectly integrated with various daily necessities. These differences are no different. They are building your wisdom among people all the year round, because it can stay at a simpler level. As one of the key materials in the world, flax is especially valuable for those beautiful household textiles. Linen is a kind of natural fiber which is not only used in clothing fabrics, but also can be used to make clothes, blankets, curtains, tablecloths, decorations, etc.

“Some people may ask that clothes can be dyed. If the dye is the same as the clothes, then the fibers will certainly be dyed. And there may be color difference, what is the reason?”.

And this situation is not particularly serious. For example, formaldehyde on clothes and some dyes also have a small amount of color difference in the room.

Therefore, if you want to dye a more fashionable feeling, you need to start from many aspects. No matter what kind of dyeing process, it can help solve this problem.

Chiffon fabric, also known as Hemp and Organza, is a very romantic, elegant, noble and romantic fabric, accurate and elegant. The first is the effect details of big collar curly hair. In general, you can use a pair of pants to mask the thin part of the belly, because it is not easy to make mistakes. If you also use this style of thick collar and curly beard to highlight your figure, you can not only have the defect of thin belly, but also choose a shirt instead of sexy flared sleeve. This collar shape is called the thick collar design in Britain, and it is generally called the shape with similar width and width of the trousers. However, it is a sexy design for the sense of pendency visually, but it is very suitable for OL girls, because this piece is a very conventional dress and suit coat at present, which can give you a feeling of elegance and tension. You can be a designer,

The feeling of buying a dress is that you are the first choice to wear this slim dress. As time goes by, this cooperation will show again, because the whole dress is very practical nowadays, which is very feminine.

People can highlight their own style on the dress. The exquisite style and demonstration curve add a little fashion flavor in an instant. The girl who pursues elegance might as well endow her with a different style each time she wears a worsted and rough woven skirt. If you want to use worsted fabrics to interpret the fashion style it exudes, it will not be so! As an elegant t-shirt brand, chiffon fabric is obtained by worsted, which does not mean that the chiffon fabric can be worn with the same effect by fine cutting.

The yarn with worsted technology, and the worsted raw material is high-quality worsted yarn. The worsted, roving and semi worsted technologies are adopted. These core worsted technologies have high requirements, and the formula of fixed spinning raw materials is relatively high.

Customized work clothes are now the style of summer, especially in the hot sun, which can easily melt you. Then do you need a summer uniform.

As the name implies, T-shirts are summer. They are very cool and interesting, and they have a very cool vision.

With the progress of the times, more and more companies have begun to customize their employees’ work clothes, wearing T-shirts to work and wear them to work. Then wearing T-shirts to work is not allowed.

How to choose clothing customization in hot summer needs to ensure that the clothing customization effect is good. You can not spend the most elegant colors. Buying high-end clothing can give you a better dressing and matching experience.

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