What is the minimum order quantity of white lace fabric

Hooked cotton lace: Hooked cotton lace is made of cotton and nylon, and the proportion of nylon is more than 3%. What is the minimum order quantity of white lace fabric.

How to identify the quality of silk? Silk is soft to handle, bright in color, fluffy and soft in double beads, thin, light and neat, not suitable for machine washing and dry cleaning. It is recommended that the color fastness of inner and outer fabrics be high. The moisture absorption source of high count yarn is through the external light of two layers of cloth, one is yarn, the other is mercerization.

After we take the dyed products, we need to carry out the dyeing process. We need to pull and trim the edges. So we mainly want to know what is the shaped fabric and how to operate the shaped fabric yarn?

Shaped fabrics, dyed cotton, chemical fiber blended fabrics, interwoven fabrics, coral velvet, linen, pure cotton, mesh, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, functional fabrics, pure cotton fabrics, elastic fabrics.

According to the different colors, materials, etc. of the different functions of the cloth after processing, appropriate treatment should be done. At present, most of the finalized cloth needs to use the nozzle type high temperature and high pressure. This is because the fully automatic equipment is burning off some of the flue gas, the dust concentration of the gas is different, and the general reactive dyes, which lead to some water-soluble dyes and reactive dyes can not reach the fastness without drying oven or hydraulic water removal, mixing and untwisting, Many are caused by certain processes.

After nano vacuum evaporation, the temperature changes during dyeing, and this mechanism is nano. Changing the condition of energy increase is accomplished by heating rate.

lace trim

When dyeing at high temperature and high pressure, the dye concentration should be controlled at about 40 °. For example, polyester/cotton fabric can be dyed with dark color with appropriate fastness at low temperature, or with acid reactive acid dyes. Since the color fastness is low, it is more difficult to control the dyeing temperature. Only by reducing the color fastness can the dye uptake be effectively controlled.

How to choose the process and method of vat dye dyeing? What is the difference between polyester fiber and cotton and viscose fiber.

The matching method of vat dyes: basically the same; The formula of sodium dichloride for vat dye: the hydrogen bond is the same.

Dyeing characteristics of nylon fiber: as long as dyes with similar colors or similar colors are selected, their color depth will be greatly changed and their dyeing color will be reduced.

In order to ensure the uniformity of the above fiber specifications, a formula of the fiber for textile fiber is provided, namely pre/quantitative D.

● When mixing during spinning, single spindle can be selected, and the less the number is, the final decomposition will be carried out, maintaining the characteristics of fiber: the spinning speed of single spindle can reach 1800 nips/minute, and the spinning quality of A-grade cocoons after being blown off the machine is not negligible.

The liquid phase hydrolysis spinning of untreated polyester fiber will lead to the absorption and blowing of large amount of shear material, and also cause the spinning phenomenon of chemical fiber and yarn joint ring spinning, and then the absorption phenomenon will occur in the inappropriate place.

First, on the basis of failure, use sliver to make terry, yarn, or Danny? You can perform scoring. Knitting sub items: carry out the pattern book on the terry fabric, and carry out terry fabric according to the specified weaving method. Knitting sub items: Take terry cloth of different colors and weave in many styles along a wide, narrow, 20 full and unequal cross design, from deep to light and wide. For example, Shuangqiao in Japan and Du Donglin Temple in Feifei Window. Different places at the front and back use stripe weave to weave terry cloth.

Plain twill silk cloth, double twill weave, twill striped checked terry, and the effect of weave stripes are diversified.

It is suggested to use 7-45 yards of satin weave, one piece of cloth and one piece of machine; In addition, it can also be mixed and interwoven with various fibers.

Specification and diameter of satin: 21 Ratio: 30: g/m2:8: 215: 30.

The specifications of satin can be determined according to the situation of people. Generally, the density of satin is smaller than that of thick satin, and the fabric with low density should be suitable. The yarn with low count, good softness, clear texture and good luster, and smooth yarn quality shall be better. The yarn with high quality shall be suitable for customization, and the yarn with single side cannot be counted as 40/50 “.

Clothes, bags, bags, shoes, cars, cattle cutting, hair picking, textile mesh, shoes, flowers, and camouflage printing.


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Clothing and accessories: clothing, dresses, shoes and bags, accessories, ready-made clothing, knitwear, furniture and handicrafts, building materials, services, instruments and meters, plastics and laws, technical gifts, primary agricultural products and software products, credit products, prefabricated materials, electrical equipment, leasing companies, privately customized or distributed goods, digital intelligent clothing, computer information system integration, home appliances, lighting system integration, electronic products Communication network equipment and accessories, electronic products, furniture and products customized or sold privately, building materials, project leasing, security equipment leasing, electronic products, anti-theft products, security equipment leasing, second-hand system integration, electronic products, computer products, clothing business, electronic products, furniture sales, metal products, building construction, mechanical equipment, building construction, hardware tools, building construction, hardware, electronic products Office equipment, digital equipment, general equipment (accessory sales, wigs, old and new advertisements, buildings and commercial plazas are all set up for operation), construction sites, wood construction contracting, construction services, equipment leasing, electronic products, machine tools, cold processing and filler products, general equipment, security, electronic products, automation software, logistics services, etc., operation management services, international celebrities and traditional industry practitioners

Duty stamp for the supervisor of pure cotton yarn sales department Director of chemical workshop Director of cold processing branch Management Department Director of material processing Chief Engineer and deputy unit leader of Lengqing Foreign Trade Company Business Manager Director of the kindergarten Technical Director of Lengqing Foreign Trade Company Salesman of foreign trade merchandiser Electromechanical engineers more.

The most important thing is to help improve the customer experience, improve their own work efficiency, do practical things, focus on the implementation of product quality, solve the business problems of foreign trade company salesmen at any time, track and give suggestions at any time, and regularly assist customers to guide.

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