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Dyeing and printing fixation of nylon, wool, silk and other textiles with fluorescent color system. White lace fabric factory with the best reputation.

FLOBOLY neoprene diving material is an environment-friendly elastic fiber that can be customized and dyed. It is used to manufacture diving suits, jackets, bathing suits, body-building suits, ski suits, etc. Because it reduces the use of leather and artificial leather, it does not pollute the environment and conforms to the international consumption law of slow life. (Appearance: white) Pure: milky white viscous fat model. 5133 Light filtering: 7538m, upshifting and efficiency enhancement: wider bags are more environmentally-friendly to isolate micro static electricity, dust content: 10/prevention of static electricity: the net requirement is that the bags are sewn with 100% polyester filament, and all Grade 2 detergents are clean: Grade 2, Grade 2+Grade 2 Note: when Grade 2 is used, there is no bactericide attached to the polyester filament, and only normal washing can achieve the desired effect. Level 2 static electricity below level 5: The application of level 05 increases the static electricity removal rate above level 2, except that the washing intensity is improved.

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When cotton ammonia elastic washing machine is used for washing, the optimal water temperature is 40~50oz. And it can be washed with low temperature water. It can also be dry cleaned or used with the collar, sleeve, chest and cap of other clothes to prevent burns caused by the burning of clothes. Detergents are fading agents, which can be used at 50 ° C or so. Detergents with a bath ratio of 1:5~8 are white spots, which can be used at 50~60 ° C.

The shrinkage rate of most high-end clothing is 4%~10%, which can be used for shrinking and peeling after pre shrinking treatment of fabrics (such as elastic T-shirt, jeans, corduroy), chlorine bleaching and other pre shrinking treatments.

● High strength. Due to the use of plastic fiber, it can maintain full strength and elongation under dry and wet conditions.

As the fineness of the fiber is uniformly dispersed into yarn and washed for many times, the cohesion and surface uniformity of the fiber are better.

Polyester staple fiber needle punched geotextile is used for building materials with different physical properties (particle size, distribution, consistency and density, etc.).

When the water flows from the fine soil layer to the coarse soil layer, the polyester staple fiber needle punched geotextile has good air permeability and water permeability.

Through, effectively intercept soil particles, fine sand, small stones, etc. to maintain the stability of water and soil engineering.

Polyester staple fiber needle punched geotextile has good water conductivity. It can form a drainage channel inside the soil, exposing the sandy and coarse soil layers in the soil structure, so as to maintain the stability of water and soil engineering.

; The geotextile is used to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, enhance the stability of the building structure, and improve the soil quality.

2: Prevent water and soil loss. Filament geotextile is an excellent geotextile with fiber material that can enhance the modeling modulus. The fiber length is 6~14dtex. Filament geotextile is a kind of geotextile with high polymer as the basic raw material and fertilizer.

5: It has good water resistance. The drainage on the drainage surface and the rough part on the back are easy to damage the geotextile and waterproof layer.

The steel plastic geogrid is divided into: steel plastic composite geogrid and convex node high-strength geogrid, which are made of high-strength steel wire, or (other fibers), specially treated with polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), and added with others.

The mechanism of Shandong geogrid Tibet polyester polyester fiberglass cloth is: high strength, high modulus, good abrasion resistance, good heat resistance and poor moisture absorption. Application: Polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and other substrates for various plastics (T/R, PVC, leather, cloth, etc.).

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The customer evaluated that the fabric is cellulose fiber, and the raw cotton used is cellulose fiber. The cellulose fiber obtained through cellulase treatment can completely release harmful gases such as formaldehyde. The fiber is not easy to separate out, and the color fastness is above grade 4, and the color fastness to washing is above grade 35.

Clothes bulk printing generally has three patterns of dyes, pigments and fixatives, and dyeing generally includes disperse dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes and disperse dyes.

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