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In autumn, women’s wear fabrics sold in many varieties, and transactions began to grow. Nylon lace fabric factory which is better. When choosing nylon, which materials should be used? What is the main demand and the size of the store? It is very different from the recent situation of raw materials. There is not much concern about the popularity of clothing. There are five varieties, all of which have their own favorite styles. Replace a pile of excipients with health. At the same time, the golden nylon silk was introduced to show elegance and magnificence with youth. This kind of colored nylon wire is matched with high-quality metal wire. The gold and silver wire matching this chain belt is customized by spinning, focusing on comfort. Every detail shows the craftsman’s work.

Polyester colored ribbon yarn, this nylon chain yarn is made of high strength nylon full nylon 6 twist yarn. This nylon chain yarn is made of high strength polyester nylon full nylon 6 twisted yarn. Its characteristics are as follows: warp twisting and doubling engineering yarn, weft yarn has single layer, double layer and multiple layers, and the appearance is up to 8 deniers. The quality of wedding dress lace in Bengbu.

In the near future, the price of upstream materials is stable, and the price of dust-proof agent is also in a stable state. Inspired by the turnover of the Double 11, dye dust-proof agent and other products will be promoted online. Affected by the slowing growth of the global market economy, dye dust-proof agent and other products will do more.

Textile machinery reduces the soaring cost of coal combustion every year. The municipal supervision bureau has extended the threshold for the consumption of dye dust-proof agent. If the environmental protection meets the requirements, please pay attention to the requirements of the rules review. When the municipal supervision bureau adjusted the review of auxiliaries in December, it found that the classification efficiency of the dye dust-proof agent was lower than that of the above.

lace trim

In the era of environmental protection and sustainable development, in addition to the impact of productivity and resource integration efficiency, the waste of textile auxiliaries may reach 5% – 100%. Even if the future is full of difficulties, the sales mode of textile auxiliary stores will also give consumers new choices for the market. Regardless of consumers, they only need to check more new products, and more products related to the direct and indirect end consumer groups of relevant stores will buy, which will be 80% of the future price.

Disclaimer: The information displayed above is provided by the member himself, and the publishing member is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy of the content. The product website does not assume any responsibility for this. Product Network does not assume any guarantee responsibility for this.

Friendly reminder: In order to avoid the purchase risk, it is recommended that you must confirm the supplier’s qualification and product quality before purchasing relevant products. If the price is too low, it may be false information. Please be cautious and guard against fraud. It is suggested that you should ask for the detailed instructions of the main products before selecting the relevant products. Binding process: all raw materials are collected from raw material collection equipment – batching – cutting – sewing – packaging – acceptance. The calculation method and corresponding service items shall be ensured for all sewn products.

If you are looking for or fumbling, please control it in the past. Taboos are guaranteed. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. If possible, you should choose the first service. Very few people are willing to set up an agent.

N Zen version small waist lace is dual-use European and American lace, and European version lace fabric is suitable for modern college style.

● The European version has good quality and all hardware is complete. If you need processing, you can contact our professional designers to tailor it for you.

● It can be decorated on various products, including clothing, bags, toys, handbags, bags, shoes and boots, etc.

● PU, leather and PU materials: the weather resistance test of bright fog surface, and the toughness and comfort meet the standard requirements.

● According to the weather resistance test method of PU fog surface, single wash coating is adopted (B01 ash mixing level 1, B50 hand washing level 100, B60 hand washing level 25),

● Use the normal dry and wet scrubbing method (ASTM G-250A, BB as the standard. The material of wet scrubbing sample should be within 320E of Heze 75% – 80% ring piece. It is common to dry the wet scrubbing sample for 10-40 seconds as appropriate. It is proved that the water content of the sample at one time is not more than one-third if there is no solvent.

● Resistance to chlorine bleaching. It can be used for weaving polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, Tencel, and their blended yarns into good chlorine bleach resistance, direct dye chlorine bleach resistance, chlorine bleach resistance and disperse thickener bleach resistance, polyester low foam, heterochromatic, after dyeing, ultraviolet fluorescence brightening, preventing ultraviolet fluorescence brightening, extending service life, protecting textiles from sterilization under sunlight or sunlight, applicable to cotton, polyester, wool, viscose, silk, nylon, acrylic and polyester fibers.

UV resistant finishing agent ZL is an effective UV fading agent with high color fastness to sunlight. It is used for UV resistant finishing of cotton, polyester, viscose and other synthetic fibers and their blends.

The dip rolling method is used for various fiber materials and dyeing conditions to significantly improve the color fastness of disperse dye dyeing.

The determination factor of dosage and working property is 1/10~1/10 of garment dyeing, and the same type of dye selected on the basis of market demand working steps that do not affect the fiber type and appearance.

In terms of dyeing characteristics of various natural and man-made fibers, including fabric characteristics, no iron, high wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance, breathability and moisture permeability, etc.

For example, reactive dyes are dyed with red or yellow dye light; Printing and dyeing of nylon or polyester; The special pigment is dyed black and red; Or pull out black and dye various colors such as red, yellow, blue and purple.

Direct printing ink is mainly used for ink-jet printing paper and photo printing paper. It is a variety of printing ink that is clear, firm and can distinguish images.

Digital printing machine belongs to ink-jet printing technology. In addition to the above, the manufacturing principles of ink and nozzle are basically the same. The specific analysis is as follows.

● The nozzle is not clean and free of marks: the ink color is uneven and oily, the adhesion is not strong, and the knots are uniform and the openings are not straight.

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