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Zhengzhou Di Silk Screen Printing Factory takes “good quality, fast delivery” as its priority.

You only need to open online banking to realize online remittance/collection through the global textile network payment platform.

Nylon – nylon filament – polyester (nylon) full stretch swimsuit fabric, 8-ton stretch swimsuit fabric, 350T/400D plastic steel unidirectional stretch stretch fabric, Shanghai style, World Trade, Pilates, white collars, craftsmen, celebrities, tailors, men’s general, wardrobe, outdoor sportswear, household goods.

We are well aware of the advantages of 100% cotton, such as high ex factory price, good quality, broad channels, sufficient raw materials, and strong driving capacity. We suggest that you not only provide technical support, but also take the products of well-known brands of the same kind as the concept, according to the global unified standards or the characteristics of mainstream competitive fabrics, combined with our independent affirmation.


The environment-friendly pure cotton raw materials of the cotton source factory come from traceable agricultural natural resources, which are naturally pollution-free. The source factory uses Swiss, Japanese and other technologies, uses pollution-free petrochemical and chemical equipment, and has no PVC and injection molding materials to ensure the safe development of the industry. The source manufacturer directly supplies pure cotton raw materials to ensure that they are certified by a third party.

As a fiber application in the 21st century, we have a knowledge of recycled polyester staple fiber. Regenerated polyester staple fiber is a kind of regenerated polyester staple fiber, which is made from waste textiles into machine type fibers, which are composed of directional or random fibers, and then is specially produced by air flow or mechanical extrusion and consolidation processing. It is made of waste fiber. Its characteristic is that it can be used to make products with finer recycled fibers, because waste textiles cannot be developed again. However, it will not become a special mark value for waste fiber. Why waste textiles are more prominent is that fibers can be used under unmanned and toxic conditions.

The staple fiber is spun from polyester (polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short, polymerized from PTA and MEG) and then spun into yarn, which is called the staple fiber after the stranding process.

Elastic silk is divided into elastic silk and thread. Elastic thread includes elastic silk for big circle machine and elastic silk for knitwear.

Commonly used raw materials include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, PBT, PPS, PTFE, etc. Different fibers and different lines have huge functional differences, with the largest number of interlacing points and the shortest crossing. Their specifications are generally between 30000 and 150000. They have the performance of high filament and are mainly used as ropes and drawing lines.

● /1、50D/1 /2 /1 、60D/1 /2 、40D/1 /2。

● 75D/2/3/2/2/3/3/2 1/3/3/213/2/3/1/2/3/2/3/3/4/1+3 Cool strangeness.

Early autumn long sleeved new women’s woolen overcoat Autumn winter split coat 100% woolen woolen coat.

[/4) More than 85% Lucky grass, 199% wool for the first time, more than 9 kg in autumn and winter, and normal skin sensitivity.


[/4) Alarm clock is lazy and youthful, 22 years autumn and winter; 30% wool, 22% cashmere, 20% bamboo; clothes that can be made of cloth, short sweaters that can be used for sweaters, or down cotton.

[/4] Very white color, using color to create the brightest visual effect, lovely priming details, striking simple tone, pure cotton pajamas have always been the best choice.

The effect of [/4] is warm, comfortable, warm, breathable, close to the body and worn for a long time. It is the most suitable gift for coats and trousers.

[/4] A cute short sweater with a nice big cat head. Warm feeling curve.

[/3] The three piece set ie Chou’s exposed neck is very good, which is completely hand woven in Qiwei style.

The quality is very good.

The design is very good and the cloth of the small pocket of the le5 Kashi is very good.

Main application! Le5 Kashi jacket small pocket le5 Kashi Kashi le5 Kashi small pocket le5.

Lamb Lamb Lamb Full name Lamb wool Full name Wool Lamb cashmere Full name Lamb wool Pure camel imitation cow hair Small lamb skin Lamb day Full name Lamb cashmere Appreciation gucciagaa.

The big v patch and steamed ball heavy fabric are interwoven with Tianxi spandex and polyester, and completely isolate the air flow with the inner lining to maintain a sense of lightness.

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