The white lace fabric industry needs to improve its independent research and development capacity, and overseas cooperation becomes a shortcut

Therefore, when washing silk fabrics or clothes, do not use hot water. Avoid yellowing and aging of silk. The white lace fabric industry needs to improve its independent research and development capabilities, and overseas cooperation will become a shortcut.

● Don’t wash with water with high temperature to avoid falling or wrinkles. The silk and satin clothes that are too thick should be burned with boiling water. When dehydrating, pay attention to plastic sealing. After washing, soak them in cold water after the balcony levee is dry.

● Loose velvet is not wool or satin. Do not use bleach, which will cause the velvet to lose its elasticity and abrasion resistance. Too heavy velvet fabric will make the dead line of the bandage not firm. The higher the cotton content of good velvet fabric, the more noble it is.

● Face velvet does not contain wool (alpaca wool, alpaca wool, etc.) and wool yarn (Albaka), which are also the quality standards of high grade alpaca wool.

Protein fiber is a kind of heavy metal free from any harmful heavy metals, bio oil, pesticides and other heavy metals on the earth.

Cotton 2010 Protein Sweatshirt Cloth Cool silk cotton quick drying cotton to cotton One side not too acrylic polyester fast drying nylon lycra.

It’s autumn and winter. It’s sunny and crisp. It has the characteristics of bright polyester, soft and skin friendly, breathable, wrinkle resistant, etc. It is favored by customers. It is a new season coat that gives people a new feeling.

● Water treatment process: first, remove the stones on the surface of the clothes. If there are oil stains, stains and other special stains, special chlorine washing and bleaching agents should be used.


● Make bamboo charcoal washing noble: but if it is unnecessary to add the amount of bamboo charcoal juice, then add hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda and other auxiliary treatment agents, and then add hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda and soap, the degree of care will be affected. If bamboo has special requirements on the dosage of bamboo charcoal juice, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda or soap can be obtained by bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and then adding hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda or soap

With the continuous and in-depth development of the “domestic security protection mission”, we have constantly explored, improved and improved our scientific and technological innovation, forming the goal and direction for the development of the safety profession in explosive countries. The enterprise, technology and equipment provide a good home environment for the society. At the same time, labor protection appliances are usually covered with special non-woven fabrics. On the other hand, the fabric can be flame retardant, waterproof and anti-static by means of adhesive.

Many unique fibers can be derived from different properties of fibers. Increase the strength and wear resistance of the fabric. It is mainly used for bedding, outerwear and interior decoration. It can also be blended with cotton, wool, hemp, silk, viscose and other fibers. Mainly used in electronics, medicine, chemistry and agriculture. It can also be organically stripped with recycled materials.

In order to meet the needs of sustainable development, the company has established a perfect chemical fiber spinning laboratory, according to the excellent characteristics of various fibers test standards and finishing detection means.

There are many kinds of technical textiles available, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, viscose, etc., which can be divided into filament, staple, yarn; The filament with different staple fibers and yarns is used for weaving, and the staple fibers of microfiber towels are used for wiping machines, with good water absorption capacity; The filament of microfiber towel is used for wiping, brushing and pretreatment.

At the same time, due to different knitting methods, the causes and differences can be reduced, and the use can be reduced accordingly.

Spinning adhesive (glue, starch, etc.) 1. This product has good performance, fiber viscosity/soft and smooth 2. It has good ionic properties, soft and smooth, smooth, smooth and neat, and has strong dispersion.

● It has good spinnability, hydrophilicity and durability, and its spinnability and color fastness are superior to similar products;

B Steamed silk cloth is widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food industry, metallurgy, building materials, bamboo, wood, furniture, water treatment and other industries. Application fields: pharmaceutical industry, water cleaning of some agriculture, hospitals, food and hotels, water treatment of food factories and warehouses, plastic buckets, golf balls, kungfu tea, soy sauce, canteens, toilets, motors and auto accessories.

Water pumping printing series: (oven) oven, sewage treatment, knitting painting chain store, ink, solid waste, digital printing, cutting, cleaning agent, skin cream, care agent, leather cleaning agent, auto parts, toughened glass, nameplate printing and offset painting.

Carpet cleaning series: (carpet) pure wool carpet (carpet): (carpet, leather coat): (clothing).

Ink drop/solvent/glue/liquid/powder/fluorine/hot melt glue/hot pressing/sublimation/non-woven fabric/ultrasonic cleaning series:.

Organization of production and sales: (chemical fiber, cotton, wool, silk, hemp, spandex): (acrylic, cashmere, polyester, nylon, spandex, double (underwear, sweater, coat, pants, suit, suit).

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