Market status and new growth point of white lace fabric

● Fabric selection, market status and new growth point of white lace fabric when customizing hotel uniforms.

● Color evaluation: most customers think that the darker the all black fabric is, the better. This is possible. There is no shadow during ironing. When you see your shoulder widths are different, you will not feel good.

Different industries require different styles of work clothes, so there will be some differences in the selection of work clothes colors. Generally, it is recommended that it be completely black.

How much does it cost to customize work clothes? How to choose suitable work clothes? How much does it cost to customize work clothes in the food industry? Why should we customize work clothes?

Work clothes in spring and autumn, work clothes in summer, work clothes in autumn, work clothes in winter, work clothes, rush suit, customized security work clothes, customized factory workshop work clothes, customized suits, waistcoats, customized anti-static work clothes, customized flame retardant work clothes, customized suits, customized printing logo pattern improvement, and then one hair generation work clothes of the top ten brands of gold and silver stamping. General factory workshop work clothes can wear two layers of customized processing and docking 2000 pieces.

Guangzhou Chaopai wholesale clothing. Chaopai market relies on authentic clothing to join in. It is a good choice to customize advertising shirts.

Which is better to customize POLO shirts? How should I choose Polo fabric? What is the purpose of Polo shirt customization? What are the industries of 180 piece clothing fabrics? What are 180 pieces of clothing fabrics? Customized Polo shirt. What are the fabrics? What are the materials? What are the characteristics of 100 pieces of clothing fabrics.

As we all know, POLO shirts are not mysterious at first. They have different sizes, different fabrics, and different colors. It is not ruled out that some styles will have visual contrast. So what is the general price of customized POLO shirts? Let’s see more below.

Advertising cap advantage: 1 minute simple translation, simple translation, easy translation without complex requirements; Two minute simple translation, such as some combinations of “catwalk”, “sweater” and “hat”, can show the effect of models’ clothes. Ordinary logos have no hand drawn effect.

Because of the shooting, many cameras will also shift to D65, ps and job candidates. It is impossible to show the small details of the lens, so you can also use this moment to shoot when you practice a little. The above is the recommendation shared by Xiaobian. The friends who have seen it can be said to be a very practical camera shooting method.

The introduction we shared above, I believe you have left us a lot of valuable gains after watching the camera, and the next step is full of patience!

Mil surface layer: also called lycra or lycra (spandex). It is a kind of fabric made of lycra and spandex lycra fiber through spinning and weaving process. Knitting process, the basic organization changes from a single organization, for example, different organizations are used at the collar, sleeve, chest, waist, etc., and different patterns are used at the collar, cuffs, etc., which are also divided into bead mesh, plain, twill, satin, etc; Satin fabric, such as inlaid fabric, grid mesh, etc.

Process flow: Two parts and one bundle, also known as plain printing, and one bundle is a large pattern pattern. Then, seal the mystery with burning method, and wrap it with burning to form the effect of no glue film. The burning effect is flat and even, with bright color, which has a comprehensive effect that ordinary knitted fabrics cannot achieve.

Engraving process, also known as cloth burning, is made of white yarn (including leather roller cloth) with raw wool carved. According to the style and burning effect specified by the customer, through the leather removal roller cloth;

Product specification: 150D; Semi matt nylon spinning, 40D; Color: snow white, dark purple, more than 20 colors; Specification:/80D;

All the webbing products of our factory are made of imported high-quality elastic silk, which can be customized according to customer requirements for different thicknesses of elastic silk. It is widely used in clothing, footwear, bags, industry, agriculture, military supplies, transportation and other industries.

The company takes the ultra wide elastic elastic belt developed as the raw material, and takes it as the raw material for the production of elastic belt. Initially, each elastic elastic belt was used in clothing underwear, footwear, luggage and other clothing.

It specifically introduced the maturity and correlation of men’s elastic belt small knitting in the clothing market, luggage industry, living room and other fields in 2019/autumn and winter, and understood the uses of different properties. At the same time, we should also know that there are rich products and diverse products in the clothing market where we are located.

● Floral: what is digital direct spraying for offset printing stock fabrics? How to adjust digital direct spraying technology? Dual purpose and dual-use fabric printing: paint digital direct spraying digital clothing can also be used in addition to special requirements. It is very suitable for leather or imitation leather (pu tauren thread) printing: paint is used for direct printing of floral, seepage prevention; Digital direct injection printing is generally used for printing on large garment printing plants with large printing volume because it does not require plate making, and the area is generally within two rolls/100 mm) for 8/50.

● Computer color separation: various inks required for printing are available, including color card and gray card, and can also be printed directly on the computer, but the price is expensive.


● Raw materials: the printed ones are marked with color cards and black and white cards, and the background color of the ink is mostly white or light. The textile printing machine is the printing made by textile machinery. There are also sun drying and printing plants in textile industry. Compared with ordinary printing thick heads, they should be carefully managed. It is also good that the printed label should be machine printed, but the printing factory cannot say that it is only after a kind of patterned paper is printed on the machine that it is dry and hot.

You don’t need to be fierce in the same amount. You just need to choose the printing at any time with a 1900m print! However, the cheaper the printing is, the more difficult it is to print, the more cost-effective the better.

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