White lace fabric products&selection strategy

Tianyuan Textile pays attention to the quality of fabrics and product research and development. The monthly new products reach more than 20%. It never pursues fashion and trend. White lace fabric products&selection strategy. It is an international advanced product that takes a lot of time, believes in comfortable wearing, fashion and fashion taste.

Tianyuan Group held February at the end of launching the global total import and export volume of textile entrepreneurs. Tianyuan Textile had 120 companies, and the net profit was used to produce the yarn and fabric of Tianyuan Textile. In the third quarter, Tianyuan textile market enjoyed a good momentum. In the third quarter, the operation of Tianyuan textile market was completed in the same period.

The total production and sales inventory of Tianyuan Textile is 2.6 million, 120 million, 80 million, 2.5 million and 3 million. All brands of Tianyuan Textile have their products ready and are available from stock, which can provide sales services.

lace trim

The existing business mainly exports clothing, clothing in shoes and hats, gloves, socks, underwear and cigarettes from Japan, Vietnam, the United States and other countries.

In order to protect children’s skin from some harmful harm, especially some children’s skin sensitive adult skin sensitive, we often do is “special products for infants and young children”. Generally speaking, it is important for children to breathe. In order to avoid injury, children’s skin should be well moisturized.

Usually, it refers to TPU fabrics that can absorb sweat, breathe, absorb moisture and sweat well. After gluing, there are two main processes for fitting fabrics, one is quick drying, and the other is full stretching. The test results show that children can absorb sweat, breathe and sweat. This process uses dry method to absorb a liquid of moisture from deep skin, and then to the surface of human skin.

The adhesive fast drying sports TPU film is 1m thick and extends forward to the surface of the fabric, without oil coating, and forms a film covering layer on the dry and wet parts.

General Velcro Cloth High strength Velcro Cloth Material: Polyester fiber Color: Multi color selection: Nylon and polyester have obvious reflective effect due to the color reflection, in addition, they have strong flame retardancy, and the temperature of the cloth can be determined by burning.

Nylon and polyester twisted yarn are processed with high temperature color changing adhesive, which has high color fastness after processing. It has good reflective and reflective properties in the back glue effect, and can be used in industries with more or less reflective work at night. It is widely used in: elastic belts of electronic plants, glass plants, machinery plants and other enterprises. Customers can back strips according to their needs. The minimum width or side length is about one inch and about 20cm. Purple red light strips can also be back strips. They can also be cut into pieces that will produce light. Widely used in: electronic factory, LED factory, etc.

The elastic belt manufacturer tells you how to cut the elastic belt or lace flower belt of the ribbon as clothing accessories. Every detail on the clothing is the details of the ribbon.

● For the selection of the silk thread density of the ribbon, the silk light is brighter, and the silk thread density covered by the silk thread must also be higher.

● Attention should be paid to the selection of ribbon lines. In fact, the way we can select delicate lace is that the pattern is novel and decorative.

Polyester thread is relatively bright and good. It is a kind of webbing. Polyester material is used as backpack belt. Compared with other materials, the material is of high quality.

lace trim

The strength and abrasion resistance of polyester fiber are better than those of alkali resistance and disinfection. Polyester fiber on the market has a very strong sun resistance, is not easy to age, and has a wide range of colors.

The alkali resistance and heat resistance of polyester material are also very good, which can be applied to piano dust box, piano and even fine cotton cloth.

Polyester textiles are also very durable. Some objects have rough surfaces and poor wear resistance. The acid resistance is general, and small crude benzene or some low strength aluminum alloys need to be used, which must be made by special process and then treated.

Because the raw materials are from enterprises, the manufacturers have already made various kinds of easily damaged fibers in the early stage. As enterprises continue to research and develop new fiber materials, they can only obtain certain results if they continue to invest in research and development in technology.

So, how can we buy high-quality blended fabrics? We must choose according to the occasion, and have a set of scientific detection methods. If you wear sweaters in winter, you should wear sweaters at all levels. Especially in the north, the indoor temperature must be sufficient. Then, when choosing chemical fiber fabrics, you should choose those kinds of chemical fiber fabrics and not mix them with many clothes.

The cotton is good, light and warm, and at the same time, it is thicker and heavier than the down jacket. In winter, try to choose thick ones, otherwise you will feel very thick. Then, the warm keeping effect will be better for thicker down jackets.

Because of the role of heat preservation, it can be used as thermal underwear. Thin materials can be used as products, and the thermal effect will be better. At the same time, you can also bring comfortable wearing experience by wearing close to the outside, which can not only help improve the warmth, but also increase vitality for the warmth of life.

Running belt adjustment can be extended or worn for a short time to reduce blood circulation and improve warm-up time. The comfortable movement of the running belt will reduce the movement (pay attention to the way of exercise when jogging).

In addition to exercise time, you can also choose the fabric with elasticity or thermal insulation for a long time under various circumstances.

Fabric: Generally speaking, it is easy to choose a relatively durable fabric. Choosing comfortable and soft fabrics will not only increase the comfort of wearing, but also reduce the irritation to the skin.

Comfort: Starting from the foot curve, select durable foot and foot binding fabric to make the foot more comfortable.

With wholehearted guidance, everyone will look carefully, and every detail reflects the pursuit of a better life.

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