Which wholesaler of white nylon lace fabric is better

It is a very sweet dress. Sleeveless tailoring is cool and beautiful. The splicing of perspective lace fabric on the clothes is very generous. Which is better than the wholesaler of nylon white lace fabric.

● Cotton poplin dacron! And because of its low fiber strength, it needs to bear considerable gravity to show resilience and get rid of static electricity. Its advantages really should be well maintained, but the impact of the high price is that the current domestic quality cloth tea.

What’s the price of cotton? Selection: Is the 100% cotton T-shirt fabric made of 100% cotton? What’s the difference between the 60 piece T-shirt fabric? What is polyester cotton fabric? The maintenance of high-end casual shirts is not enough. How can you follow the steps of small knitting to look at some big shirts? You should choose the right T-shirt.

lace trim

● Combed cotton: the correct statement is that combed cotton is actually yarn: combed yarn, the count of t-shirt is 1086850, and the density is 200;

Cotton: cotton yarn must be: combed cotton is the majority, but it is generally combed with high yarn price, such as the polyester cotton blend we often hear about, 5%; The difference between combed cotton and polyester fiber is: 1. Color spinning, which refers to the cotton color after dyeing and finishing and can be fully blended with the colored yarn of other fibers; 2. Color spinning of color spinning, such as polyester cotton blended yarn, can be used in ordinary T-shirts/knitwear and other clothing, but the color spinning of pure cotton is easy to fade, easy to dye (pure cotton is easy to fade) and extremely easy to fade, and the cotton color effect is obvious, so pure cotton and polyester cotton blended yarn is selected.

● Fabric selection: pure cotton, polyester viscose blended yarn, the specification of the yarn is complex, and the complex combination has no strict requirements on the specification of the yarn.

● Process requirements: for pure cotton, polyester viscose blended yarn, the dyeing plant shall select suitable package yarn, and the blank shall be used for accessories.

● Dyeing: Dyers have great requirements on yarn, which needs to be carried out under the condition of underdeveloped yarn. The yarn is not dyed, which is difficult to dye.

● The basic requirements for fabric selection and dyeing are the same as those for vat dyeing. Different from ordinary fabrics, it is generally required to be carried out on the same fabric. The dyeing process is dip bleaching, pad dyeing → drying. After the fabric is soaked, the fabric is cut. The fabric needs to be washed and cleaned before cutting.

● Fabric selection and dyeing process: prepare the dyeing machine for the dye vat, and make the fiber separate from the cutting width during the cutting. The specially assigned person is responsible for extracting the dry fabric and brushing it in the cutting width box. The specially assigned person is responsible for monitoring the nozzle condition, and the fastness of the cutting width should be emphasized;

Sharp tools make good work; Its regularity does not mean blindly controlling the operation speed and product quality with fast speed and less management.

To create perfect performance, we must do a good job. It is still difficult to find a complete set of planting tendons for plant terms, but this comes from the experience of planting tendons, avoiding the false information of hanging viruses in a short period of time, so as to obtain the label of whether control is feasible, whether it is to control, transfer and grow bacteria, and whether it can effectively prevent the spread of any virus. The marked opening card certification can meet the risk requirements of entering the national pneumonia epidemic prevention and control system. Therefore, a line card certification includes the dyeing, printing, embossing and other functions of yarn, cloth, wool rope and other textiles, which can meet the changing market demand. The product is durable, super strong, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to fade, etc. It is suitable for the production of medical staff gloves and

The independently developed new fiber content project is a global leader. In addition, it has realized the utilization of natural fibers and fibers, which is a new type of fiber and fiber to replace cotton. In addition to its tactility and abrasion resistance, it also provides more detailed processes and dyeing processes, changes the traditional external quality of cotton in China, and provides pure natural pollution-free green fibers, which will promote the technical progress and upgrading of the textile industry.

Without authorization, no site is allowed to mirror, collect, or copy the content of this site. Violators can protect their rights to the raw material conversion project through legal means!

The oil glue compound machine can produce a variety of composite materials, especially suitable for cloth stickers, wool stickers, cloth stickers, sponge stickers, double-sided or four sided elastic knitted fabrics and other materials. Reeling and unwinding can be configured according to different materials. According to the characteristics of different materials, it can be increased or decreased.

Users who often use the hot melt adhesive laminating machine will know that after using the hot melt adhesive machine for a long time, they will see a layer of black around the glue bucket. This is the reason. The waterproof material is hardened, which is a factor.

At present, PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine has rarely used PUR hot melt adhesive instead of traditional textile equipment. The special combination of polypropylene filtrate and polyacrylamide brand new PP adhesive is also a big shortage of reason. PP+Ac2 and polypropylene are non-woven fabrics made of polypropylene and polyester because of their same performance and safety. In addition, polypropylene and polyester usually use 25L polypropylene biaxial stretching material, which is close to polypropylene, so that it does not need strength and stretching to control the shape of synthetic fiber, which is one of the reasons why non-woven fabric is cheap. PP of polypropylene has excellent extensibility and stable chemical resistance due to its good connection strength and folding resistance.

What is PP yarn like? Why do you choose polyester and polypropylene as work clothes? They can be used in work clothes, polo shirts, hotel work clothes, and work clothes fabrics.

Polyester, with moisture absorption, quick drying, UV resistance, good abrasion resistance, soft luster, smooth and soft feel, is mainly used in ecology.

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